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John @jnehlich NYC, NY Milky Way Galaxy

stage manager, writer, independent smartass, karaoke hopper, and lover of livin' life and working with cool people. Let's collaborate.

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The abs of "Poldark": your weekly recap (of abs)
Retweeted by JohnBronze Age teenager unearthed near Stonehenge
Retweeted by John@WallistheElder @sethyohnka @DNeighborsBand happy 1 year podcast-versary!!"Chivalry is not dead, even if I'm gay." Wtf does that even mean? Chivalry has nothing to do with sexuality @ABCFamilyPSA: help find and throw this animal abusing cunt in jail.
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35 Cosby accusers came forward and were photographed for 'New York'
Retweeted by John@ABCFamily you just completely skipped Goblet of Fire! #HarryPotterMarathon #wtfRet. Air Force officer: Gun laws, not 'gun-free zones,' are the real problem
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Well, there goes my day. #IHadPlans #PlansCanceled I want is a breakfast place that delivers. #foodie
@j_hoppy1 or their bank accounts lol@j_hoppy1 it's irritating when one can't get clear facts about major issues because the law makers don't want to know them lol smh@j_hoppy1 if only big business and politicians weren't afraid of research, then we'd have further detailed info. #LandOfFear@j_hoppy1 what's your version of legitimate? #QuestionForaQuestionGameAnother Day, Another Shooting waters - Why do we still see black and white  long after we’re crowned in grey  and our shoes are... that tweet is very misleading; implying he doesn't care or is ashamed, which isn't the implication of the linked article@7kidchaos @MotherJones where can one find the research about guns averting 1 million crimes a year?What does gun violence really cost our country? The price is stunning: #Lafayette
Retweeted by JohnThe comments on most major newstorys are filled with the vilest of humankind, hiding behind the blood soaked cloak "anonymous"
Bobby Jindal says he has no idea why the #Lafayette shooting happened in the state with the most lax gun laws.
Retweeted by JohnAmerican Conservatism: where gays threaten sanctity of marriage, but guns don't threaten sanctity of life. #Lafayette
Retweeted by NRA averts their eyes, and counts their cash. orca cries as rescuers succesfully save her near the rainforest I'm working to protect! Incredible:
Retweeted by John@LizProBackstage I like having direct access@LizProBackstage if I was in one location during the year I would. I need something that's in all my work locations in the countryParents TV Council are out of touch with the reality of their children and society. #ThisIsnt1957 #GetOverIt
That's it. Done with @bankofamerica your immediate overdraft fee is absurd. Mistakes happen. But take my money anyways.16 Weird Things Americans Do On The Internet According To Indians designed the standard glass coffee carafe, clearly never had to pour from it. #spillage #caffeinestrugglesEurope to America: Your love of air-conditioning is stupid Elizabeth Warren Embarrasses GOP Financial Exec @FBI: The #SandraBland dash cam video has edits at: 25:18 26:06 26:29 26:40 32:38 33:05 33:24 33:56 34:06
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All over awards no one is going to care about the day after they're given. #firstworldproblems Dashcam Video of Violent Arrest of Sandra Bland Was Edited Cars appear and disappear; footage is looped.
Retweeted by JohnA Golden Girl's legacy brings hope to LGBT youth
Retweeted by JohnFacebook now lets you restrict who views videos by age and gender via @mashable
Retweeted by JohnBen Shapiro, if you don't want someone to get out of line, you should stay in line yourself. Austin Teen's Horrific Murder Highlights Hidden Problem Of LGBT Domestic Violence - VIDEO
Retweeted by JohnPolice Chief Covered Up Rapes, Referred To Victims As 'Whores': Lawsuit
Dear @JohnHopkinsUn could you please take your mind controlled prosthetics science & build me the Falcon wings?Thanks. #superhero #Avengers.@BodypaintingDay Transforms Nude Forms into Art (NSFW)
Retweeted by JohnOfficer in Surveillance Video Related to Retired Deputy Chief #wtf #BruteForce #fail
Tribal children see an iPad for the first time
Retweeted by JohnDear media, stop reporting about the narcissistic orange man with the bad hair. Seriously. He doesn't deserve the attention.
Guess what, Instagram? You're also on @meghantonjes naughty list now:
Retweeted by JohnTime to read another newspaper, Mississippi #homophobes when malls were a thing? #ghosttowns
Group Behind Planned Parenthood Sting Video May Be Dummy Nonprofit Beating Heart Was Made From Stem Cells #DruryInn&Suites, do you recommend trans people stay elsewhere?'s amazing how quickly the majority start getting their feelings hurt when the minority finally is able to stand up and defend themselves.Why You Shouldn't 'Like' Violent News On Facebook
Health Experts Recommend Standing Up At Desk, Leaving Office, Never Coming Back
Retweeted by John'Friday Night Lights' Director Slams Caitlyn Jenner's ESPY Award Win
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Death of a rehearsal room. #theatre #stagemanager #spiketape
Thousands Of Inmates Await Obama Decision: 'It's Like Being In A Delivery Room' Is Our Selma
#tired #needfullnightofsleepLive happy
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The entire @yearsandyears album finally dropped. I'm in love. #music
Every time I spend quality time in a library, I feel like I've recharged my ammunition against stupid people.Spent 6 hours in a library. And it was fantastic. #ProudNerd #ReadingDear Juvenal, you wrote this in 117 AD. You were right, though it took a little longer then you… certain pop star is getting waaay too much publicity over her childish actions at a donut shop. And the donut shop is taking a hit for it.
This Is How A Species Goes Extinct new #Goosebumps trailer has all the awesome monsters Judge Sent 3 Kids To Juvenile Detention For Reportedly Skipping Lunch With Their Dad
Guiding arrow - In this distance I’ve grown to not know how to live without you. Like the many... only if I had a trust fund. Lol..@justinbieber ‘Breaks the Internet’ with naked butt selfie (photo)
Retweeted by JohnCan't wait for the rest of the @yearsandyears album to drop. I'm living for what's been released so far. #music
Sunset. #nofilter #peaceful #lostinthoughtsofyou lessons that can't be taught in school or measured by a test.
Retweeted by JohnThe women's USA soccer team beat Japan on Sunday, but even losing men's soccer teams make more money
Retweeted by JohnBurt Shavitz, Founder of Burt's Bees, Dies at 80
Retweeted by JohnFor the love of life, @netflix renew @sense8 for a second season!! #tv #ShowsThatSuckMeIn #INeedMore
"It's not a mobile service. Connections are fragile things." Weighted words. @sense8 @netflixCan't stop watching @sense8 #addicted #greatcastRemember when the @HISTORY channel used to have historians, instead of celebrities with opinions? #DeathOfScience #LiveActionWikipedia
Coffee and Golden Girls. Happy birthday America! #4thofJuly
"You make me vulnerable I cannot defend myself against you And that scares me more than anything else""The place I live in is a kind of maze and I keep seeking the exit or the home." - Anne Sexton -  from The...
breakfast. #foodie #healthy #unhealthy #yum #ICookWhatIWant yet another republican is going to announce their bid for POTUS. Is EVERY republican running now?! This is beyond absurd. SmhWhen it comes to the family tree, autumn can strike at any time. And the earth welcomes back the leaf with bittersweet open arms. #life
Photo: tylerknott: Typewriter Series #1191 by Tyler Knott Gregson *Chasers of the Light, is available... ipercalisse: red-the-sexy-owl: sweetguts: yumchocolatemilk: hotdogcephalopod: 10knotes:... night!!! #StageManager #theatre #LyricRep
I don't want kids. But no matter where I'm at, if a baby is staring at me, I'm going to play peek-a-boo. #RealLifeGirl Scouts turn down $100K donation after donor demands trans discrimination
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All The Cute Cats: Like “Here And Meow” On Facebook!
Happy Pride NYC!! 🎉🌈🎊💕
journalists: if your story requires 5 paragraphs of exposition before even revealing the point of the story, then I'm not going to read it.Another final run thru interrupted by a fire drill. #USU #fml #theatreA week of good news summed up in a photo. #LoveWins
Retweeted by JohnOur new favorite map. RT if you live in a state where marriage equality is law.
Retweeted by John@USSupremeCourt Thank you!!! #LoveIsLove #Equality
@KenSimonSays especially when the flirting is so shameless. Lol
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