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Lea Salonga @MsLeaSalonga Wherever I hang my hat is home

Singer, actor, occasional dancer, wife, mom, writer, traveler, foodie, and budding Instagram photographer. Coach on The Voice (Philippines). Loving my life.

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My broadband connection has failed miserably. Thank goodness I can turn my phone into a hotspot. #FibrFailure
The spring cleaning has begun. Time to get rid of the clutter. #GoodbyeBasuraSleep tight. #Koala #SingaporeZoo https://t.co/sBN8VT7KCXOrangutans up above. #SingaporeZoo https://t.co/gAnWFDE10sSleep tight. #Koala #RiverSafari https://t.co/sBN8VT7KCXPiranha. #RiverSafari https://t.co/9ZZkoPjD7xEven on a tumbler. #Panda #RiverSafari https://t.co/yeREHUmCW2Panda Bao. #RiverSafari https://t.co/9PfgHHrW3BAhhhhh! #Panda #RiverSafari https://t.co/DSc4UiejbZPanda! #RiverSafari https://t.co/ykowEytlFTWell, hi! #RedPanda #RiverSafari https://t.co/5wWGLOUXZSGreat day for a trip to the zoo. #RiverSafari https://t.co/4Z1qGEMvPBCelebrate the Alaska World Milk Day at the Alaska Family Run on May 31. Happening at SM MOA, SM City… https://t.co/1sAXuvII1kMonkey 47. Cue the heavenly choir.That's it for this evening's #AskCoachLea!!! Thanks for your questions!!!@abbiedoobydoo What does that question even mean? Makes no sense? If you can harmonize you can sing.@guinghyung Have you seen his eyes?@SimplyRizthel Loved the design. But not the color.@yzapanta "I can die now."@Vielly_ I don't know. Colored contacts make it possible so I'm good there.@nicooolekeil Someone in the middle.@angeelftw Perfect.@MhaiGandaaa Pursue it. You don't need permission.@SimplyRizthel The work is great. But the controversy and rumors? Not so much.@tserome The former.@idolkosilea I feel good, as long as they don't mean I look older.@PauuMeow To the past. To correct the hiring mistakes I've made.@Kiki4Evr1007 I give thanks to the TelePrompTer.@leaxagnes My showbiz friends all are.@leamiloves Anything with caffeine in it.@Heyyy_Dana Remembering a time in my life when I actually was in that state. Certain songs also just instantly do it.@salazarsoph When trust is lost. Can't ever get it back.@RafieDjin When time permits I accept master class invites.@hellolaureana Seeing old friends.@EasterMarisse Novak and Rafa.@sheiruuhmae The singing part. All else is gravy.@salazarsoph My daughter. Very empathic, thoughtful and sweet.@heyitsmeriezl Gorgeous voice!!!@leaxagnes I won't include the ones I already speak. So... Spanish, Japanese, and Italian.@AprilPDTT_TT Not sure. Please check @TheVoiceABSCBN for updates.@chayt33 He'd like for this movie to be made.@jewelinthecityy Nope. But I love using a Neumann 105S head with a Sennheiser stick.@hellolaureana Loved his voice. Then I met him, and fell in love with the man.@salazarsophhh Sa bahay.@LeFeminista All of them.@sheiruuhmae Run through the lyrics of my songs to make sure I have them.@SimplyRizthel You all have great taste.@krisha11 Rest, and respect.@its_EuNiCe_ Depends on the song.@iheartLeaS All the time.@ellaleaxz Blessing. Sigh.@Kiki4Evr1007 Ecstatic!!!@PauuMeow Location.@idolkosilea Magaling ka ba?@kamuteeeee Singapore. Everything just works as expected.@hellolaureana Warm up, and rehearse.@kamuteeeee I take deep breaths and try to be understanding.@SimplyRizthel I loved Zhang Ziyi and Gong Li. Classy.@parrillaxniston I don't have tickets yet as I have worked scheduled.@jeremiah3240 Rest and a visit to the doctor.@yenerts I don't know.@Heyyy_Dana Fast Car has been fun!!!@misfitsrebel I don't have one. That'd be a waste of time.@guinghyung Anywhere that I can get a good massage, good food and good sleep.@ellaleaxz Haaaaaaay.@misfitsrebel My husband, my daughter, and that's all I need. Oh, Steve Jobs.@angeelftw Iron Man.@LeFeminista Book of Mormon, Gent's Guide, Wicked, Avenue Q... I wanna see Amer. in Paris and On The Town next!@ellaleaxz That there are bad eggs in humanity. Rich, poor, male, female.@BrendanPart Oh my gosh, I was so happy to hear the news!!!@Heyyy_Dana The bathroom.@BrendanPart Special.@irissspring Thanks! The best part was being able to relive and revisit those amazing moments of my life.@MsLeanaCarmela Fortunately and unfortunately, for the most part, I do.@ellaleaxz My daughter because she's incredibly funny!!!@HowWillIKnowIf Alto is nice!!! Enjoy!!!@angeelftw Shucks ang guapo.@Team_LeaSGlobal Watch a show!!!@ziellabella I'd fire everyone in the department I was assigned to and start from scratch.@hellolaureana Guess.@_JosephShame Different roles are different times in my life. Love them both.@yowitsmae I'm flattered, but you're crazy.@iamsknaht We all have the right to release stuff. But it's up to the audience to discern the incredible from the mediocre.@irissspring Depends on the subject. Fashion, a little editing to clean things up. For documentary, keep it real.@rjvictorious A bunch taught by my London-based teacher. They're over 25 years old but they work.@guinghyung Let's not go there. I'm already calming down.@ellaleaxz Huwag na. May ma-o-offend.@MsLeanaCarmela Apple. Then shoes, purses. Clothes always last.@_AyoowLouis Queen Bey.@glgv Children Will Listen.@MsLeanaCarmela Revenge.@misfitsrebel Nope.@hellolaureana Never having to drive.@YhellaBaylon Beauty is relative. And intelligence isn't everything. Figure out what your gift to the world is and be confident about that.@ashlybabyy24 Keep writing!@iamluckyandblue It's practice. No shortcut to it. And support with a cushion of air.@dxxnnx Hey, try it. Because you'll never know how far you could get.@misfitsrebel Just watch. Even his whining is funny.@ashlybabyy24 By speaking it often with others that speak it very well.@sheiruuhmae Have patience. And vote wisely.
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