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Peter Cohen @flargh Massachusetts

Mac Managing editor, http://t.co/gmrsJZbuak. NSFW and profane SJW. Married to @fletchen. I write for the users.

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@kdbdallas It’s the name of the column.@nadyne @mrichmon You are a woman of refined, impeccable taste.Everytime I watch #MyCatFromHell and someone’s like, “It’s me or the cat,” I’m like YOU CAN GET RIGHT THE FUCK OUT THEN.@jsnell @CHPMarin Arriving shortly with 4,000 pounds of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.@mallelis Someone is gaslighting youWanna make your Apple Watch look like a Casio calculator watch from the 80s? Here ya go!Please help if you can. Thousands are dead, thousands more are injured. https://t.co/ezAKcILCUKHelp aid Nepal with American Red Cross donations via iTunes http://t.co/Iw9vjL0fp3 http://t.co/YOwMFnRAlK
Retweeted by Peter Cohen@atlauren Oh, yeah. OK. That’s a bit longer story. :)@hobbesoh I call it “the Mad Men."@SoCalMacGuy At the very least, I strong advocate checking out online support groups via social media. They’ve been great for me.@SoCalMacGuy Strongly recommend it if it’s an option. YMMV obviously, but having other people to share with helps.@DeusPigritae It’s not willpower as much as it is a desire to not fuck up my digestive system after having gastric bypass surgery. :)@SoCalMacGuy rny was better for me because of factors like diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, etc. Doc said better chance for success.@SoCalMacGuy The program I’m in also focuses on therapy pre and post-surgery. I believe it’s crucial to success.@SoCalMacGuy Gastric bypass hasn’t been without plenty of challenges, but it’s life changing.@Ohthatflo http://t.co/YrVyiSSNAD@SoCalMacGuy In a heartbeat.@atlauren Long story bearable: Google “Roux En Y."@chrisphin Can’t drink for a year after surgery. Still having a tough time with dense animal protein and grains.Things I miss consuming: Bread. Bourbon. Steak.@edbott I will check it out!@ChrisBeveridge Tech journalist, especially.@darxmac @Moeskido DIAF@rivegauche610 first against the wall, that’s for sure.@hodapp Potato farming seems like a good alternative career on days like today.@hodapp http://t.co/xzt0Ig0VAs@dlpasco That’s fine. Without a trace of irony? I’ll kick you in the junk.If you attach the word “gate” to anything you’re trying to make a scandal out of, you’re a stupid asshole.I just saw the word “Scratchgate” and I’m back to preparing a virus that will eradicate humanity.Just found out The Waterboys are playing in Boston this week. Related: Just discovered The Waterboys are still together.@stevekovach We sell these in the store I work in: http://t.co/sz6bGAG63U@mchax Needs a sippy cup lid.@iMuggle @reneritchie @llofte SOLAR POWERED dog toy at that! #green@alexcornellier Netflix is great, but hardly the only choice.@alexcornellier yep@alexcornellier Gaming would be nice. Autonomous control of TV and entertainment center. Better UX. More content.The Chevy FNR is what would happen if GM hired Batman and Tron to do car design. http://t.co/WbFjmG1R3G http://t.co/pjOftnpj4RI didn’t really believe the MacBook trackpad wasn’t mechanical until I shut it down and it stopped “clicking."@iMuggle You forgot #blessed@dfravel MRSAMan!NSFW: Imagining a new Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad http://t.co/JAQXXLx3eA http://t.co/oY9wWoDM8A
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@flargh If you ever go camping on the Pacific Rim I found you a tent: https://t.co/oCwkteXDwh
Retweeted by Peter Cohen@_windrider You can just chew the crystals. Or snort them. #dontI’m still desperately impressed when I do a grep find and replace and it works.@mochalabs @Ihnatko Would last longer if I stopped doing stuff that runs down battery, like lowering screen brightness & not running Flash.@mochalabs @Ihnatko Very good. Not all day good, but very good.@mochalabs @Ihnatko If portability and light weight is key, then yeah, for sure.@CAZWELLnyc @BoxersNYC as long as it’s not a lemon party...@dalaen I could go on, but I think you get the point. ;)@Ihnatko It fixes every issue I had with the 11-inch MBA, which I still loved despite flaws. And the new keyboard? http://t.co/2VglEt1tMo@dalaen Because I find iOS to get in my way when it comes to copying and pasting. Because I don’t like keyboard cases.@dalaen Because I want a real keyboard. Because I don’t want to break the horizontal plane every time I want to move something.@millie1962 (naw, I’m just jealous of @reneritchie, @Georgia_Dow, @iMuggle and @settern)@atlauren @RanLearns And never mayo. NEVER.@Spacekatgal @darth 1992 all over again!I TOTALLY want the new MacBook for my next trip. This would be a perfect travel computer for me.You know, assuming you *sob* have an Apple Watch already. https://t.co/TgkqvcbHY9@chrisphin https://t.co/MKxTrAz97f@jcenters In fairness, I don’t think there’s a single journalist that would turn down a better paying job outside of journalism. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯@BruceMcCallum Wonder if they ever went to Yugoslavia.@RunningDigital In fairness, though, at least that has bacon. This was vegetarian!@Gazmaz @jsnell @daringfireball @johnfbraun No, wasn’t planning to. Just found out about it this past week.@Puakia Looking forward to it. I’m complaining, but I’m not mad. I understand they’re in high demand!He also got comments from a real jerkhole. https://t.co/7PAXqjbCJ1@strngwys Awesome!@kikidotca Looks fantastic!@PenLlawen @darth Seems like a good enough reason to visit the USA more frequently! Next time, try chicken-fried steak!@strngwys This is your fault. https://t.co/T0Z6A7HFUP #yachtrock4life@PenLlawen @darth SOCIALISM!@PenLlawen @darth Try sriracha mayo sometime for a bit of a Belgian twist.Lunch was split pea and kale soup from the nearby organic market and it was delicious and I could not possibly be more white right now.@kikidotca photo time!OH: “I bought a Mercedes because that’s when I visited Germany that’s what they use for taxis.”Curious about how Apple Pay works on the Apple Watch? @iMuggle demystifies the process. https://t.co/08UeXAUNIb@kappalouie My iPhone 6 still looks new, for example.@kappalouie @iMuggle tells me that black anodization is a lot more difficult than gray and other colors, so hopefully not.@Manoletes STOP REMINDING ME I DON'T HAVE ONE@kappalouie Get an iPhone 5. ;)Space Gray MacBook, iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6. iPad and iPhone are very similar. MacBook is totally different. http://t.co/H33veXFyPtFair point. https://t.co/KLYCgnNERn@SteveStreza "Space Gray" is what Apple calls it in all its copy and on the store.@HarshilShah1910 That's a 2013 15-inch rMBPSpace Gray on the MacBook is different from Space Gray on the iPhone.So wee! #macbooklust http://t.co/txnWenw4iC@blue_burmese @YPLAC Magnum PI can park wherever the fuck he pleases!@MikeWehner @superpixels http://t.co/yd1bjCUCOhI think people would be a lot better about managing space on their devices if more data actually increased weight.Huh. http://t.co/ibJXeGZ6WM@rivegauche610 Also, couldn't disagree with your thesis more. I'm getting an Apple Watch to help manage health issues.@rivegauche610 And so now you're the police for how people should spend their discretionary income?@Quawkle Yep!Click Pressure. That's fuckin' CRAZY. http://t.co/kLq8SxEcU7Feeling like the last kid picked in gym class as I stare forlornly at my naked wrist. #notreally@thurrott “At the end of the day."@stroughtonsmith YUS@coldnosephoto @capepr Awwww.@JonyIveParody “Well, the Dick part is right."Just found out Joan Collins is joining The Royals cast. Added it to the DVR.I’m squarely still in the “Depression” phase. https://t.co/jN4RTZ0ikL
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