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Tristan Kromer @TriKro San Francisco, CA, USA

#leanstartup coach, Innovation Ecoystem designer, T-shaped * generalist. No ninjas or rockstars please. I run @leancircle and

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For those in Europe - New guest post: "Putting User Insights Into Context"
@albertplazas Thanks for the tweet Alberto!For those in Asia - New guest post: "Putting User Insights Into Context" Thanks for the tweet Jeff!@roguepolymath yay! More joining the party@gregtheclimber working on it!Customer Development “as a service” by @tatischev #CustdevOne Lean Startup Experiment Per Week - Did you get an invite to our LSC slack board? If not, email me.The New York Times Product Discovery Activity Guide by Al Ming #Prodmgmt #LeanUXNew guest post: "Putting User Insights Into Context" thanks Rebecca!Putting User Insights Into Context @trikro "careful not to blindly follow best practices that have worked elsewhere"
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@lklancir Thanks for the tweet :Luka!@Bilzada Thanks for the tweet!Putting User Insights Into Context
First Round Capital Measures Its Startup Success, Minus Uber - WSJ via @nuzzel thanks @MJB_SF
Retweeted by Tristan KromerEvery company should remember this stat. @ConsumerReports #customersvc
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@sircastel working on it!@playinglean thx for all the tweets guys!@austinefurd Thanks for the tweet Austin!@BalouGold glad to hear it! Keep going!@ghanikolli awesome! Please remember to comment in the gdrive. I think things are moving faster now. Thanks for all the tweets!How I’m Using Product Management to Hack Motherhood by @erikalcarney #ProdmgmtA Diploma for Asking the Right Questions? via @trikro #leanstartup
Retweeted by Tristan KromerThis week I'm going to make progress on my #leanstartup Customer Discovery is the First Frontier cc @trikro
Retweeted by Tristan KromerCreating a Lean, Mean Requirements Machine by @danradigan #LeanStartupOct 21-23 -> The Intrapreneurship Conference from @innovationmojo is coming to NYC - 15% off with "IntraCnf-AFCE” Thanks for the tweet Fareed!For those in Europe - My new blog post: "21st Century Education"
The word priority should not have a plural. What's the one thing we should be working on this week? via @TriKro
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@malcolmanderson thank you Malcolm!@tendayiviki thanks Tendayi!Printing this out and taping it above my desk. @bhorowitz @pmarca
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@ldduval11 Thanks for sharing Luis!For those in Asia - My new blog post: "21st Century Education" thanks Kevin!21st Century Education by @TriKro > nice tristan. This one is from the heart ... great ... quick read.
Retweeted by Tristan KromerTomorrow is the final day to get The Leader's Guide! I hope you will check it out and join the backers only community
Retweeted by Tristan KromerTips for Launching a Product from The Founder of Product Hunt by @GoogleVentures @rrhoover #Prodmgmt@Koprowski thanks Jason!@jpmyrland Thanks for sharing Jeremy!@humphryslocombe what are the flavored today? I don't see the pic?The word priority should not have a plural. What's the one thing we should be working on this week? via @TriKro
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@scottsambucci Thanks for sharing Scott!@allofmcr Thanks for the tweet!@mfishbein thanks Mike!Should I send a survey? No. by @cindyalvarez #Custdev@alebudd If I knew how to make a thumbs up emoticon I would now. Thank you Alex!@DincerHazar Thanks for sharing Dincer!@KaushikBlog Thanks for sharing Kaushik!My new blog post: "21st Century Education" thank you for the tweet@StartUpWerkboek Thanks for sharing@Trep_Ed thanks as always Doan!@LoloSchauer Thanks for the tweet Lolo!21st Century Education
21st Century Education Thanks Ian!My Toothbrush is Better Than Yours by @dxtremex #LeanStartupLinkedIn home page (after sign-in) on the day it launched: May 5, 2003. #MVP
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@veranotinto Thanks for sharing Tinto!@awgonnerman Thanks for the tweet Adam!@uxentrepreneur Thanks for sharing Diego!@larkanw Thanks for the tweet Warren!Don’t Make Something People Want, Make Something The World Needs by @petershin45 #LeanStartup@paul_wellman Thanks for the tweet Paul!@joseloat Thanks for the tweet Joselo!
@ghanikolli Thanks for the tweets Ghani!Only one questions matters: Are we working on the most critical business risk? via @TriKro
Retweeted by Tristan KromerSaaS Product Validation Techniques by @ryanbattles #LeanStartup
If one experiment per week sounds like too much, were doing it wrong. via @TriKro
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@twitortat Hi Aravind, thanks for using my illustration. I moved to SSL so I broke your embed. :) Just need to change it to httpsWhy Lean Startup Is Hard In Practice by @twitortat #LeanStartup"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together." —Vincent Van Gogh@BalouGold success!@mooitoys Thanks for the tweet Serkan@MemeVeels Thanks for sharing Meme@Mich_Dispatch Thanks for the tweet!
@meetfelipe great! I will dm@meetfelipe Happy to help if I can. @LeanCircle is not my biggest priority at the moment though. Probably more time for it in Aug-Sep.#ff #leanstartup experts: @brantcooper @ericries @ashmaurya @akwyz @davidjbland@nisfrome Thanks for including me in your newsletter today Nis!Templates Suck, Here’s Our Lean Startup Template @TriKro
Retweeted by Tristan KromerDon't Fear the HiPPO, Fear the ZEBRA by @TriKro #prodmgmt #leanstartup
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@sammcafee thanks Sam. Going well at POPVOX?@sreinholz Thanks for the tweet Seb!Where Do Product Roadmaps Come From? by @Padday #Prodmgmt #LeanStartupOne Lean Startup Experiment Per Week by @TriKro - #B2B #Entrepreneurship #Startups
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@jose_garde Thanks for sharing Jose!
Silicon Valley geeks live in a bubble that seals them off from the world they are changing
Retweeted by Tristan KromerI for one welcome our new robot handwriting overlords: This Post Was Handwritten by a Neural Network via @motherboard
Retweeted by Tristan KromerI find it astonishing that @googledocs can't do a two column layout.The Operating Model That Is Eating The World by @aarondignan #LeanStartup@NewlandRebecca Thanks for the tweet Rebecca!What’s Wrong with The Lean Startup Methodology? by @NatashaJH100 #LeanStartup@ilucatero Thanks for the tweet Isaac!"All great achievements require time." —Maya Angelou@renebastijans Thanks for the tweet Rene!“Which Experiment Should I Run?” – 8 minute video by @TriKro #experimentdesign #leanstartup #agile
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