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Technology writer for @Forbes. Geordie without Geordie accent. Aspiring entrepreneur, aspired smartarse. http://t.co/t4fghvVg8R

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iPhone 6S Will Keep Worst iPhone 6 Feature - me for @Forbes http://t.co/YNNrCI7170 http://t.co/YCq5frEPwm@ScottAdamGordon Google can easily solve this: build powerful launchers into heart of Android and push stock as option on every phone.@ScottAdamGordon touché Actually liked them more after 3 months than at the start. Thought opposite would happen.
'Apple iOS 8.4 Has One Nasty Surprise' announces @forbes http://t.co/5N3IvCgoTc #Apple #iOS84 @GordonKelly
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@KochharPulsar oh you again. Joy. 2500 words based on 3 months living with two phones, extensive bespoke photography and you: CLICKBAIT!!Ready. Steady. Forbes writers FIGHT! https://t.co/NfI2Yr7KOsGalaxy S6 Vs Galaxy S6 Edge Review: 2015's Biggest Android Phone Fight - shock winner http://t.co/vxwbzUk86M http://t.co/fZlhglonk2@ChronicleNUFC car crash TV@CyclingSjoggie very welcome!@SexWeasel_McGee good reasons. Yes, the G4 is the far more practical phone.
Windows 10 Release Delays Confirmed By Microsoft - me for @Forbes http://t.co/zAnLIHBa12 http://t.co/rYo1QE8DqzGood to see they learnt their lesson... https://t.co/RQ2oCnTBfJ@MarcJobling Best. Mispronouncable. Name. Ever.@odowd_mike I never knew that! My partner is Finnish but moved to London. I hear the reverse trip gets all Finns eventually :)The business behind fun... https://t.co/zOSguiODpL@odowd_mike sadly only appeared late. I suspect it could come back yet. You're in Helsinki?Apple iOS 8.4 Cuts Feature Which Increases User Costs - a nasty surprise is found http://t.co/gT5UyCfD2u http://t.co/uJ2NHFDjrO@MiguelDelaney congratulations, great stuff and well deservedReally enjoyed this. My thoughts on Windows 10 and iOS 9 with the excellent @KevinKloss https://t.co/iS1eDdfKyc@iJackieUR that's not good. Have you seen any wider reports?
@ThusSpokeJon and with that... You're blocked. Congratulations. Goodbye Jon.@ThusSpokeJon because your attitude and lack of professional respect is disgusting after all the help you've had.@ThusSpokeJon all the new examples you have and I'm happy to cover it. Either way, learn some manners!@ThusSpokeJon you mean the way I covered it in iOS 8.3 then found no fresh reports anywhere on Support Communities in 8.4? Enlighten me with@ThusSpokeJon @cue you really think companies pay journalists given the risks to both sides? You live in cloud cookoo land.@ThusSpokeJon and me saying I haven't seen updates to the Communities thread means such accusations? Pathetic.An "upgraded" Beats Music app is no longer accepting new signups: http://t.co/7dbSMYPltR http://t.co/myQXGIoR3b
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@ThusSpokeJon @cue give it a rest Jon, I've gone out of my way to publicise your issue. The Communities Board IS DEAD. Pick your enemies!@andreascseh lol. What garbage.@ThusSpokeJon @cue really? Seen no new complaints about it since the launch@SexWeasel_McGee S6 matches G4 camera - S6 camera better on auto settings, G4 has better manual control.@LaurensJulien happens to us all, in one scenario or another :)Apple iOS 8.4: Should You Upgrade? I investigate if there are any nasty new bugs to report... http://t.co/pPPODFr1B1 http://t.co/5PABQ9mWHBMassive iPhone 6S Photo Leak Reveals New Design - me for @Forbes http://t.co/soAsEeSR5A http://t.co/kJqfVbrgLs@LaurensJulien his? :)@Haaziq that'll be the one. Thanks!@stuartdredge amazing stuff. Never seen numbers like it! So we can conclude Glastonbury is very healthy :)
Apple iOS 8.4 Release Kills Beats Music - the birth of one kills the other... me for @Forbes http://t.co/Cjzh8k7wUc http://t.co/rWEB4vvwnRApple Releases iOS 8.4 With 'Apple Music', It's The Big One - me for @Forbes http://t.co/T2J71OZ0er #Apple http://t.co/1X5GXGvOf1@stuartdredge what on earth is going on with your Fitbit? You left it on top of the washing machine on spin cycle?! 168,000 steps!
@goretsky @Forbes and I've replied :) Thanks Aryeh!@DrClaw77 @Forbes I'm English, so I'm just going to guess that's pretty bad! ;)
@SamsungMobileUS @KochharPulsar it is tempting WHEN you get the best phone. (I hate this kind of bragging marketing)@KochharPulsar @Forbes immature how? I state IF they are correct AND point out the same site broken both the S6 and iPhone 6 designs.@obscurehamlet very true. I think just bury a disable option deep in advanced settings. Only those tech savvy determined users will find it.
@macgyverdb86 yeah, it definitely has upsides! I did stress that. But it is also odd to offer no opt out for those who really want that.@TimSuttonC @Forbes though as Apple and Google need another major competitor to keep them on top of their game. Both been lazy recently.@TimSuttonC @Forbes Samsung to be adjusting its phones. My bet: Windows Mobile market share will go from 3& to 10% then stagnate. I hope not@TimSuttonC @Forbes absolutely and it's a great end game, but I think MS is too late to get mobile back and certainly far too early for@TimSuttonC @Forbes be killed off if it doesn't perform over the next 18 months. I can't see it challenging for major market share.@TimSuttonC @Forbes I think that's a big assumption. My personal feeling is Satya Nadella last week strongly suggested Windows Mobile will@TimSuttonC @Forbes because few will want to ditch their phone for a Lumia and rebuy all their apps - as the market share currently shows@twister1955 absolutely - for many they won't mind, but there should still be an option to opt out for those who don't want this.@mikewmckee @Forbes yes, idea of jumping between burst photography and slow mo with a single touch is pretty cool. That's my wish!@ankushdas9 @Forbes back from holiday - will get back your to email.@obscurehamlet It's a strong statement, but I believe it to be true when customers are tested on before business releases. But thanks :)@TimSuttonC @Forbes not for the millions of users who buy the Note for its productivity abilities. Already a casual 'S6 Edge Plus' coming.@thehitechnomad irony is full SD functionality returns with Android M... but yes, huge Note 5 battery could address other issue.@mikewmckee @Forbes yes, it's the first major new iOS control mechanism in 7 years (and I know you're being sarcastic!)Biggest iPhone 6S Feature Confirmed By Bloomberg - me for @Forbes http://t.co/nomGPkGzjc http://t.co/tMv2VKyRThGalaxy Note 5 Images Leak, Will Anger Users @Forbes http://t.co/P7OXeO5R1r@lee_ryder as opposed to? (you really do leave yourself open to this stuff!)@obscurehamlet didn't get to the end before criticising did you? That's specifically discussed.@icnstereo @Forbes ah, I see. No problem. I actually like W10 after the W8 debacle, but time will tell. Have a good weekend.@icnstereo @Forbes *cough* you approached me! What a strange chap you are. Good day.@icnstereo @Forbes odd comment. I honestly have no idea what you're asking. W7 what? FYI I've been a Windows beta tester for 15 years.@ForbesTech @PaulTassi @DaveThier @Ewan @erikkain @antonyleather @killyourfm @_JayMcgregor @ellenhuet interesting order, thanks chaps ;)
@virginmedia yes.@virginmedia bothBut which one?! https://t.co/h0DIy2fs3XWindows 10 Upgrades Cannot Be Stopped @Forbes http://t.co/8ethGdzD2D@virginmedia correction: it says "Virgin Media Mail is having trouble sending and receiving emails at the moment"... it's more than that!@virginmedia it states everything is fine in my area. Clearly it isn't.@virginmedia my 120Mbit connection is working wonderuflly today... http://t.co/IWWyrX2qA8
@FFScout best look at Pardew's second season record at clubs... diabolical.
@christhall @seebaruk @wwwdotandrew @andyvan @mrmickeylowe Happens occasionally. Keeps a man humble :p@christhall @seebaruk @wwwdotandrew @andyvan @mrmickeylowe also due to horrendous memory management in Lollipop. Google's Vista moment.
Very kind. Welcome to you all! https://t.co/3lcablTikD@Pla_Ned @Forbes now this conversation is just getting weird!@balam65 @ForbesTech I think you need to read more than the headline bala ;) MS updated terms yesterday evening: http://t.co/AhXRI9qd3l@Pla_Ned @Forbes hint: I don't employ anyone ;)
@Pla_Ned @Forbes @NeowinFeed thanks, though that isn't quite how it works following another Microsoft update. I'll be updating the post now@MollieSchane now I'm under pressure to be more interesting. Thanks! ;)Remember folks, Apple will be paying the rights-holders during the trial period, not the perfumers, composers, or lyricists. Big difference.
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@GordonKelly talking sense about why @Microsoft made the right move making #Windows10 free @ForbesTech http://t.co/AkHvaf56sR
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@MollieSchane very kind! Do ping me a link when it's published and let me know if I can help with any info.@Pla_Ned @Forbes haha! I've seen no evidence for that.@DeanPappas_2 a very good idea. 32bit can't address more than 4GB RAM so I'd strongly advise going to 64bit.Why Windows 10 Is Now Free For Everyone @Forbes http://t.co/h6oErexrJ5
@erikkain @DaveThier @PaulTassi @Ewan @_JayMcgregor I have enthusiastic parents :)@erikkain @DaveThier @PaulTassi @Ewan @_JayMcgregor @antonyleather @ellenhuet @BigJohnnyArcher wasn't I top since yesterday? I don't mind :)
@ForbesTech @erikkain @DaveThier @PaulTassi @Ewan @_JayMcgregor @antonyleather @ellenhuet Welcome to @BigJohnnyArcher! Think I snuck 1st ;)@xXMyManRayXx @twister1955 I always try to reply :) I think 8.1 was damned by the initial reaction to 8, but 10 is very strong.@xXMyManRayXx yep, but it does other things: battery drain, lock ups, janky scrolling, etc - and I say this as a Nexus 6 user!@rhrmn both. How it is charged WILL charge with the successor to Windows 10.
@rhrmn no. The business model will change. Windows as a suffice will be charged as a service.@xXMyManRayXx yep, though every phone has that. I'm an Android user and Lollipop made iOS 8 look like polished perfection.iPhone 6S Leak Reveals Significant Design Changes @Forbes http://t.co/Lbgu1AhbSV
@twister1955 sounds like it - always download the latest drivers online, drivers from disks are years out of date.@odowd_mike @Forbes thanks Mike. And yes, I think it's inevitable. Free and ad supported would be interesting!
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