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Paul Nazareth @UinvitedU Canadian Nomad

Helping charities fundraise, donors give, advisors with client philanthropy. Networking & digital business enthusiast. Opinions, are my own especially #TOpoli.

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Your work has such powerful career development value @amyjccuddy but next to JM you look like fellow movie star! http://t.co/ToqrEj52ZV@PialiRoy thank for the fav! I was just chuckling at that last 'gang ties' tweet. Something for Ford to wear to Lisi trialToday I am overwhelmed with gratitude to you my network. Your kindness and generosity save me, daily. http://t.co/sG4JPXc1ce@nancyduarte for what kind of relationship? General consumer or individual client?What a wonderful @canadahelps workshop in Edmonton! Thank you @yegfoodbank for kindly hosting, almost 50 charities! http://t.co/pZ1nrr7uuQ@ChristmasBureau please say hello!Heard about #GivingChallengeCA ? Learn more at http://t.co/S0Fa2pJgsX http://t.co/qhJjUCoivbLoving the #CBCUpfront shots today @CBC ! The always dappified @mattgallowaycbc of @metromorning http://t.co/YD3V8kuv8p@PPL4PARKS new job?@MagneticSilvia strategic! Cruel though, I salivated for an hour after that tweet.
@sidnariman yes Sid Au Gul, you are eternal. http://t.co/9ZaYFCrVLP@LeighNaturkach @KaveetsD the "Duh" opening bowled me over.@KaveetsD goodness yes. There are days when I worry that women leader voices like @LadySnarksalot @VassB are in danger.@KaveetsD agree. Put it out there in the hope intelligent strong Women I know would challenge. No surprise you're up first.How goeth the battle friends?You Can Do It. I believe in you. http://t.co/lSIxQjK37CGood advice, Twitter strategy and in life... http://t.co/y9lqIFNV5r@MagneticSilvia Blue rare. Why do you ask?Why men are retweeted more than women http://t.co/ueW1yu5bel @TheAtlantic cc @ambermac @sparkcbc @LinaDuqueMBA http://t.co/GAUUbR2gStHuh, Winston Churchill painted over 500 paintings http://t.co/ta3zfz1CGy via @TheEconomist http://t.co/eXdztM2QBxJoin @LeahEustace @sfortnum June 17 ! Webinar that takes you inside mind of your donors. http://t.co/O4ju9fBhiE http://t.co/GcpkbhEg0kWhat a powerful thought @paulshoeSVP ! What a fantastic closing thought at #banffcompass cc @AFPCalgary http://t.co/DsDG0YiAwAVery powerful talk from @paulshoeSVP at #banffcompass - his book (all proceeds to charity) http://t.co/3aCJZjnju5 http://t.co/hSS3fE7rEsGrit as element of professional character - TED talk http://t.co/o6LXQZHx2L via @paulshoeSVP cc @KCIPhilanthropy http://t.co/1SJkqDiPh0More on the power of Grit https://t.co/fTSsXuzKk9 that @paulshoeSVP mentioned #banffcompass cc @AFPCalgary http://t.co/ugJYikmvK5At the Centre this week: #banffcompass, a collaborative conference on new fundraising strategies for non-profits. https://t.co/BXsC0zIoRb
Retweeted by Paul NazarethWell @KellyAnnMorris our peers at @KCIPhilanthropy joined Twitter! Thanks for #banffcompass gifts! cc @AFPCalgary http://t.co/RykjT6xRewJust met Paul Nazareth @UinvitedU @canadahelps #banffcompass @thebanffcentre #networking #networking Thanks Paul! http://t.co/yiskoO1Jif
Retweeted by Paul NazarethYou are a champion for @banffcentre @JimOlverTBC ! Our #banffcompass delegates have been talking about you all week! http://t.co/qx4E3FlTUo"That was the most real, honest & valuable corp-giving talk I've ever heard" #banffcompass delegate abt @BradOffman http://t.co/BvWgdLF0yPBig value & insight into how Corp teams think about philanthropy by @BradOffman at #banffcompass cc#afpccane http://t.co/d3JyuvOquAAre you going to @CCAECanada conference ? Join Michelle & I for @CAGP_ACPDP one day session! http://t.co/YZ8RCjScjv http://t.co/ySVYla8qrVProfessional insight and so much fun to have time with @KellyAnnMorris & @LYNNEBOARDMAN at #banffcompass ! http://t.co/1GqZBJMLdOLots of great takeaways from #banffcompass love the shoutout to @danpallotta cc @AFPCalgary @AFPIHQ http://t.co/7CFJdwfFg1A @banffcentre homecoming for @BradOffman at #banffcompass - wonderful @CAGP_ACPDP memories! http://t.co/cGyhHMC17qIf you want to make more from bequests #banffcompass head over to @DavidKravinchuk session! cc @AFPCalgary http://t.co/59PU0T2b5LLove this post on 'writing for humans not robot overloards http://t.co/s2H90SLT7j ' by @colludos via @FundraisingRx http://t.co/GgS2bVtGnI
In the end, people are persuaded not by what we say, but by what they understand. ~ John C. MaxwellWere talking about simple personal branding at #banffcompass a great @DanielPink video http://t.co/6C4x9LMXoX cc @KellyAnnMorrisOur @Canadahelps team launched the first online course for charities on digital http://t.co/vCHP5k6FIq #banffcompass hope it helps!Want to raise your @LinkedIn game #banffcompass ? Some tips http://t.co/KXmmWaW8jv cc @AFPCalgaryOur world is digital #banffcompass it's work not social http://t.co/4qeIg6ZZjV cc @AFPCalgary @KellyAnnMorris http://t.co/H7lpObOypyThis is about work #banffcompass lots of resources here http://t.co/VWDlCQtstK cc @AFPCalgary @KellyAnnMorris http://t.co/6ceN9NRIdwBig congrats to @cdnlegacybldr on launch of his new book http://t.co/kxF10yYrT5 http://t.co/PydouyyHYLGreat book for rebooting your business social media use is http://t.co/PKVhiFcuev by @mitchjoel #banffcompass http://t.co/XTCzNNIca5Yes @erejman @GeeshGeorge @johnvanduzer ! @VigFundraiser assemble! http://t.co/fADmCcpaQAAre you going to @CCAECanada conference ? Join Michelle & I for @CAGP_ACPDP one day session! http://t.co/YZ8RCjScjv http://t.co/BBRMnVKcgPHave you heard about the 'Great Canadian Giving Challenge' ? http://t.co/S0Fa2pJgsX #GivingChallengeCA http://t.co/cg4eBRiXBIGreat shot of @fuuyin of @techsoupcanada at #frday15 - heard your session went great! Congrats from @canadahelps ! http://t.co/LapxDLmHEFWow @cdnlegacybldr high praise from @danpallotta on your book! http://t.co/kxF10yGR1x http://t.co/3bqc5RkmwVFantastic end quote on the future of philanthropy from @GroganCalgary of @nonprofitvoice at #banffcompass http://t.co/BYTRT3DL7BCongrats @criseboro on a great #frday15 session! Lots of learning from Twitter as I follow from AFP Calgary conf. http://t.co/4wAWWBLbMj@mirandaknightH @indeedemma @learningcode Emma rules!I wrote this for @afptoronto on mentoring @Lizbeth_City http://t.co/6v1Ruy3fzL on building a mentoring plan, hope it helps! #frday15Hope these resources on mentoring help @Lizbeth_City ! https://t.co/VIycYpzQuB call @afptoronto about mentoring program! #frday15As the slide transitioned, you could hear sounds from people from Alberta (groans/cheers/jeers) #banffcompass http://t.co/uTDOs4OFSxA TED talk to watch from @GroganCalgary of @nonprofitvoice - @PTertzakian http://t.co/aGuuX02ozq #banffcompassGreat job @GroganCalgary of @nonprofitvoice using Muttart Foundation data for #banffcompass session http://t.co/po2bLDNcHwAnd @canadiancharity data/blog shoutout from @GroganCalgary of @nonprofitvoice at #banffcompass cc @AFPCalgary http://t.co/S4xnD1es3IMy @methodworks #banffcompass @shadowofkirk tweet? Done. *micdrop* http://t.co/9Php9K6KHqFascinating to learn more about @nonprofitvoice from @GroganCalgary https://t.co/OryLOvIf7C at #banffcompass http://t.co/MtGUYmuZfEExcited to attend session with @GroganCalgary of @nonprofitvoice at #BanffCompass on Philanthropy in Alberta http://t.co/nkBYtQtPXwFantastic session with @PaulHKlein & @LYNNEBOARDMAN - so much buzz at #banffcompass about smart strategic growth at @Indspire !Thanks @UinvitedU you were with us in spirit and mentioned a few times https://t.co/QfT1FDPqRN
Retweeted by Paul NazarethGreat to hear @TDGAndrea share #charityimpact of Charity Day on the Hill at #banffcompass cc @ImagineCanada http://t.co/FVVypDgMFiSee today's #frday15 award winner @Anne_Connelly in @Globe_Careers http://t.co/0fnnu4AqG1 as a leader for sector @afptoronto @AFPIHQ@unitycharity Beatboxing, breakdance, spoken word and philanthropy. Doesn't get better than this #frday15 http://t.co/WCoQ01woMr
Retweeted by Paul NazarethGreat job @AFPCalgary taking live questions from Twitter during @jbradham session at #BanffCompass http://t.co/PTEARhHACwToday! @afptoronto #FRDay15 with the @FundraiseHumber Class of 2015 #HFM15 inspiring work on display. http://t.co/DYBBrQgdAp
Retweeted by Paul NazarethCheck out @FundraiseHumber Class of 2015 #HFM15 great work & portfolios at Fundraising Day #frday15 http://t.co/9ARkbNnouk
Retweeted by Paul NazarethSuper-valuable session on managing fundraising pipeline with @TDGAndrea @alexlaidlaw at #BanffCompass cc @AFPCalgary http://t.co/qSw6NXeiRpStill don't have a photo with @shadowofkirk? Tweet us one today and win a prize! #banffcompass http://t.co/nzBdqcrpTt
Retweeted by Paul NazarethWith social change philanthropy, we can't always turn complex situations into simple narratives donors can understand @CathyJMann #frday15
Retweeted by Paul NazarethDo you want to advance career in fundraising? A Director scouting for talent? Follow @afptoronto hashtag #frday15 ! http://t.co/avaPQbwcy3If you see me or @MehtaKrishan at #FRDay15, ask us about the Fellowship in Inclusion and Philanthropy! http://t.co/DRAkc0orAp #diversity
Retweeted by Paul NazarethSending good vibes to champions of fundraising careers: @Socially_Good @HutchNetwork @JaniceCunning at #frday15 ! http://t.co/Xy33miQNoqWell done @fuuyin ! RT @glbartleman: A great session with Joyce Hsu of @techsoupcanada to start the day #frday15 http://t.co/gvzvjbtTGZNice to hear @vmcmurtry share importance of humility in fundraising @CathyJMann - wrote this for @AFPIHQ http://t.co/wsSXfwKH1q #frday15Sending good wishes from @AFPCalgary #BanffCompass to @afptoronto #frday15 peeps today! http://t.co/345LhvbTU1Indeed @RebeccaPalmer amazing @JodySteinhauer is a Canadian business & philanthropic champion! http://t.co/CqxiFnZ5vx #SocialForGoodReport by @BCG demonstrates the social return on investment for Habitat's homeownership program in Canada: http://t.co/4pepHvkfix
Retweeted by Paul NazarethWe should talk about @JimOlverTBC at #BanffCompass table today @KellyAnnMorris ! #social business @thebanffcentre http://t.co/bp7gJ459z5Excited to share! @CanadaHelps Investment in Innovation & Technology Fuels Continued Double-Digit Growth http://t.co/SGmprBDvYeCanadaHelps’ Investment in Innovation & Technology Fuels Continued Double-Digit Growth http://t.co/LCsgQRMMz8 #GivingMadeSimple #nptech
Retweeted by Paul NazarethCanadaHelps’ Investment in Innovation & Technology Fuels Continued Double-Digit Growth http://t.co/Ltp0yJc9ii #GivingMadeSimple #nptech
Retweeted by Paul NazarethMaking blogging manageable http://t.co/ciIOwFtUMm via @CharityVillageLooking forward to ten points of #banffcompass social media table with @KellyAnnMorris tomorrow!
Love this post on 'writing for humans not robot overloards http://t.co/s2H90SLT7j ' by @colludos via @FundraisingRx http://t.co/YPQLm2mOYOBecome a master networker - great infographic http://t.co/gprd8hkdRe @hubspot via @itscherjones @ConstantChangesLOTS of shade being thrown at social media at #banffcompass - join us at 10 points table tomorrow to discuss work value of social!@sdecksheimer yes! http://t.co/AXoCIRtHTyRecommended by @Barb_Higgins at #banffcompass http://t.co/olnkEZdNjL cc @TonyMyersCan http://t.co/9L8ew3dFdGNice : We malign it but Ice Bucket Challenge is the Nickelback / Celine of fundraising - #banffcompass cc @AFPCalgary @Barb_HigginsWell done @DavidKravinchuk of @FundraisingRx - response from @Barb_Higgins : "You gave me goosebumps!" #banffcompass http://t.co/BLropqMuIrThe awesome @DavidKravinchuk of @FundraisingRx shares importance of investment & taking risks at #banffcompass http://t.co/bICpGbcYNAAnother great read from Simone Joyaux at #banffcompass http://t.co/zVguE79ibS cc @TonyMyersCan @Barb_Higgins http://t.co/4Mist9avKRAgree @TonyMyersCan panic does no good. Stop, look at the facts, what can I do now? #BanffCompass cc @Barb_Higgins http://t.co/VAaKInJAHHWe are so lucky to have @TonyMyersCan @Barb_Higgins for our mountainview chat at #BanffCompass ! http://t.co/bXMsLNEkBCRT @AskMuscle #BanffCompass Simone Joyaux recommends @kenburnett1 http://t.co/KNVPF0JslX but reminds us to listen http://t.co/vVPLSWpediReferenced by Simone Joyaux at #banffcompass @kenburnett1 new book http://t.co/KNVPF0JslX cc @AFPCalgary http://t.co/XzmFIOFb9F
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