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Jennifer™ @OpenBookJen Charleston, WV

And I feel quite foolish sometimes when I pray, but my thoughts are all I got so I try to make 'em brave. And I know...I's gonna be a good day. #Hello

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"And I hate it wihen they put the Fruity Munch on the top shelf." R O F L@Tarburator I love that book. He takes the walk I want to, without me having to do it, but probably with similar results. LOL@Tarburator True to the book?<3"Are you the cause or effect of your life?" Excuse me. This might take a lil' while.National Humanities Medal winners include Larry McMurtry, Annie Dillard and Jhumpa Lahiri:
Retweeted by Jennifer™Many, many small but fabulous and varied events > one mass drunken debacle. But, that's just me. And I went to every single Regatta ever.The combination of Live on the Levee and FestivALL is leaps and bounds a better deal in every way for this city, in my view.Regatta one of those things that is grossly romanticized in people's memories now, but was grotesque in reality then. Especially at the end.Wish I were there!!! have seen items about these books every day for two weeks now. I guess I need to read them, eh? :)LOL’re excited to announce @NPR’s newest podcast, @HiddenBrain! Here's a preview:
Retweeted by Jennifer™If your value system is based on your political party affiliation, you need to rethink your life. Seriously.Oy. And also, vey. America, this *is* your circus and these *are* your clowns. Whatcha gonna do about it?<3
@randomjeweler Eat them! :-) (Also good stuffed with shredded chicken & cheese and baked.)#WVU new app that lets users friends 'virtually walk them home at night' is exploding in popularity — via @IBTimes
Retweeted by Jennifer™cc: @Naomibays never have guessed. /lol does an establishment that makes its name on its breakfasts and serve them all day not have grits "at this time of night?"Mountaineer Nation.......ARE YOU READY?!?! #2days #WVU #HailWV @ka_white_1
Retweeted by Jennifer™This. RIDICULOUS. All of it. sophomoric and stupid. How about pledging to quit being the party of sophomoric and stupid? There's a signature I can respect. Maybe.Can I be honest? Forcing people who want to run the country to publicly genuflect to some Trumped up "pledge" - loyalty or otherwise? L.O.L.Halfway there. #ShopTilYouDrop @ Faith in Action of the Greater Kanawha Valley! on frozen foods. #ShopTilYouDrop @ Faith in Action of the Greater Kanawha Valley Tay. #ShopTilYouDrop be Batman. Or Hello Kitty. #ShopTilYouDrop @ Faith in Action of the Greater Kanawha Valley a little IG fun while on my 6th trip to Kroger this week. @ Faith in Action of the Greater…
Sweet! Now all I need is the lake. And the house!, yeah! +1I'll be there! Will you?, we're not in Kansas anymore., I was on @NPR this week. I mean, it was to ask @annasale a question from the audience of @deathsexmoney, but still. Goin' on the resume.Today in 1800: Thomas Jefferson lists his public accomplishments in a "Summary of Public Service."
Retweeted by Jennifer™On it.
Amazing.<3 it's true! another fun fact: Google Search for "I'm feeling curious" = unlimited fun facts
Retweeted by Jennifer™@dustbury Well, now. That's almost sweet. Time is our most valuable - and volatile - commodity. :-)Also? Why is she dressed like she's en route to a swanky soiree at Carnegie Hall? Or about to be photographed for the cover of VF? It's ODD.Megyn Kelly. I have questions. Why is she ALWAYS spittin' mad? Every word out of her mouth is shot like a bullet. Calm down, darlin'.Generational divide? *BOOM* What generational divide? #CantWait F. F. S. never understood the clocks. What are the giant clock necklaces about? Enlighten me, anyone? two fabulous old school (literally) science lab stools and a bookcase at the WV Surplus office today - all for $30. THIRTY. BUCKS.@cmdeb Don't give her any ideas.
Here. Try this. :-) LOL a cult of condescension, live with the contemptuous mindsets that result. BUT QUIT ACTING SHOCKED ABOUT THE OUTCOME. #EndSceneWhere is this comically disingenuous lack of self-awareness coming from? Words have consequences. So does behavior. Reap. Sow. Not hard.I mean, it's been their hallmark. I can show you 8 year old blog posts from otherwise reasonable people filled with crazed diatribes.Fascinating to watch the Right lament the "angry rhetoric" coming from within their own party now. They've spent 8 years cultivating it!Every political tweet ever:<3 Love this. is life. How do you adapt that?! this point in -- 2004: Lieberman +10 2008 (D): H. Clinton +16 (R): Giuliani +11.7 2012: Perry +7.2
Retweeted by Jennifer™Attending the @librarycongress #NatBookFest15 on 9/5? Bookmark these author interviews with @NPR staffers:
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Wasn't named to "honor" McKinley: "In 1896, a gold prospector named it McKinley as political support for then-presidential candidate"The great mountain gets its grand name back - a move Alaskans have wanted since at least '75. Nomenclature matters. is what happens to your body when you give up soda:
Retweeted by Jennifer™Early forecast for Saturday's home opener - 90 degrees & sunny.
Retweeted by Jennifer™@VeronicaLewis LOL As long as you're not wearing it to the same event, it's all good.I'm a Vikings fan forever, but now that the Saints call WV home for a few weeks a year, it's hard not to give them a piece of my heart. <3If you have not seen @TeamGleason's love letter to the city of New Orleans.. Stop what you're doing. Watch it now.
Retweeted by Jennifer™@beardonabike @WolfDreamer1112 I changed my shopping day to Monday night and it changed my life. :-)Earlier this month, Oliver Sacks reflected on what it means to live a good, worthwhile life:
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Ain't broke? Don't fix it. #VinScullyWho is going with me?! meeting this morning followed by several hours of drafting grant proposals for delivery next week. Happy Friday! Wish me luck!
The biggest shocker? Social media had nothing to do with any of them. I KNOW!We live in one very small world, I gotta tell ya. I'm gobsmacked by some of the connections and re-connections that have been made today.@takeme2keywest @BeFit4Llfe <3Is it you?
Fantastic panel and great crowd celebrating 95 years of Women's Equality. @ Charleston Women's Club
Just out of the shower and my last appt of the day already canceled. #Momentum
According to polling data released today, Epic Plane Breakup Live-Tweet Lady is the GOP frontrunner in Iowa. Stunning turn of events
Retweeted by Jennifer™@pnuts_mama So true. My life is what it is today because of bad choices mitigated by love and luck. No doubt about it.@karr_pe Watching this doc about their early years right now. It's fairly riveting, but I still hate their music. about the "OMG, a politician said something that may offend someone" style of political journalism. How did it get so ubiquitous?
Retweeted by Jennifer™@karr_pe No!! How could you?! LOL You can have all the Stones and I'll keep all the Freddy. Everybody wins!I hate the Rolling Stones. #SorryNotSorry #UnpopularPOV:-( So damn sad. LOLGetting ready for workout one of week four. LET'S DO THIS., the downside to Trump is he tends to obscure all the other clowns in the car. To wit: Has there ever been a more appropriate review than "this one lends grace to the slog of a routine"? LOL Love it. Thanks!Good grief, Monday. SLOW DOWN!
@JeremiahSamples I hope there's no correlation between that and our recent ranking as the state with the fewest cheaters. I mean.What a perfectly wonderful day. #GoToWV @ Summersville Lake! Caprese chicken salad, pita, and fruit. @ Summersville Lake're here! @ Summersville Lake
I know it's Oakland, but still. #Hope #Change @ladybirrrd She's unapologetically and unironically terrible. I think that's the appeal.
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