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Accepting that I'm more of a nerd than I thought, one piece of technology at a time.

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@JeriLRyan I hear ya, lady. I'm dyin' over here with her damn face. STOP IT.
@JJinVenice ;-)I inadvertently made my Twitter feed about adorable pets this week, so I guess I'll end it with this. Happy weekend! We haven't introduced her to any of our pets.@NosmoRex @bonniegrrl Ruh roh.I mean, c'mon now. @wilw It is!@Blondoid I know. I am crazy!@bergopolis Aww....poor guy. :-(@feliciaday @wilw Whoa, if that's my heartbeat on his arm, it looks like I'm dying!At the beginning of the week, I was total panic brain at all the crap I had to get done by today. Surprisingly, I think I succeeded. GO ME!TGIF. She has. No microchip but she's healthy.@LyssaPearl @dndgirl Between territorial and cranky Luna and puppy energy Marlowe, I'm not sure how to make that work peacefully.Hmm...maybe she shouldn't sit there. wind-up kills me every time.*Throws shoe at chirping smoke detector, pours cup of coffee, relaxes on couch in victory**Opens eyes, stretches, hears bird chirp, smiles, bird chirps again, realize it's low battery on smoke detector, out of batteries, CHIRP*
"Listen, I know you're trying to find me a home, but I'm awfully comfortable here." @wilw Not doppelgängers. That actually is both of us. :-)@TrooperTK8912 EEEEE!!DIS KITTEH Good god, how have I never thought to do that. HAHAHA!*Remembers trash cans go to the curb today...due to the sound of the trucks passing by our house*@tfotinos STOP IT. That is adorable.@skippychance As in not open to the public. Where my friends on there are my actual friends and family I want to communicate with.
@skippychance My FB page is private. No worries for you there. 👍@hbear66 oh god THAT FACE.Listen, Facebook. Try as you might week after week to get me to tell you, I just don't have a hometown. I'm a loner, Dottie. A rebel.@paulandstorm @mikeyface QUIET, SABOURIN.@KatWaterflame SWEET.@laina622 Oh no! Maybe try a different place. Sometimes the first one isn't the best fit.@mikeyface I was *this* close to taking that thing away from him. HA!@mikeyface Did he tell you I texted him because of his loud and bell ringing? Oy.@schlesinm That's ALL I think when he says that.@mikeyface Did you see her on Skype? SO CUTE.@dibrewski YIPPEEEEE!!!Wil has decided foster kitty's name is Dave. Even though he knows it's a girl. Lordy.@MarloweWheaton SO MANY ZOOMIES.The place we board our dogs when our house sitter isn't available wanted us to see what happens while we're away. ❤️ They have them at Costco. They're really strong/sturdy so it's worth the investment. :-)@bergopolis @bonniegrrl @wilw Riley and Ferris both had that surgery. You have the next six weeks cut out for you, that's for sure.@MakeupByAngie Vitamixer!@gnukix I replayed the video and Seamus immediately stopped barking. Apparently dogs don't like the sound of their own voice either!@bonniegrrl @wilw Says the girl who's allergic to cats. 😉This is how Seamus encourages zoomies in Marlowe. Countdown to craziness in 3...2... @bonniegrrl @wilw @seanbonner If the current interested person can't take her, I will let you know. You will LOVE this kitty.@bonniegrrl @wilw Just fostering. :-)@BadAstronomer So damn cute.@notmynamebutdeb I am TWO MILES away from having that myself. OH BOY!!This little kitty is so sweet and adorable. We can't keep her but I have a couple of friends interested in adopting her! 🐾🐾❤️DEM FEET THO kitty is the poster child for delicious cat food. is powered by the compound C8 H10 N4 O2 to avoid the letter Zzzzz.@Miss_Loki Yeah, I didn't know that until the vet told me today. Apparently, they are almost always female as well. Who knew? Not me!@BackpackingDad This tweet shows in my timeline as "Translated from Romanian." Neat.@magicheide You and me both!@Drek It isn't the cost, it's the room in our house. Not fair to her or our other animals to have so many under one roof. :-)@SeattleLuna EEEEE!@JeanneRuairi I have a friend who may take her. If not, I will let you know!Oop! Foster kitty still has some baby teeth so she's actually 5 months old. GAH! She's so cute.This kitty isn't very happy she's getting a full exam by the vet. She's little but she's 6 months old! My friend who has Lucy wants this kitty but I don't have time to take her up to Sacramento and she can't get down here.@D_A_M_B Yes. Apparently she's been hanging out for a little over a week in the area.If you're a pet owner, please microchip them even if they're only indoor pets. They can accidentally get out and can't be returned to you.No microchip. :-(@stryker1313 I didn't get that but thank you for clarifying it. :-)@stryker1313 You think I'm aloof because I'm not able to keep her?@LadyMayanna Lucy, the tiny pup I fostered in December, was also super affectionate and was abandoned. I hope that isn't the case w/ kitty!Taking foster kitty to the vet to check for a microchip in an hour. Fingers crossed she has a family who just lost her!@GIFs Hehehe... ;-)@rockbmi We are a full house of pets. It's best to find her a home where there's room for her. :-)@bookoisseur You would love her. So snuggly and just wants to be kissed on.@knobody Me too. The guy whose house she was near said she showed up over a week ago. He was feeding her but wasn't bringing her inside.Good morning! She's so cute. Spent the whole night wanting head scritches and snuggling into my armpit.The foster kitty is adorable, but many of you want to know where the Pac-Man rug came from. It's actually a fleece blanket from ThinkGeek.Kids.Foster kitty spent most of the night being super affectionate and making sure I was still here. Now she is playing like crazy. At 6am.
@wndywitch I hope so too. She seems healthy and obviously affectionate and relaxed. :-)Pulled out the sofa bed to sleep on with little foster kitty. She didn't waste any time getting comfortable. And by pure, I mean purr.@beth9133 She is a SUPER pure machine and crazy affectionate. :-)@Libraryninja25 It's a fleece Pac-Man blanket. :-)@JillPantozzi She's been rolling all over me and is now sleeping pushed up against my leg. STOP IT. god, this adorable foster kitten. (Size 8 Converse for scale) I think so.@LyssaPearl Watson didn't care at all. Luna hasn't seen her but if she does, she will lose her shit. I know we can't keep her and it's ok."You sitting in front of the sofa? I want to sit behind you and play w/your hair while you sit in front of the sofa." I did that as soon as I picked her up. Total purr machine.@oceanbound I don't know but this little thing is super affectionate and purrs like crazy. She also ate ALL THE FOOD.We can't keep this kitty because we are a full house of pets. If she doesn't have a chip, I will find her a good home.Stray kitty is currently foster kitty until I can take her to the vet to check for a microchip. SO AFFECTIONATE. for a walk, found a stray kitten. And by found, I mean, she literally ran up to me.@Red_Shirt_no2 SO MUCH MAGNIFICATION.@flannelore YAY!!@bonniegrrl Thanks. They're just for reading. Not to wear all the time. :-)@LyssaPearl Optometrist checks vision. Opthamologist is a doctor for eye health, disease, injury, etc.@Ninshubur No. I don't want to. :-)Testing out new (and stronger) reading glasses by reading tiny print Twitter. Fuck. I can see better.
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