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living the dream on SportsCenter at 9am.. husband, father, Temple grad, Philly diehard raised in the 700 level, bleed Tastykakes, wish they built Wawas in CT..

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Before the playoffs, if you had the Hawks-Nets series tied at 2, you're lying.Holtby has to make that save there. Here we go.Really would love to know what the Nets were doing the last 20 seconds on both ends of the floor.Nothing touches the electricity of a home goal in a Game 7.Bravo @johnpangelos. http://t.co/TGflx3eL7jLike a scene from a movie but this is amazing because it's real. http://t.co/17ZfMlm5oU@AmberTheoharis @WillieMcGinest exactly. Each has their own special connection. I'd go too but I support those who decide to stay home w fam@garygreenewins @AmberTheoharis one more thing - Crybaby? How old are you Gary? Be a pro.@garygreenewins @AmberTheoharis good for Amber, we all are entitled to an opinion. Just don't see big deal in chastising those who don't go.Excellent news. RT @APgelston: Temple basketball will play North Carolina at 7 p.m. Nov. 13 at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md.@DCV27 thanks!@bwsmith3 that's a first. Appreciate it.@JonathonJFelix houndstooth was last Friday.@RipVanEichwald appreciate it.@Tucsonmike520 best $ I spent. To each his own. Ton of compliments.@ACisWrite @ESPNOlbermann Keith knows a thing or two about sharp jackets.The gang is back together! 9am SC coming up with @KNegandhiESPN and me in mere moments.
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@mkil1390 finally.Every conversation between Don and Roger is Mad Men at its best.@BruceJVail appreciate it.@BruceJVail it's a must.End of #GoT tonight looked like the Star Wars Cantina@jmlamb8 this show needs a hero.Jon SnowReposting this from the morning. Amazing strength from this little girl and her parents. God Bless Satya @raakstar http://t.co/MzPD4ecntBAmazing strength from this little girl and her parents. So proud to call them friends. I hate cancer. http://t.co/MzPD4ecntBHow great is Tim Duncan? He helps opponents matched up against him w moves DURING the game http://t.co/q28FDcwU0k
Those Islander fans deserved that W at the Coliseum.Leah Still taking a screen for a TD at the Temple spring game #LeahStrong http://t.co/k2VZukt11M
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@warfieldscott @SportsCenter we all give 110%. Come on Scott.Shout out to @Temple_FB and @CoachMattRhule I just heard yall got Leah Still doing the coin toss! That's that Philly Swag! #LeahStrong
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiThe Spurs are 11-0 over last the two postseasons when Kawhi Leonard has 20 points or 10 rebounds.Death toll from earthquake in Nepal rises to 449, police say - @Reuters http://t.co/IPArewzUkc
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With Missouri's Shane Ray today. Really impressed with many of the members of this 2015 NFL Draft… https://t.co/ZDpqGnyr7ILeah Still, whose cancer is in remission & her father Devon, will take part in Temple's coin toss tomorrow. My story. http://t.co/7nXNbOaye0
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi#DraftAcademy's Shane Ray with @knegandhiespn on SportsCenter this morning. Tune in all day on ESPN! https://t.co/HEGfPVNhkd
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiWelcome to @MizzouFootball's @X_RAYted56, who starts his day in Bristol w/ @KNegandhiESPN on @SportsCenter. http://t.co/Lx5JvxAAYy
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiSteph Curry was responsible for 62 of the Warriors 121 points, scoring 40 and assisting on 22. More than 50% of the O came from Curry.
The Celtics played their tail off. They just don't have enough talent on the roster. Give em a couple years w Brad Stevens.Kevin Love feeling it.@Conrad_Reilly12 congrats!@ChrisChase_ESPN cool. Should be fun.@jjbecker111 don't apologize. It's all good. You were the one who made thoughtful remarks. I was just trying to help you.@jjbecker111 it's not worth responding to his antagonizing tweets.@jeramye exactly. That last tweet was so ridiculous.So by not going, players are being disrespectful? You have to be joking http://t.co/IeOjQ0VfhlDon't get the buzz of players not attending the NFL draft. If they want to celebrate w family & friends, they deserve it on that special day@RyanKeithGibson thanks. Appreciate it.With the Real Deal Holyfield. Told me he was expecting to get kneed by Tyson, not get his ear bit off. https://t.co/zHDbfbPTei@KNegandhiESPN @ToddZolecki refuse to attend a game till Rubens gone. He was handed a Ferrari and turned it into a beat up Honda
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@JohnKincade yup. You know it.@TCinNC yes.@Jerzgirll black tea. Nothing more. Nothing less.@jbruni22 that was me who said it. I know they stink@RyanKeithGibson my suit guy in NYC@UshudGetatme appreciate it.They'll set this record a couple more times this year. Only way fans can show the Phillies their disappointment. http://t.co/Wfka6s4AxNLast night's Spurs-Clips game was the only one this postseason to be decided by fewer than 5 pts & only series to be tied at 1 after 2 games
@LesBowen the block button is beautiful thing.First Rondo, then Hardy, now Parsons. Noteworthy afternoon in Dallas sports.@LesBowen sometimes it's good to get it off your chest and clear out some space.By missing those 10 games, Greg Hardy loses out on $5,781,250 in 53-man per game roster bonuses.
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiThat's a big deal. RT @FieldYates: The NFL announces that Cowboys DE Greg Hardy is suspended for the first 10 games of the 2015 season.I'm the biggest Seinfeld fan around but when I hear Jami Gertz's name, never once do I think spare a square. She's Blair from Less Than ZeroThis mother's day commercial would break the toughest man. https://t.co/DckvBkIxACThe Big Cat. RT @ESPNImages: From yesterday's #ESPNDraftWeek schedule with @leonardwilliams #USC94 http://t.co/d7suGZ9xsSJaime Lannister w 2 hands is #1 in my mock draft of swordsmen RT @BenByrdNYC: Awesome @GameOfThrones reference this morning! Keep em coming!In @McShay13 latest mock draft, he has Todd Gurley moving up to 6 to the Jets.@Nick__Schaefer all good..@TheDanteFowler6 is ready for @SportsCenter with @KNegandhiESPN #Gators #ESPNDraftWeek http://t.co/H01WHHe5sg
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@Nick__Schaefer Carl-Cal. Cal-Carl. My bad.Talking Mock 5.0 w/ @KNegandhiESPN on 9am ET @SportsCenter. @TG3II is moving up and #Falcons take a chance.
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@sackthequack @jonmarks975 this is also April.Guests for @975Mornings: @KNegandhiESPN at 6:45, @jimcramer at 7:15, @MikeFlorioPFT at 8:30, @gobose at 9:00 & @StevenSchirripa at 9:30
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@RebeccaLobo she found out earlier today. We happened to stumble upon it at right time and she goes - "recognize the voice?" My jaw dropped@mattheweparker1 @ryenarussillo more like having some fun on a reference used on his show earlier today. Relax. It's twitter.@rebernak @ryenarussillo a perfect combination.@ryenarussillo is this salty Ryen or cool Ryen tonight? I lost count.One of my wife's news pieces on patent trolls 3 years ago was used by John Oliver on his HBO show this week. I'm beaming right now.@robg0927 the key will be making sure Chip doesn't go all in Ditka-Ricky Williams on draft day.@robg0927 you know it will be Marcus.Big Piece went deep. That's big news. Ryan Howard's first HR of the season. Can we still call him "big piece?"@ESPN_Colin I'm 100% convinced. That's how crazy this offseason has been.Perfect setup for Mariotta. http://t.co/0e6qpOT4COPower of Chip. Everyone wants to see what he has up his sleeve. Good or Bad. http://t.co/IgfZyQqwC9@brennan7414 appreciate it but it's nothing like that. No one hates us. I just rep us. Proud of it.Tomorrow's guests: TU's finest @KNegandhiESPN at 6:45, @jimcramer breaks down the Eagles schedule w/ us at 7:15 AM, @ProFootballTalk @ 830
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi5 primetime Eagles games plus Thanksgiving day. The power Chip. http://t.co/wpIqlfKWAK@sree @nflnetwork @AKinkhabwala @Grille36 @JeromeBettis36 awesome pic@floodster77 appreciate it.@jimadair3 it's nice to change it up.@chrissduffy well played..@LWtrojan94 is here and ready for @SportsCenter with @KNegandhiESPN. #ESPNDraftWeek http://t.co/aQ8X1hPFx3
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiYou knew it was coming. RT @MikeTanier: OMG A Sam Bradford pretzel. http://t.co/lUSzACNHQQ@SteveBunin @BillPidto a well deserved standing O. Happy Birthday Bill! We certainly miss you.
@JamesMoodyJr haha! #BrooksThat was one ugly quarter in Chicago.@BuffstuffBAXTER my finest moment of the day.Thinking of @Ivan_Maisel and his family. Prayers are with him. http://t.co/PxYmkGbTI4@TrkTurner @RichelleCarey its a topic but not defcon. Gimme a break.
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