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Sidney Starr @Sidneystardance The Transgender Hip Hop Girl

Im a beautiful Transgender Female HipHop Dancer! I'm destined for greatness! Catch me on TV soon! #GirlsLikeUS Child Of God Bookings at

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@Sidneystardance u got a sexy ass body
Retweeted by Sidney StarrIf I had a girlfriend I would date @Sidneystardance
Retweeted by Sidney Starr@Sidneystardance The most beautiful transgender women in the world..👸
Retweeted by Sidney Starr@Sidneystardance dont ever hesitate to speak your mind because that's what makes you YOU, just block out the haters!! 😊
Retweeted by Sidney StarrIma say what I want !!!I speak my mind that's why I get hated on! Lol
@INK_KING3000 hey boo@Sidneystardance I just see a clip of u on a new series called Atlanta Plastic,what date are u going to be on there👍🏽👌🏽
Retweeted by Sidney StarrJust saw @Sidneystardance on Atlanta Plastic!
Retweeted by Sidney Starr@sidneystardance you are the best hands down
Retweeted by Sidney Starr
I make being a transgender female look good me !! Hope yall like my new picture follow me on instagram at SidneyStarrBad
@Sidneystardance Instagram me She's so sweet and i loved to see her and hope to see her again 🎀
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@Sidneystardance I love you❤️
Retweeted by Sidney Starr
Would you Go??? I'm the baddest transgender woman in town! Lol follow me on Instagram SidneyStarrbad make a nigga change his mind sister looks better then a lot of yu bitches! 😘😘😘😘. @Sidneystardance
Retweeted by Sidney Starr@Dr_Kay_Ann love u sisYall like my new picture??Follow me on instagram Sidneystarrbad it's really time for @BunimMurray and @oxygen to put me on the Bad Girls Club! @BGConOxygen the 1st transgender't I look pretty?? Follow the Baddest transgender female on instagram SidneyStarrBad'll be the happiest Man in the world, if i can date this beautiful woman @Sidneystardance because she's the personified of beauty n talent
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Me and my boo Amy T she did my makeup soo good! She made me look beautiful! Follow me on instagram SidneyStarrBad Sidney Starr and I'm a transgender woman doing the dam thang ! Follow me on instagram SidneyStarrBad 🍭 . Have you met transgender Insta-model #SidneyStarr?
Retweeted by Sidney StarrWhy I'm killing it like this?? My new shoot! Sidney Starr Transgender Vixen! Follow me on instagram @SidneyStarrBad moment when @Sidneystardance blows up your Instagram with likes and comments 😍😍😍😍😍😍 I could fallout! 💖💖💖💖
Retweeted by Sidney StarrAnother New picture of me
My new shoot of me today! I'm getting sexier by the pound! Sidney Starr follow me on instagram SidneyStarrBad hey let's get me in on a interview with u its time to ask me all the questions you ever wanted to ask! Let's do it the fans want it
God I kinda need you right now
Love my big sis @Sidneystardance the turn up was real!!! 💯💯💯
Retweeted by Sidney Starr
Just being me Sidney Starr 💋💋💋 love my big tities! I'm here to make sure Yall never starve! 💋💋💋 follow me on instagram SidneyStarrBad checked out Angela yee's lip service with Sidney Starr..that episode was just lol too damn much...enjoyed every second tho lol
Retweeted by Sidney Starr@Queen_B704 MuahhHappy Sunday everybody@_CLEVELANDBOY that's you . You didn't even come see me when I was out there smh
@TheSkorpion the perfect Transgender to interview for your show would be @Sidneystardance !!!
Retweeted by Sidney StarrEveryone Follow me on instagram SidneyStarrBad
@Sidneystardance because you are that bitch....""Sindey Starr bitch!!!"😙😙😙
Retweeted by Sidney StarrDreamingThe media love talking about me Starr retweeted me.😍😁
Retweeted by Sidney StarrTransgender Sidney Starr and Lil Kim (thequeenbeelilkim) spotted in Chicago!
Retweeted by Sidney StarrMe and my boo superstar female rap legend @LilKim yess me and my boo lil Kim QueenBee we had a blast last night 💋💋 @breakfastclubam @cthagod @djenvy yes let's make it happen
Retweeted by Sidney Starr@breakfastclubam ayee my fans are ready to see me on the @breakfastclubam again Part 2 lets make it happen! I love yall! @cthagod @djenvy :)Lord Jesus it's a fireeeee 😕😳 Listen to Episode 09 Ft. Sidney Star by Lip Service #np on #SoundCloud @angelayee
Retweeted by Sidney StarrI can't with this #LipService with @angelayee with Sidney star... This conversation!!! Lawd take the wheel! 😕😂
Retweeted by Sidney StarrWondering how much thirst Sidney gets in her DMs lol
Retweeted by Sidney StarrLil' Kim and Sidney Starr.
Retweeted by Sidney Starr
All the Sidney Starr fans go press the LIKE button to my fan page !💋💋 you love me and you are a Big Sidney Starr Fan then go press the LIKE button on my fanpage'm one sexy ass transgender woman! Could you tell?? Lol 💋 I think not!!! Lol realness ! yesterday 💋💋💋 follow me on instagram SidneyStarrBad on a master planSidney Starr real life had the video 💀 then she answered the FaceTime from one of her "papis" during the interview. Omg I'm bugging.
Retweeted by Sidney StarrThis Sidney Starr Lip Service interview is HILARIOUS 😩😂
Retweeted by Sidney StarrWhen Sidney Starr admitted her crush on Charlamagne I almost fell off the stair master...😭😭 #LipService
Retweeted by Sidney Starr
I'm not sorry 4supporting my beliefs. My bff is trans &once you've witnessed the struggle and backlash, you will get it @Sidneystardance ❤️
Retweeted by Sidney Starr@byeBry_ awww I love you ! You said the truth!! 💋💋I am loving #lipservice with this lady right here @Sidneystardance My new podcast @angelayee
Retweeted by Sidney StarrDef need a PART 2 RT @angelayee: Girl we can't stop talking about you
Retweeted by Sidney Starr@angelayee @Sidneystardance I actually listened to the whole thing. It was interesting/dope
Retweeted by Sidney StarrGirl we can't stop talking about you
Retweeted by Sidney Starr@angelayee when you going to have @Sidneystardance on the breakfast club? 😁
Retweeted by Sidney StarrI'm missing @angelayee already! Dam I miss being on #LipService That was by far the best interview ever! I had so much fun! Get it on TV! :)I love my new @ExpressSmileatl it keeps my teeth white ! Everybody get you one!! I'm loving it ExpressSmileAtlanta
Listening to Lip Service with Sydney Starr & Shauna Brooks 😳🙉 ... Wow!
Retweeted by Sidney StarrListening to Angela Yee lipservice this week featuring Sydney Starr & Shauna Brooks. Lol it's.. wild loving this episode.
Retweeted by Sidney StarrSidney Starr & Shauna Brooks clears up the rumors about Tyga & talks about so much more on Lip Service Radio show.
Retweeted by Sidney StarrThe Lip service episode with Sidney Starr had me like 😱 the whole 1 hour and 32 minutes
Retweeted by Sidney Starr@Sidneystardance u can't be a transgender woman u look natural born female
Retweeted by Sidney StarrHey @Sidneystardance listening to your interview can I get a soul suck lol !! Joking love your work #teamsidney
Retweeted by Sidney Starr
no lie you can't even tell @Sidneystardance is a transgender she looks all to real
Retweeted by Sidney Starr
I wanna takeover the TV world!!!!!! I my friend am a Starr!!!@Sidneystardance audition for @RealWorldMTV they need u on there
Retweeted by Sidney Starr@Sidneystardance @RealWorldMTV @chrisEcasting @caitlyncasting #SidneyForRW31
Retweeted by Sidney Starr
I'm waiting for @Sidneystardance tv show to Drop 😩👌🏽😈
Retweeted by Sidney StarrI know who Sydney Starr is (now), you can't even tell she's transgender she looks all to real
Retweeted by Sidney StarrSydney Starr is so beautiful 😭 it's crazy a tranny look better than me.
Retweeted by Sidney StarrShout out our dolls theshaunabrooks and @im_tarodd for the tea.. #SidneyStarr talks #Tyga with…
Retweeted by Sidney StarrSidney Starr ... Lmfao. She's mad gorgeous tho.
Retweeted by Sidney Starr@Sidneystardance the best in the game but overlooked I'll always love @Sidneystardance #TeamSidney 🙌😘😍🙆❤❤❤❤❤❤
Retweeted by Sidney Starr
I love me some @Sidneystardance 😘😘😘😘
Retweeted by Sidney StarrChecking out my girl @Sidneystardance on @angelayee 's #LipService
Retweeted by Sidney StarrEverybody go follow me on instagram SidneyStarrBad
All booking inquiries for @Sidneystardance email me at #SidneyStar #HipHop #MediaTakeout #Tyga
Retweeted by Sidney StarrNew York what's up I'm here baby turnup
😍 lawd @Sidneystardance
Retweeted by Sidney StarrWho's ready to see me on the @breakfastclubam again???? Yall ready cause I know I am!! :) lol I love them!@breakfastclubam Hey yall Its ur Girl Sidney Starr the transgender princess! Lets do this second interview! Im here! Lets set something up!Why couldn't Tyga f*ck with someone who look as good as @Sidneystardance though? He must have a thing for fish faced lobsters 😕
Retweeted by Sidney Starr
@badmonchink come on daddy@Sidneystardance when we gonna get married 💏👰💍❤❤❤❤
Retweeted by Sidney Starr@Sidneystardance gorgeous body
Retweeted by Sidney Starr@TheFaceofDallas love u boo
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