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Rick DeVos @RickDeVos Grand Rapids, Michigan

CEO of @StartGarden, Founder of @ArtPrize, Proud Michigander-anian, Investor, Reader, Helicopter Pilot, Traveler, Photographer, Curious Individual.

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The $30 hot dog http://t.co/FV9uanTHiC A funny little rant on the frequent economically illiterate squawks about "price gouging."Legendary Liftoff!!! The Sikorsky #S97RAIDER has made its historic first flight! #S97RAIDERFF http://t.co/n7JkSwrNJu
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Why Can't the New Urbanists Get a Fair Shake? http://t.co/1TKq7ouBuX
Retweeted by Rick DeVosAbout a quarter of Japan’s population is 65 or older http://t.co/eV5MRRudAr http://t.co/Z6l0wEBDnM
Retweeted by Rick DeVosGR food truck regulations are still, unsurprisingly, too restrictive: http://t.co/30JQkF4rVc Ditch the fees and regs and let the ppl choose.
"being offended is not to be confused with a state of grace" http://t.co/byl570gfobVampire Healing: Young Blood Can Mend Old Broken Bones http://t.co/DDewtPlZ9g Exxxxxxxxcellent…(grins and taps tips of fingers together)The 25 Best Road Cycling Routes in America http://t.co/gprJKN33zZ A fun little list"Despite the disastrous nature of these regulations, at least they are confined to the state in question" http://t.co/VEldqEWSaWSteel is Real http://t.co/ewNnVYZTObWhen a workout has you doing a gentle pneumonia cough the rest of the morning.Invite Some Germs to Dinner - http://t.co/TP6oRgGOlq http://t.co/q21KEvrwyj
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Leaderless Bitcoin Struggles to Make Its Most Crucial Decision http://t.co/qKSmuNVSTiClipper America Over Paris, 1949 http://t.co/8tufligL4V
Retweeted by Rick DeVosA good question http://t.co/PMTkwDb6D5"the regulatory mind-set is nearly impossible to turn on or off, depending on what you like or don’t like." http://t.co/bRHlY3SOYMBoy Scouts Ban Squirt Guns, Refers To Them As ‘Firearms’ http://t.co/VqwBb4ThUC We're so lucky to live in such enlightened, realistic times!what idiot called it dadbod and not father figure
Retweeted by Rick DeVosThe Orlando Magic will select No. 5 in the 2015 @NBA Draft. http://t.co/krRf5O7lJH
Retweeted by Rick DeVosInterestingly enough, my plans to become a Hall of Fame NBA Center is also "an overall success." http://t.co/npcOQI0MsWAs expected. I guess there won't be many tweets!NBA Draft related tweets incoming. Apologies in advance.Someone should resurrect the Victorian fainting couch for the 21st c. millennial audience. They would clean up. So much pearl clutching.Alex Martins of the Magic has the ping pong balls from the Shaq and Penny lotteries http://t.co/tMfPp9LytP
Retweeted by Rick DeVosChablis Chablis Chablis@merib Even more awesome.Burn him! Burn the witch! Every knee shall bow! Every tongue shall confess the glorious apocalyptic truth! http://t.co/npw7uLIGUROr maybe you own a low-margin business like a restaurant. Does a "modern economy" have those? http://t.co/vvBE43bMlV http://t.co/dTSHZvVaM3
Retweeted by Rick DeVosLindsey Graham Is An Unhinged Kook Who Shouldn’t Be Taken Seriously http://t.co/S08tJ0oii9 Best headline yet todayDraft Biden 2016 http://t.co/2F7Q483MsD Oh please oh please oh please oh pleaseLet's legalize and tax marijuana to help pay for Michigan roads, schools, police http://t.co/nB0G03Evhi Yes.That Westeros is a bad place filled with evil people and evil things is literally the most unsurprising thing on TV. http://t.co/cU8ABW6XIbPrince Charles' letters reveal a quirky, old-fashioned brand of conservatism http://t.co/lsscpohm1C
I know it's a visual culture & all but please please please stop taking photos of people holding handwritten "shocking" statements. Please.The NBA Draft Lottery is tomorrow: http://t.co/zGaJo59PjSBuy your new Longbow here: http://t.co/FMs28DrCzq Kinda silly, but very pretty.@JFann But they can elevate the importance of it, and crits could lead to better designs. Wine ppl need opportunity to hear direct feedback.Ditch the moderators: http://t.co/ggLwILFEP8 YupIf the MEDC and Michigan Dept. of Ag want to help the Michigan wine industry, maybe branding & design crits & contests would be good.Michigan, Why must you taunt us with an evening like this before you get 20-30 degrees colder? Respectfully, Still Cold from the WinterNice to hear from former Senator Joe Lieberman at the @SchoolChoiceNow national policy summit. #EdRevolution http://t.co/M8rO22ALy6
Retweeted by Rick DeVosJoy. #Cranky #Old #ShakesFist https://t.co/cR2mhUpFnHSaudi nuclear weapons 'on order' from Pakistan http://t.co/zZu48LRZc3 What could go wrong!Michigan makes some good wines, but my goodness the branding and label design needs some very serious work (on the whole).The Light Phone: https://t.co/3Eim911O98 I love this project.Probably should have looked at what @Clickhole is. Wah, wah.
Retweeted by Rick DeVosUmmm... @Clickhole, do u make this stuff up? I never said this quote and never spoke to the NYU class of 2015. https://t.co/oRSDgpQXxx
Retweeted by Rick DeVosI enjoy seeing the Amazon product questions and answers. http://t.co/KrFxnyiooiWhy Your Sales Team Shouldn't Go Whale Hunting On Day One http://t.co/2zvc6OZ0OL Good read from @RyanHVaughn of @varsitynewsnet
6 companies make half the world’s beer https://t.co/kDWHIp4ivZ http://t.co/1h80aw3RAw
Retweeted by Rick DeVosPosit: USB will last much longer as a universal DC power standard than as a data connection
Retweeted by Rick DeVosEvery time I think about riding I read one of these and think that Michigan isn't a good place for motorcycles http://t.co/xESOueyrotThe sun sets at 9pm tonight, you guys. This is awesome. Long Live Daylight Saving Time!!! Long Live Daylight Saving Time!!!
@CamTimmer @RaphaCycleClub Yes that is definitely an inspiration.@CamTimmer golf-centric is what I meant@CamTimmer It's just kind of a random thought. I think old school golf-central country clubs will continue to decline. Is this next?I would watch cable news if segments were routinely this crazy instead of the usual Yelling Talking Points fake crazy http://t.co/9Dhl1DGyZmU.S. Customs and Border Patrol covering itself in glory: http://t.co/U1LAVhel1V Unbelievable.Hello Ladies is unparalleled in its ability to plumb new depths of awkwardness and discomfort.@DVanTongeren the sag vehicle would obviously have to be outfitted with some pretty serious keg and picnicking equipment.@david_shane Just brainstorming.Daily/priority cleaning and maintenance? A pro shop with access to long-term use of high quality bikes? A travel shipping support program?If there was a cycling equivalent of a country club what amenities would be top priority? Daily SAG supported rides? Training facilities?
Great crowd at @startgarden today for talk w @RickDeVos on what's old is new @exo_protein @aobiome http://t.co/XpTlFg3Xiw
Retweeted by Rick DeVos"greater parental choice – choice that is agnostic about public, private, charter, blended, or virtual education" http://t.co/LMo2A5CIOv Yes"I will get in Evander’s face with compliments and good humor.” http://t.co/FeX1WRPINB
Retweeted by Rick DeVosFacebook: The Birthday Greetamatic 5000™The more you think about the forcible, age-concentrated warehousing of teenagers in institutional buildings the more absurd the idea becomes
That green when the leaves are just freshly openedThe first Grand Rapids Talons Out Honor Flight, honoring WWII vets, takes place this Saturday: http://t.co/1I9qWYsByO Awesome.A supercut video of Millennials using large words that they obviously don't know the meanings of.@johnwarnock Very casual and flexible! Jeans and t-shirt all the way to a suit is fine.Overheard @johndurant and @RickDeVos chat through their event happening at @startgarden tomorrow. It'll be good https://t.co/EBWbERGwzu
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@edsko_ ok talk to you then@edsko_ Sure are you coming by for the lunch talk?I think the default tone on Twitter is Sarcasm because it feels like it delivers more rhetorical pounds per square inch.A project to collect 20-30 year olds making statements declaring the lame undesirability of children for playback to them 40-50 years later.The only possible solution to the imperfection of life is more centralization & government. There is literally no other option. #ImaginationSome autonomous car triumphalism: http://t.co/RpRU0sslKn5x5 Night is back. You can submit an idea here: http://t.co/k59hqfYPgY
Come check this out during lunch on Friday: https://t.co/SekIDVfNFGI love the WWII "Ghost Army "operations: http://t.co/p6OXRlKtakYes please. MT @Dezeen: Take a look inside this Tennessee farmhouse http://t.co/Tw93CsewDB http://t.co/poaPadUOegReport: Cost of Federal Regulation Reached $1.88 Trillion in 2014 http://t.co/XzLLeMtiXP Federalize all of the things! For the Children®!An interesting new umbrella design: https://t.co/MlrlrG04eM.@CrossFit's creator Greg Glassman says that staying in your chair and being inactive is much more dangerous than doing CrossFit
Retweeted by Rick DeVosA scratch-off world map for keeping track of the countries you've visited: http://t.co/JzXBHSBgae FunThe Weather Underground Storm app is really quite lovely.Civil asset forfeiture is evil evil evil and the prohibition it supposedly furthers is ineffective and destructive. http://t.co/AoTYy3RORDWinged jet packs? Yes please. http://t.co/U3sZzz1Q1g h/t @ajpaschka@ajpaschka No, but my goodness it's awesome. Thanks!
Tree frog symphonyFlowering trees are the bestRead "I, Pencil" http://t.co/b2ZLCLhsvh, watch an episode of "How It's Made," and reflect on the comical naïveté of centralization schemes.The manufacturing process for Little Tikes Ride-On Cars is fascinating. "How It's Made" is such a great, simple show.Watch a C-5 Galaxy drop a Minuteman Intercontinental Ballistic Missile from its cargo bay http://t.co/9TkusH8QsX http://t.co/CZYGRAFO5S
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Suturing a grape: https://t.co/9cmjmPdQxc Awesome.Recognition, insight, organization, execution.Welcome to the UN Security Council, Venezuela! http://t.co/7dqRZpqyTD Fortunately NYC TP supplies are dependable http://t.co/iafTR1t6jPWhen I was in finance colleagues talked about the arts; when I became an author they talked about money; in academia they talk about power.
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