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June Thomas @junethomas Brooklyn, NY

Slate culture critic, Outward writer/editor, Double X Gabfester. http://t.co/MViXTzz1ZS

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@parkersmuse @smartyboots @jbryanlowder Sometimes, yes, but I think we go to that explanation too quickly. Some people are haters.@parkersmuse @smartyboots @jbryanlowder I would say not.@adam807 I did wonder if they updated it. I didn't see the reviews, but the audience absolutely adored it at the performance I went to.@adam807 It was so good. I didn't want to spoil the surprise, which made it a little hard to talk about.Bamba peanut snacks and baby banana bendable training toothbrushes--a match made in heaven, apparently. http://t.co/jIQgLZSWXxHey, homophobic Michigan mechanic, @jbryanlowder wants to school you on joining and fastening methods: http://t.co/KLIRSX9zpN@julietlapidos Juliet, you know you can always rely on Slate to bring on the rantage. http://t.co/L99KzI7H0s@tterrag @villarrealy @ParraV Te digo, guapo.@publicroad Then, dude, I hope Germany Political Geography isn't a category when you're on Jeopardy.@emilynussbaum @sepinwall It can't escape certain baked-in flaws, but it has gotten better. It's a classic watchable even if not good show.States can't get elite attorneys to defend their same-sex marriage bans? Contra the NYT, that's a good thing: http://t.co/bwQ9ynk3sW@ParraV @villarrealy Es un coñazo!Sábado Gigante is ending its run: http://t.co/WTJQmPshAo (by @villarrealy) Someone needs to look in on @ParraV!
@adam807 OMIGOD! Life. Transformed.@adam807 Oh! I thought it was a razor blade, which really makes no sense. (I am legally emoji blind.) 🙈@adam807 Is there really no emoji for inch?@corybarker Don Cherry has a rival.@MyNamesTrip @jbryanlowder I'm renowned for my subtlety.Is the #bottomforhillary campaign good for the gays? @jbryanlowder drills deep: http://t.co/7MAOG4mdAw@GRichinger But is Motive even better? I can't decide!Very smart and quite depressing discussion of U.K. election issues at the Guardian's great live blog: http://t.co/MtiGF7eb3PIf you missed sakura in Japan, Google street view has a stack of virtual tours for you. http://t.co/xRyTmocVee http://t.co/2Oech7pcS6
Retweeted by June ThomasOn the new Double X Gabfest we talk Hillary, TV's same-sex kisses, and with @katebolick about her new book Spinster: http://t.co/wpVtgaXMS8On Holocaust Remembrance Day, @kareniristucker on Ravensbrück, where lesbians, prostitutes, and others were killed: http://t.co/0EhONaCNN4@alicearnold1 That tweet is a lovely, sad short story.
The Americans Untucked!@sarrible No, but I shall seek it out!Someone please write a romantic role for Margo Martindale. Claudia and Gabriel have such chemistry in The Americans.On #TheAmericans, Abassin Zadran just said "That is not possible" just like @stefanfatsis in sportocrat mode says it.@emilynussbaum I'd still start imaginary bedbug-related itching the second I walked through the door.@FayebellineW @Coops_tv I understand Poldark is English for beefcake.@emilynussbaum Things HAPPEN when he steps away, gosh darn it.@FayebellineW @Coops_tv Also, I'll be in UK April 28-May 11. Anything I MUST see?@FayebellineW @Coops_tv I keep meaning to say, I'm really curious how Jane the Virgin will handle the Target product placements in the UK.@eweise Happy birthday! I always think of you whenever tax season rolls around. Enjoyed your Pau coverage.On this week's Ask a Homo video, I explore why the gays are so obsessed with their exes: http://t.co/S5wQjRqp7B (What? Just me?)
@hhoagie Beautiful piece.@Chozzles @mtvfakingit @baileymdeyoung Agreed on both counts!I spoke with the creators of @SirensUSA and @mtvfakingit about their asexual and intersex characters: http://t.co/INvEP9NHkLOn #EqualPayDay @v_urq considers why lesbians earn more than straight women: http://t.co/kDKtWpi9EoYou're not afraid of spoilers, says @Jacob_Brogan, you're afraid of the future: http://t.co/iYwZJTPsErDon't miss @mjs_DC's fascinating chat with a conservative Florida lawmaker who blocked an anti-gay adoption bill: http://t.co/I0ZzlvTd5W@SebastianNebel Brits, too. Bear-ACK O--BAH-ma.@emilynussbaum At some point I start to worry that I'm saying it wrong.@emilynussbaum I sometimes turn off BBC radio shows because "Barack Obama" gives Brits 4 chances to introduce peculiar vowel sounds.
@AmyTVGal Agreed.@villarrealy Earthquakes, lions. The Golden West!@AmyTVGal Word! I presume he uses it as a tactic to disarm/disrupt people, but it makes me hate the guy (more).I so agree with @jbryanlowder about Cucumber and Banana, which premiere tonight on @LogoTV. Truly great television: http://t.co/a9r16zWq4JComo casi siempre, @reihan tiene razón: http://t.co/MeskP1lUfoIn defense of the hot take, well, smart takes and fresh takes: http://t.co/DyosdnenAW, by @juliaturnerI am neither a Marvel fan or a Whedonian, but this interview, about Avengers: Age of Ultron, is fascinating: http://t.co/WZ0okTBJeY@ZackFord And I am missing being enclosed in an (almost) airtight room with @stevensonseth on the regular.@ZackFord @JimHalterman Truth.@ZackFord And @JimHalterman had an interesting one, too! http://t.co/cZTWeEDyak Off to read yours now, Zack.I spoke with the brilliant Russell T. Davies about @cucumber and Banana, which premiere on @LogoTV tonight: http://t.co/iuOR70atf9How the internet feels about Megan is how Canada feels about Quebec. #MadMen
Retweeted by June ThomasDany's dragons looked more realistic than Don and Pete driving to the golf course #MadMen #GameofThrones
Retweeted by June Thomas@RobOwenTV You win a prize for describing the adult situations in PG language!@RiversAreDamp Ooh, thank you!
@rickporter One Big Happy now sits atop the "vagina" league table. #unlikelyworktweetsTabarnak, Hommes Fous! #goingoutstrongVery sorry to learn of the passing of @marcparis--a kind, committed man with a great love of language and a desire to change the world.
Loved IT SHOULDA BEEN YOU. Tyne Daly and Harriet Harris fabulous, Lisa Howard divine. Best of all, it kept springing surprises.
@jolielash Then it is working.@jolielash He's gone to play with Bobby, Minnie Caldwell's cat on Corrie..@jolielash:asks #GameOfThrones cast members: Have you ever been mistaken for another #GoT cast member? http://t.co/Bb51BDPhqQ@jolielash This is so charming. Their real accents always throw me.@jolielash Shocking!@jolielash Yes, yes, but same actor?@jolielash Did Theon get recast for the new season? Or is he just worn down by all that torture? (I got 18.)@jolielash I'm expecting a perfect score from you on this: http://t.co/yFds7i9CmR@guan Probably not with the current first-past-the-post system, but I think a lot of E&W voters like their old-fashioned socialism.Quiz of the year so far: Who's Dead and Who's Alive on Game of Thrones: http://t.co/yFds7i9CmR (I KILLED!)@publicroad Now I want to go buy a car from him. And I can't even drive.@publicroad You're totally going to buy from him, though, right?@ezrateach @Slate Good point!@SlateBooks @xwaldie But is it forgivable to use British spelling?Has anything done more for gay-men-in-the-making-sitting-watching-TV-with-mom-and-dad than the MTV Movie Awards? http://t.co/woYidEcuM5Miss our chat with @MSignorile and @junethomas on the future of LGBT rights? Catch the full podcast here: http://t.co/8KB56qpbxP #NANYC
Retweeted by June Thomas
Like Canada! RT @GerryHassan: YouGov/Times #GE2015 poll seat prediction: SNP 54 (+48) Lab 4 (-37) LDem 1 (-10) Con 0 (-1) HT @scotlandvotesWith all the recent love for drag queens, @miz_cracker reminds us not to forget the kings: http://t.co/xz6ruIfXoLHear me talk bodybuilding and gay panic on @ThisShowIsSoGay https://t.co/DqFC4tvh4n cc: @junethomas
Retweeted by June Thomas@DenisHurley YES! (I actually did a recitation of the lyrics--remembered from high school--but it didn't make the final cut.)
@tvoti Go, immediately, to 24:50 or so in this podcast: http://t.co/aBSsHKFXBT.@MaerRoshan's interview with Liz Smith is FUCKING AMAZING. (h/t @THRMattBelloni) http://t.co/tnncQnEpiX
Retweeted by June Thomas@sepinwall Lucky Medavoy.@sepinwall Whoa! The Mysteries of Dana.@MediaObsessed I've seen them both in many shows. Doesn't help. (I've been in the US since '82.)@sepinwall They are both magnificent. That's all that matters. (Natch, I looked up GO'G by Googling "Donna Abandando.")Will I ever be able to tell the difference between Jean Smart and Gail O'Grady? (The former is awesome in Sirens, BTW.)
@TVMoJoe Just as long as it's not Channel 4/44/444.Thirty percent of Democrats in the House of Representatives now come from just two states — New York and California. http://t.co/Xk19eRTTYG
Retweeted by June Thomas@TVMoJoe I immediately thought of you!@MattMitovich I see I was the 100th person to make that observation!@MattMitovich It means you signed an exclusive with Neighbours.@elgray I know, right? (Except Todd--about him I didn't care.) I wish it had been Marie, but she was too integral to BB.I wrote about last night's Better Call Saul finale, which was both depressing and suprising: http://t.co/0diAYqKDMhHas gay panic ruined male pro bodybuilding, asks @aragusea: http://t.co/fPd9kjyYe6@adam807 Aw!
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