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Axe-Static Process @axestatic Oregon and Greece

We love GUITARS, we love MADONNA, we love Madonna playing guitars.

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that's an E-II V by @ESPGuitarsUSA ;) (it's actually her guitarist's @montepittman axe ) https://t.co/50Qnkh8A2VMadonna​ keeps teasing the #RebelHeartTour setlist. Check out what we know so far... http://t.co/bAXWtOkrH6 http://t.co/YT8bEcE4vK
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Joining Dessy Di Lauro and I on stage tonight at BIGYUKI's ALBUM PREVIEW CONCERT; Steve Styles on el. and key... http://t.co/S18UQ40wxZ
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessToday. Almost over this cold; feelin' sassier. 😄 https://t.co/HqkDq1Guma
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessBFM 1 on 1 Private Lessons in YOUR town!!! Catch BFM on the road this year and get your Private… https://t.co/zWxHjBWDXl
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Did everyone see the Australia & New Zealand shows that were added? Looking forward to those! http://t.co/EZtVYBR84H #RebelHeartTour
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessWatch @Madonna shred some @ledzeppelin thanks to @montepittman: http://t.co/r5YoBvMomN
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process@jasonyangviolin OMG really? he's MY #1 composer. so many amazing scores. can't believe it he's gone :(
@TotalGuitar @Madonna @ESPGuitarsUSA @OrangeAmps because her guitar teacher & guitar player @montepittman ROCKS!Here's @Madonna rocking Led Zep on an @ESPGuitarsUSA through an @OrangeAmps Rockerverb. https://t.co/6gIwPIYrS3
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessPublic call to all #Madonna Fans! for the next 24h please type next to your M tweet #RebelHeartTourInGreece ! Thank you , love you family!
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process#RebelHeartTourInGreece cause we need this to happen once more ! http://t.co/TZ3cYhHOf6
Retweeted by Axe-Static Processhopefully none. except for Falling Free https://t.co/w20Qh8Ie1A
haha and we love it https://t.co/345cKbCY11REBEL HEART WORLD TOUR in AUSTRALIA! #Madonna #RebelHeartBand https://t.co/F4xSauoy29
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessThe #RebelHeartTour is coming to Australia and New Zealand!! Get all the details here: http://t.co/A3C6gr04Il http://t.co/93e6H4Zd9J
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Today: crazy headband & cold shoulder. Trying to get rid of an annoying cough. #singinggirlhttps://t.co/uFVY9vqPkT
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessMadonna's rocking out on that flying V - but we see some @BourgeoisGuitars in the background! Thanks @montepittman! https://t.co/wDWHvRFHS8
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process@montepittman Nothing makes me happier than @Madonna on guitar. Would love a whole concert with just rock versions of her music.
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process@montepittman please RT-we are auctioning your guitar for #SmallCharityWeek on eBay: http://t.co/ehLVbuSgVk #Madonna http://t.co/3pw6fpj1pa
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process2001|2015 👸🎸 #Madonna #Madge #QueenOfPop #Icon #Diva #BitchImMadonna #BIM #Guitar http://t.co/kg4LnrbQsA
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process@ESPGuitarsUSA you need to hook up @Madonna with a V now! and send one to me too please :) @montepittman thanks!So here's @Madonna rocking Zep's "Whole Lotta Love" on an ESP E-II V. You probably weren't expecting that, were you? https://t.co/ax3iq2YXUq
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessAbout take a studio break to head to Charlotte NC. See you at suitecharlotte tonight!! https://t.co/yhnFOy61ud
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessMy #1 student! @madonna warming up with some Led Zeppelin - espguitars kemperamps orangeamps… https://t.co/pY3rJ6XUpN
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessShe looks so good with a V! espguitars @madonna with repostapp. ・・・ Im gonna give you every inch of… https://t.co/HppcLQAzOv
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessChannelling Led Zeppelin👻 Whole Lotta Love❤️ #rebelheart https://t.co/jMPRUCLlFV
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessIf Madonna plays a bit of Whole Lotta Love on her guitar in the tour I am gonna freak the fuck out. A legend playing a legendary song. ❤️😍🙌🏼
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessMadonna is channeling her rock side and learning rock guitar for the #RebelHeartTour ! OMG can't wait! http://t.co/xEI1z097d4
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessMP Webmaster: Check out Madonna playing "Whole Lotta Love" on Monte's ESP Guitars! #MontePittman #RebelHeartGuitarist http://t.co/niUuZf4BHe
Retweeted by Axe-Static Processhttps://t.co/zkeB8luNj2 @ESPGuitarsUSA @OrangeAmps @Madonna @montepittman #axestatic #guitarsthis is AXESTATIC! @Madonna playing Whole Lotta Love with a V @ESPGuitarsUSA @montepittman https://t.co/ns38Ssn7V3 we want MORE of this!
Bring #RebelHeartTour in Athens, GR the most rebelious city of all!! @Madonna @LiveNation @guyoseary#MusicMonday @Madonna @montepittman @BrianFrasierM @nickirichards @KileyDean @RickeyPageot @kevinantunes411 #RebelHeartBand#RebelHeartTour needs a guitar solo like this! https://t.co/beihGRxNdB @montepittman @Madonna @kevinantunes411 @guyoseary
Saturday practice. Going slowly. Hearing good steady progress every day. https://t.co/HilyFJuyey
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessPoint of view. #bass #practicepracticepractice https://t.co/4tkMtvInxi
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process@DessyDiLauro, iLLspokinn, Bigyuki @ Le Poisson Rouge · New York · Jun 24, 2015 https://t.co/49LjbFRqx2
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessGlad to be coming back to Charlotte NC this Friday 6/19. suitecharlotte see you soon https://t.co/nrvtKY3xcg
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessHappy Puerto Rican Day parade. Can't wait to go to Puerto Rico with the #RebelHeartTour #Madonna in January. #PRParade #RebelHeartPianist
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process@mattcardle's rather fab cover of Madonna's 'Music' last night @LeicesterRaces https://t.co/FxMUjKgRck #guitar #voice :)
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This Monte Pittman guitar could be yours! @SCWeek2015 ebay auction starts on 18th June! #madonna #montepittman http://t.co/jVVfzVxxki
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we need #RebelHeartTour in Athens, GR cc @Madonna @LiveNation @guyoseary https://t.co/XveysOgZDuPERFECT! https://t.co/CWUcq5IRtV@BourgeoisGuitar @montepittman @Madonna a black Bourgeois! woah!Road warrior @montepittman 's custom Slope D, soon to be on tour with @Madonna #guitars #guitaroftheday #madonna http://t.co/oSFJRkKwkv
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'The long forgotten, unreleased remix album' http://t.co/7pRBbxFnUu #TBT #Decade http://t.co/LkpPRToY5V
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessNo Disrespect Zone!!!! Musicians MUST realize what this game is about. The minute you open your… https://t.co/yS9laz7rs4
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Actually @montepittman did a cool interlude for @adamlambert based on @Madonna 's Erotica. That was cool! https://t.co/AQyHKEFwARI hope the #RebelHeartTour will be a chance for a GUITAR and a DRUMS solo!! @montepittman @BrianFrasierM cc @kevinantunes411 #RebelBand
Rock on! #rock #guitar #mdna #worldtour #2015 #madonna #tickets #stage #performance #showhttp://t.co/zpcdOCGCdO http://t.co/UnJXuBLeDP
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process"When it all falls, when it all falls down, we'll be two souls in a #Ghosttown" @Madonna #MusicMonday #Nowplaying #RebelHeart
In less than two weeks we hit the @BlueNoteNYC with an all new show. Tix at http://t.co/X4lcUvhQPf @dessydilauro http://t.co/Z3SnZE8FhH
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessBrian & Kevin are cracking me up. #usual #hesbatman #youdroppedabombonme https://t.co/SAh80rWa6w
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessAnd so it begins #RebelHeartTourRehearsals @montepittman @nickirichards @BrianFrasierM @RickeyPageot @kevinantunes411 @KileyDean #madgecianshttp://t.co/kYtYfYmqVe #RebelHeartDrummer #bfmclinics #bfmconsultation #bfmseminar #bfmsignaturestickshttps://t.co/eQflmFDTdF
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessSunday, chillin' at work. https://t.co/vXkDIzy9AW
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Bring #RebelHeartTour in Athens, Greece! The most rebelious city of all! @Madonna @guyoseary @LiveNation
@RickeyPageot just listened to it! GREAT job!!!! love it! @dessydilauro #HepHepThe NEW song of @dessydilauro, produced by #RebelHeartPianist @RickeyPageot is OUT TODAY! say HEP HEP! https://t.co/kni5T4ozqCIt's finally out y'all. Start your week off right by listening to our new single 'Let Me Hear You Say… https://t.co/Q629JfXh2q
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RT if you're excited for @Madonna's #RebelHeartPianist... @RickeyPageot's new song w/ @dessydilauro out - Mon. 5/18! http://t.co/qGTc6bGauK
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The great @montepittman tonight @LuckyStrikeLive #Hollywood http://t.co/xvt9sC6tPT
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessMP Webmaster: Monte Pittman melting faces with his ESP Guitars E-II FRX at the Lucky Strike Live for the Ultimate... http://t.co/e6HASSFE3f
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessS/O to @jamesjrnewkirk for another CRAZY design!!! #RebelHeartDrummer #bfmlevelup #bfmworldhttps://t.co/JqT1qzJoUx
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessLess than a month to our @BlueNoteNYC show. Tix only $15 avail. here http://t.co/4s5LzGuaOG #NeoRagtime #BlueNote http://t.co/PHGNw96Mv6
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessJazzy Sunday at @TheMiNTClub w @dessydilauro #jazz #ragtime #livemusic #Vegas #LA http://t.co/mpOYAAyGXr
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessDessy Di Lauro's Snazzy Jazzy Show http://t.co/sqvmNn0ySI
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"Dress You Up In My Love" is Madonna's best guitar solo, hands down. Wonder how she sounds playing it live.
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Happy Birthday @BrianFrasierM !!! #RebelHeartDrummerthis is awesome! https://t.co/hjdlutLhSbBFM Signature Sticks by vaterdrumsticks #RebelHeartDrummer #bfmsignaturesticks #bfmlevelup #bfmworld https://t.co/BXNCjaLsa0
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Bring #RebelHeartTour @Madonna to Athens, GR, the most rebellious city of all! @guyoseary @LiveNation#NowPlaying Delustions Of Grandeur by @montepittman on The Vault with @djwillKNAC on @knac This song rules!
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessCome c why we were voted "Hot 100 Unsigned Artists" in the country by @musicconnection tix at http://t.co/lyb5C8SiHz http://t.co/twaG4Y06E7
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process#SayHepHep #NewMusic Release Date May 18 @dessydilauro #iTunes #Spotify #NeoRagtime #NewSingle #GoHabsGo http://t.co/XcGBYOiCQQ
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessNew Single coming out May 18, 2015! "Let Me Hear You Say HEP HEP"! It's a Thumper Y'all! We ask one… https://t.co/vpx4hX97DD
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessGreat lesson today with my new student, kievmoralesviolin!! We have the same violin case 😎👊 Email… https://t.co/EognfmYFN6
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The cape is back for the #Madonna #RebelHeartTour http://t.co/FXMjqHSq7l http://t.co/6VwFXOSRdp
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessMadonna Interactive Chat w/ Romeo Saturday Night Online - AskAnythingChat (VIDEO) - http://t.co/ptnphPSZmx http://t.co/r4v86ZpJeM
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.@montepittman "Delusions of Grandeur" (OFFICIAL VIDEO) - YouTube http://t.co/yBk589H4bq http://t.co/Pjy1Z57T1y
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessTix now on sale for @DESSYDILAURO'S NEO-RAGTIME @bluenotenyc on June 5th https://t.co/gfu16oF83C @sharethis #HepHep #Neoragtime #NewMusic
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessHappy to announce that we will be performing at The Blue Note Jazz Festival in the NYC on Friday June… https://t.co/GtzJme8q1k
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessWhat up!! Tonight I'm back at my favorite spot in Connecticut @AvalonMohegan. I know it's fight night but come hang with your boy!
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process#BillWithers dropped a lot of knowledge on us yesterday. #grateful @aloeblacc @dessydilauro @ascapexpo #neoragtime http://t.co/Ah82l8qgdi
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"In the midnight hour I can feel your power..." #tbt #fitspiration #stickyandsweet #tour http://t.co/wJGYjdpC6K
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessCome out to my send off show before I leave for Madonna World Tour rehearsals. At The Mint on Sunday… https://t.co/KA7yb9zBFC
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessHOLD TIGHT playin @ a cafe in Athens @madonna what more do u need 2 get here? The whole album keeps playing EVERYWHERE in ATHENS #RebelHeart
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4/22 @Metallica "SEEK&DESTROY" @irablack @thejerrymontano @montepittman @mayorgasour @Martucci77 @JessicatChase http://t.co/iiFsDQGuPl
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♫ Just Announced: Los Angeles, CA - May 10 at The Mint http://t.co/cWyruzKpYB
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessCan you give our new Sia @Itseasyallday remix some @hypem love? http://t.co/CPO3CHtJWO ❤️🙏🙏 thanks!
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessExcited to see @montepittman join @ultimate_jam at @LuckyStrikeLive. http://t.co/sXAULDWCdb
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessStars @Madonna & @montepittman & stripes #AmericanLife #AmericanDream http://t.co/fKmz5pMytf
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BFM CLOTHING is Back!! BFM "KING" Line inspired by @dontaewinslow Check out his album… https://t.co/nRnXUejpyQ
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessChill relax Chillax by @littleshaophoto #paris #sunset #beautiful #mylifeintheclouds https://t.co/pccEjf4WOa
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessAnd we're on @hypem now, so listen and give our track a heart if you dig it! @Itseasyallday http://t.co/CPO3CHtJWO http://t.co/WwTv3r2bgx
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"Madonna adds further dates to the Rebel Heart Tour 2015 due to demand" http://t.co/0cj3nHfe2V via @NME
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessHappy Monday! I am getting music together to play at Omega in upstate New York. I am excited to play some... http://t.co/BIGUt22BAK
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process.@Madonna's "Like a Prayer" hit No. 1 on the #Billboard200 this week in 1989: http://t.co/tldeJxRvoL http://t.co/gz4dGJj602
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessBring #RebelHeartTour in Athens, GR, the most rebelious city of all! @LiveNation @madonna @guyoseary
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