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Married. #Conservative #Catholic #μολὼνλαβέ. #PJNET #capitalist #LasVegas

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Be Persistent. Be Committed. Be Focused. Be CHRISTlike! #StopAbortion #DefundPlannedParenthoodMT @sunbeltgirl: Who will speak for the unborn if we don't. #WakeUpAmerica #CCOT #PPSellsBabyParts #DefundPP #PJNET
Retweeted by Jay BurdettAuthorities identify suspect wanted in fatal shooting of Memphis police officer #POLICELIVESMATTER now believe the Left is Capable of anything!.@SenTedCruz Is USA so BARBARIC that GOVT will fund BABY butchering? #DefundPP #PJNET
Retweeted by Jay BurdettOur job is to protect the innocence & safety of our precious children #DefundPlannedParenthood #WakeUpAmerica #CCOT
Retweeted by Jay BurdettWhat the Feds are FORCING these nuns to do sounds a lot like Sharia Law
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@jjburdett @indyz11 "Obama is completely devoid of conscience." -Dr Alan Keyes [I believe that those who have no conscience sleep well] PI
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@Patriot_Ink @indyz11 how does that insidious woman sleep. I hope her own family is horrified of her.One day, Madam, you will be as dead as the babies you've murdered. The difference? God will welcome them in His love.
Retweeted by Jay BurdettNetwork time: #CecilTheLion ABC 12min 14sec NBC 16min 54sec CBS 13min 51sec #PlannedParenthood ABC 46 seconds NBC 5min 12sec CBS 12min 4sec
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@DonMykidsrfirst he has done great things for Chicago hasn't he?@edhunter54 Shows you that there are people walking right next 2 you who are oblivious, with out a conscience, at best. Or..just plain EVIL!No problem for them, They are evil...
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@DonMykidsrfirst another dandy!As Roman Catholics how can Pelosi, Biden and Kerry defend Planned Parenthood? #DefundPlannedParenthood MURDER!#RUNJOERUN We need an incompetent, a thief, a wild haired Socialist to explode the Democratic Party into oblivion! Koch assails banking industry for embracing 'corporate welfare'
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@Diana236 @KH12_Keyhole She is a special kind of idiot! Good thing she leads the Party. Even more incompetent than Howard Dean!We must not stop at #DefundingPlannedParenthood we must CLOSE it.Oh the conveniences of life we have given these murderous nags at #PP . Making a profit out of murder! #EVILI remember the day Rowe VS Wade was ruled. The nuns who were my teachers at the time cried! Only if they knew the EVIL that lurked with it!@RobertCTaylor99 @PatriotCzar @Carbongate Sorry Al Gore got the climate change lil backwards, ice sheets r advancing/ retreatn like always !
Retweeted by Jay BurdettThank you to @Marco Rubio and @tedcruz for voting against Reviving the Ex-Im. No to crony corporate Welfare #tcot
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@jonahogan I hope their daughter dresses like Beyoncé!Judge Wm Orrick III blockedPPvideos,RAISED $230K 4Obama @realDonaldTrump @tweetcongress @Senate_GOPs @SenateDems
Retweeted by Jay BurdettALERT‼ #Boehner HealthPolicyDirector is SISTER of Cate Dyer, CEO Stem Express, buyer for #PPSellsBabyParts Collusion⁉️ #WashingtonCartel
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@Eliz112362 #salesmenarepeopletoo ! I love the post!U. know those salespeople u make appoints w? If you're going to be late or need to cancel or changed your mind...A simple text would b nice.
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Lets trade with the left, a taliban equivalent. Bush for Clinton.... I will take my chances against Bernie the Socialist!@JImDigm Thanks Jim! May we all see Gods hand direct us all through these difficult times!@jjburdett ThankYou for the follow! God bless you, yours and America! 🇺🇸 👆🏻
Retweeted by Jay BurdettI think BUSH equals MCCAIN. Can't do it again!Margaret Sanger Fan Hillary Clinton Talks Race in Ferguson - American Thinker - - 119
Retweeted by Jay BurdettPrivate jet reportedly belonging to bin Laden family slams into UK car auction, killing 4
Retweeted by Jay BurdettI wish the Sheriff would run! I really like him! For the dunces on the left google #MargaretSanger If she is stupid enough to stay married to Weiner...... She is capable of any kind of atrocity!ANGRY: Trump says Clinton chief of staff Huma Abedin 'has everything' from Hillary's emails, and is 'telling her ...
Retweeted by Jay BurdettCitizens of The United States do not have to support, feed, assist, aid, clothe, educate, employ - anyone who is not a citizen of The US.
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@ChuckNellis @darren_lay odds are those murderous nags @PP . Slipped in during the night and sold them for a #LamborghiniAnybody seen America's balls? We need them back BADLY!
Retweeted by Jay BurdettLion distracts us from Baby Chop Shops! Defund #PlannedParenthood! ⬇ Read & Retweet! ⬇ #tcot
Retweeted by Jay BurdettCan anyone give a viable reason as to why #PP should be taxpayer-funded when profits exceed $1B yr & abortion is legal? Just wondering.
Retweeted by Jay BurdettSo Hill...... why such secrecy around your emails... your personal server...... did you do something wrong? C'mon Hill .. we wanna know!
Retweeted by Jay BurdettWomen deserve quality health care that is not tied to the deaths of #AnotherBoy, #AnotherGirl, #AnotherBaby. We don't need @PPFA. #DefundPP
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@DebAnker1776JAH Deb take heart! I feel an American Renaissance coming! I feel God is behind it. Praying for it to Occur! #optimist@63rdmtns thanks for the follow back!@JessicaCavie thanks for the follow back Neighbor!FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: BLACK MINISTERS GROUP: "MARGARET SANGER WAS A RACIST AND IT IS TIME FOR AMERICANS TO KNOW...
Retweeted by Jay Burdett
When politicians demonize common sense in exchange for career goals & lavish lifestyle #Tcot #PJNET #WakeUpAmerica
Retweeted by Jay BurdettDesperate Dems Recycle Planned Parenthood's Mammogram Lie
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@MattBatzel Just another old mean murderous NAG!@robgiam2001x @mrssmhtx @camocountrymama @MontyNishimura @slkeeton #FF TY and God Bless you Neighbor!@FoxNews @birrdytalk @LilaGraceRose @PPFA They are murderous butchers!Planned Parenthood Is Our Auschwitz via @@ostrachan
Retweeted by Jay BurdettEvil lurks in many corners of our Republic, #America. We must vanquish it. #DefundPP #AnotherBoy #PJNET #tcot
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@AnnetteTeijeiro in your district.
Retweeted by Jay BurdettBig thanks to .@T_S_P_O_O_K_Y for joining me in studio for #DCwatchlive. Great insight on Iran & #NationalSecurity!
Retweeted by Jay BurdettTom Brady has been punished more harshly for deflating footballs than John Koskinen has for misleading Congress:
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@DarrellIssa God Bless our U.S. Marine Corps!The remains of 36 Marines were returned this week from a WWII battlefield in Japan. They are finally home. #tcot
Retweeted by Jay BurdettGod is above the dictator in the WH. I'll follow God's commandments. 'Thou shall not murder!' #DefundPlannedParenthood #ReligiousLiberties
Retweeted by Jay Burdett.@hardball_chris ignores @ppact sting videos but offers lecture on lion killing
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@badov49 can we send him back until his term expires?Obama’s Vacation To Africa Cost Americans Over $5 Million Just for the Flight Alone -
Retweeted by Jay Burdettvia @C4Palin: Thank God Mr. Cruz is in Washington #tcot
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@commonpatriot i worry that Planned Parenthood infiltrated my existence! What murderous hags have been allowed to do!
Hillary does not want to be President! She wants to be fricken Queen. Imagine Queen Hillary from Arkansas! We fought a war against this!I am afraid stupid votes for stupid. Stupid allows the innocent to be murdered on their streets by criminal illegals have been & he throws his "service to our country" in their face. Excuse me while I choke. Kerry=Traitor.
Retweeted by Jay Burdett"I want to be champion of everyday Americans," said the woman who shut down a bank of elevators to get a roped-off $600 haircut.
Retweeted by Jay BurdettImagine Ted Cruz in a debate against Biden! Thats a thousand points of light!@JMontanaPOTL Nice to see you back!What a sad and pathetic lot that is! We should win with a Junior High School President of the Debate team. #bringem's approval ratings are so low- the Kenyans are accusing him of being born in the USA! #tcot #Benghazi @peddoc63
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@DebAnker1776JAH @benshapiro Sadly I do. I love every Human and Living Creature. Those are probably our abandoned Christian Brothers!You must lead them to water! They are the walking dead! Sheeple! @TGowdySC Yes. I would vote for a 3 legged toad against Hillary!Praying for that day of Reckoning. Too Long Coming! much more out there on Bill and Hillary but the press ignores. As they have with Obama. They should be in jail!Don't forget what the press did to Ross Perot, and Herman Cain! They are after Donald because he is leading. BEWARE!Bill Cinton makes $850K sex-harassment settlements from the Oval Office but @realDonaldTrump? #WakeUpAmerica #tcot
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@benshapiro @lybr3 don't forget the #PP murdering nags!Which one of these things draws more ire from the left? HINT: It's not the one that would make them moral people.
Retweeted by Jay BurdettBernie Sanders is closer 2 my position on immigration than a wing of GOP. Avowed socialist is opposed 2 open borders.
Retweeted by Jay Burdett🇺🇸🌹🇺🇸🌹🇺🇸🌹🇺🇸🌹Let's support ALL THE WOMEN WHO SERVE OUR GREAT COUNTRY! #GodBless them all🙏#MilitaryMonday
Retweeted by Jay Burdett#Obama and #JohnKerry are traitors to this nation and must be brought to justice!
Retweeted by Jay Burdett#JohnKerry is "very, very hopeful Iran does the right thing" re #TheAmerican4. ?Hope based on what? #FreeAmirNow
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@Angelemichelle absolutely!@RNRFlorida What a an unmitigated disaster! He does not even know what he signed. What a moron!#JohnKerry On The Hot Seat: This Iran Deal is Good #BadIranDeal #NoIranDeal #RedNationRising
Retweeted by Jay BurdettGov Rick Perry: Over 1,300 cmty banks have closed making life for small businesses much more difficult. Yet big banks are bigger than ever..
Retweeted by Jay BurdettNukes and fetuses! #impeachobama do something! #BoehnerThe #Teaparty #FAIL #BoehnerJohn Boehner endured the biggest revolt against a House speaker in more than 150 years
Retweeted by Jay BurdettHillary Will Be Forced to Testify Before Benghazi Panel : : Hillary & Obama R Benghazi! They R at it's core!!
Retweeted by Jay BurdettPretty sure having a pet Velociraptor would solve most of my problems.
Retweeted by Jay BurdettWell regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep & bear arms
Retweeted by Jay Burdett
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