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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happend.

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I got u a book http://t.co/y1u0vIpn1P
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#Entgleist auf @ProSieben - Genialer Film! #JenniferAniston'Vergessen ist so leicht, wenn man vergessen kann..' #TimBendzkoWhenever you say something happened for a reason, don’t be surprised when I slap you in the face. That was supposed to happen.
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Happy birthday, @VictoriaBeckham! I’ll see you next week on my show! Bring your kids! And your husband...shirtless.
Retweeted by CarmenShow him what he could've had.
Retweeted by Carmen“No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion" http://t.co/ihvXhmcVVE
Retweeted by CarmenExactly. http://t.co/RdA7uHZuJY
Retweeted by CarmenOn set with @JensenAckles rocking our new http://t.co/CKPjRYncdh shirts :). Get yours!! #AlwaysKeepFighting http://t.co/IQoBn8bcCT
Retweeted by Carmenthis is the cutest thing ever 😭😭 http://t.co/uMJ8LEeNCu
Retweeted by Carmenhttp://t.co/cfrJ0szXal
Retweeted by CarmenOh yes we do!!! ♥ @Pink #wemissyou https://t.co/AUUlBjFinkReading old messages and wondering where it all changed.
Retweeted by CarmenHigh School: "oh look it's 10 PM, I gotta get to bed soon." College: "oh look it's already 2 AM, maybe I should eat dinner."
Retweeted by CarmenSee all the photos from Nina Dobrev's #TVD farewell tour (and try not to cry): http://t.co/2UNwKoCUho http://t.co/q79oMDnQjc
Retweeted by CarmenFor once in my life, I just want to be noticed by the guy I like.
Retweeted by CarmenWhen I miss you, it's like every song I listen too is about you.
Retweeted by CarmenI stuck with #GreysAnatomy after they killed Denny, George, Lexie & Mark but I swear if they kill Derek..... I AM DONE!!!!!
Retweeted by CarmenThe Notebook gets me everytime 😭😭
Retweeted by Carmen@CAKEtheMovie Is it possible to somehow get a movie poster of #Cake?Loved this movie so much&would really like to have1! :) #JenniferAnistonMost entertaining roommates RT for Joey and Chandler Fav for Leonard and Sheldon http://t.co/tELZRZ08NB
Retweeted by CarmenThe doppelgänger goodbye cake. @ninadobrev http://t.co/7dr5lXjxEl
Retweeted by CarmenSome wrap love for the crew from @ninadobrev http://t.co/f2wXLOOiBK
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I can never make a messy bun when needed, but before I go to bed that's the best dang messy bun you'll see.
Retweeted by CarmenGoodbye cake for @Michael_Trevino http://t.co/ELDNqKWItR
Retweeted by Carmen♥♥♥ https://t.co/u4aNoGrecSThat's a wrap on season 6 https://t.co/ymWgV148z4
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Behind The Scenes - shooting a Damon&Elena scene w Smolderhalder aka @IanSomerhalder #TVDFamily http://t.co/vwiWYBYPj3
Retweeted by CarmenJust finished filming my last Stefan and Elena scene with the amazing @paulvedere /@paulwesley #Stelena #TVDFamily http://t.co/m5AYrVnsP1
Retweeted by CarmenOk. Officially a mess. No hiding it anymore. Today has been a day filled with farewells.. I still have 2 more days o… http://t.co/o097TXrH2a
Retweeted by Carmen#HappyBirthdayEmmaWatson you are a beautiful individual! I hope you have a lovely day! 😊❤️
Retweeted by CarmenRT "@SkySerien: Dann setze einen Tweet mit @idolcard und #Tyrion ab! http://t.co/dOKLCk1FBY":-) ♥ RT "@bendzko: Danke Stuttgart!!! #sofühltessichan #meinwohnzimmeristdeinwohnzimmer #pyramide #theaterhaus https://t.co/mAYP7OoSqS"Danke Stuttgart!!! #sofühltessichan #meinwohnzimmeristdeinwohnzimmer #pyramide #theaterhaus https://t.co/YN462mDVx3
Retweeted by CarmenMy last drive into Mystic Falls today.
Retweeted by CarmenDanke für den tollen Abend! Es war sooooo so schön! :) bis hoffentlich ganz bald! ;) @bendzko #Stuttgart #Wohnzimmerkonzert
Juhuuu wir sind auf dem Weg!!! :) #Vorfreude #Wohnzimmerkonzert #Stuttgart @bendzkoRichtig so, Pink! Sie gibt den Hatern ordentlich Kontra... http://t.co/yahwZVW4wc
Retweeted by CarmenToday the entire #tvd cast was filming sad goodbye scenes that I co-wrote, and I can't be there. So now I'm just here trying not to cry.
Retweeted by CarmenDamn I got a good hubby! Stopping to smell the roses on my last day of filming thanks to josekingseco… https://t.co/e9prPsGMo8
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“@Pink: http://t.co/JBqxf1KpBi” I ❤️my dear friend and am furious that anyone would say anything other than thank u 2 her. She's beautiful.
Retweeted by CarmenVideo: Watch @Pink sing Carole King’s, “So Far Away” at the MusiCares event honoring Carole King. [2014] http://t.co/h2JANN8mtp
Retweeted by Carmenhttp://t.co/fHdHg6II9g
Retweeted by CarmenOh my, you looked BEAUTIFUL!!! ♥ :) People really should start caring about the things that matter... RT "@Pink: http://t.co/TIM8FFaLXI"and my hubby says "it's just more to love baby" (and then I smack his hand off my booty cause we're in a supermarket) http://t.co/Mnd6PIoKhK
Retweeted by CarmenWillow said to me the other day whilst grabbing my belly-"mama-why r u so squishy?"And I said.."b/cuz I'm happy baby" http://t.co/69wuVHg6QM
Retweeted by CarmenHahahahaha sorry... What?!?! https://t.co/iKgvSBo21r
Retweeted by CarmenThat's called balance! Happy birthday! https://t.co/PQp7ClklMk
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I can't get over the incredible performance by #JenniferAniston. I suffered with her every single second of the movie. #Cake @CAKEtheMovieSo touching heartbreaking&overwhelming!What an amazing movie!Best I've seen in a long time! #Cake @CAKEtheMovie #JenniferAnistonBe kind to each other, please. Much love, Julie
Retweeted by CarmenThank you... Truly. What a magical note to wake up to.This kind of love is what makes the world go round. Love, Ian https://t.co/FD0PFOFPlz
Retweeted by Carmensomeone just got baptized ✨ http://t.co/P7lHfB6QzE
Retweeted by CarmenFavorite hate tweet of the day. “@dobrevici: If Julie Plec wrote Harry Potter Voldemort would win.”
Retweeted by Carmenschool doesnt even test your intelligence it tests your memory
Retweeted by CarmenA few words of wisdom to all people. When u blindly grab Chapstick out of a junk drawer make sure it's not a glue stick first #MomFail
Retweeted by CarmenWifey and i last night at the #JohnWayneCancerInstitute event to see our friend Maggie receive the… https://t.co/YsO0drhzZh
Retweeted by CarmenI wish my feelings had a delete button.
Retweeted by Carmen.@PotterPuppets Fair question. He tells me everything.
Retweeted by Carmen;) @Tatjanasworld RT "@ToBeHonestxo: Fake friends believe in rumors. Real friends believe in you."FINALLY!!!!!!!! *-* ♥ #Cake #Germany #JenniferAniston @CAKEtheMovie @Tatjanasworld http://t.co/2ef2odzZAsHuhuuu eine frage, wieso kann man un der Schweiz verpasste Sendungen nicht mehr online nachschauen? :( @sixxTVThanks so much! 🙈👍🙏 https://t.co/8iTjVdKY7P
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Surprise #Cake – Is Out Today On HD EXCLUSIVELY! http://t.co/rYJpnzlln5 Happy Friday, #fanistons! #JenniferAniston http://t.co/5I5Er8buUk
Retweeted by CarmenToday is National Siblings Day. Grab your sibling and swear an oath of loyalty for all time. #Family is #Power. http://t.co/LOEWuq3J0j
Retweeted by Carmen
So I'm a sucker for Spring...🌸🌸🌸 http://t.co/pjVnmYGNlC
Retweeted by CarmenSo much love between them #SiblingsDay http://t.co/zGhhY1prac
Retweeted by CarmenIn honor of #NationalSiblingsDay, we're crying over every beautiful Salvatore brother hug: http://t.co/yP4SQlugww http://t.co/2BcezijgUa
Retweeted by Carmen#BFFGoals 😍👭💕 http://t.co/RsAbWLBdC6
Retweeted by Carmen@JoelMadden OH MY GOD YES DO IT! :D♥RT"@peopleschoice: 11 Times Meredith And Cristina Were The Real Love Story On #GreysAnatomy: http://t.co/elQCRPcHS2 http://t.co/okOnZtKF0G"It's ok to dance down the street while Stevie wonder is blasting my headphones right? Yeah though so, ok thanks bye!
Retweeted by CarmenWer hat's auch schon mal gemacht? http://t.co/IpmGTb3BIi
Retweeted by CarmenThis blew my mind! http://t.co/hTtlDuA4ZY
Retweeted by CarmenIt kinda sucks when people don't realize how much you care about them.
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Congrats are in order for @danieljgillies & @RachaelLCook! http://t.co/qRBAUyLEXM http://t.co/1mYXSR11eS
Retweeted by CarmenRetweet if you love Friends! http://t.co/rwkQ05CXtr
Retweeted by CarmenBeing this cute is exhausting. http://t.co/TvxQbuGPGB
Retweeted by CarmenBeing ignored is honestly the worst feeling ever.
Retweeted by Carmen@vampirestalkers @iansomerhalder whaaaaat??? :O #notok :(It's an expression! 😂 http://t.co/LrW18nff6E
Retweeted by CarmenI want to see this movie soooooo bad!!! :( #couldntbesadder #Cake @CAKEtheMovie #JenniferAniston #Germany #whyyyyySo,todays the day I've been waiting for soo long. #Cake release day in #Germany!Too bad they won't show it anywhere near me...@CAKEtheMovie♥ RT "@FriendsComedy: Matthew Perry and Jennifer Anniston rehearsing lines behind the scenes. http://t.co/WU8eEAaSqq"
Special message for @paulwesley http://t.co/0GGSFv6Pce
Retweeted by CarmenProud!'Grats! RT @billboard: BMI announced that @Pink will receive the 2015 President's Award: http://t.co/1TOTNzRmNC http://t.co/m0AsaKnQ7N
Retweeted by CarmenShout out to @kitbboss for writing an 8 page scene of me in a towel. Our navel game is strong in tonight's episode. #iZombie
Retweeted by CarmenCheck out @QuestionAnders starting the episode out strong with the sexiness. Well done bro, killer swimmers bod. #iZombie
Retweeted by CarmenLove this pic of @EvaLongoria @Roselyn_Sanchez and @DaniaJRamirez #DeviousMaids #Fotaza http://t.co/zh1cSvL8IP
Retweeted by Carmen.@KatGraham @kevwilliamson oooh that's cool! I looove this show!!!! #Stalker
Who's with me?? (Photo : #OuiOuiOuiStudio) http://t.co/VRM0zl3UyL
Retweeted by Carmen@ninadobrev is so brilliant, that I forgot that all the roles were played by her #NinaDobrevForeverOurPetrova http://t.co/QUkIe3p9Yy
Retweeted by Carmen"Wasn't just a holiday celebration, it was a goodbye party." #NinaDobrevForeverOurPetrova #TVDFamily http://t.co/v3Gyi90OBJ
Retweeted by Carmenperfect for every role😭😻👌💖 #NinaDobrevForeverOurPetrova http://t.co/p8SqMncDUh
Retweeted by CarmenGood luck to the new female lead trying to have this level of acting #NinaDobrevForeverOurPetrova #CancelTVDSeason7 http://t.co/ZTcsR6EjqR
Retweeted by Carmenme taeking an test http://t.co/oyU49aY5aV
Retweeted by CarmenMe as a mom http://t.co/HKrl0yOqzD
Retweeted by CarmenWow @ninadobrev congrats on completing this chapter. Thank u 4 being amazing to work with. We'll all miss u and I'll miss ur volleyball 2!😘
Retweeted by CarmenJulie Plec: "I don't want to talk about the endgame of Elena's character because that's the endgame of THE SERIES." Elena Is The Soul Of TVD
Retweeted by CarmenNow Elena will be gone by the end of this season and in fall TVD will start again without her... This makes NO sense!
Retweeted by Carmen
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