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Trying to find the balance between not enough coffee and way too much coffee.

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"We have a solemn obligation to ensure that their sacrifice will help make this a better and safer world in which to live." Admiral NimitzDo not thank a veteran today. Thank a war widow & her children, for they know the true meaning of Memorial Day.
@JRegalmj 140 characters is not enough to say how great the game of hockey is. #TheGreatestGame
@shanecglass hahahaha. True. I'm now calling my personal phone my beer phone.Guy setting up my internet just took a break to check his "beer phone."Got a phone call that the card I sent someone made them tear up a bit. That's why I love snail mail. #HandwrittenNotes@TorontoPearson congrats! These changes were starting last time I was in town & I loved it already then.
Like 60% of these children, the former sheriff also picked his nose during the program. #NiecesPreschoolProgram http://t.co/ucQ7JhXdvJKids are singing, and my nephew walks in with the best one liner. "What is this noise?" #NiecesPreschoolProgramThese kids do not have a future on Broadway with all of these tears! #NiecesPreschoolProgramThis kid cannot be bothered with the hand motions to this song. Way too busy picking her nose! #NiecesPreschoolProgramNot even off the stage & this kid already took off his tie and untucked his shirt. #BusinessCasual #NiecesPreschoolProgramWell I guess the convicted former sheriff hasn't made his way to prison yet. #NiecesPreschoolProgramThe English language confuses me, but These 4 year olds are singing in Japanese. #NiecesPreschoolProgramUpdate: More than a year later, this preschool director still repeats words multiple times. #NiecesPreschoolProgram
A gas delivery service? Sign me up! #Filld https://t.co/h2pT9fio1U
In this case correlation does equal causation, oil change guy.That 5 yo I used to babysit? He drove me when I visited a few weeks ago & just sent a FB request. #AmIthatOld?
Troops are resilient, & this one leaves me with no excuses. Marine amputee becomes GA State Trooper. http://t.co/up3Z6XmwT1. @Buccigross despite the greatness & accessibility of social media, there's still an element of humanism that's vital.Motivation in the form of Monday morning PT.
A half day on a Friday? Don't mind if I do!
#Sports http://t.co/GermSW5LuR
Retweeted by katie kennedyKudos from the organization's VP are nice, but the tears from a soldier because I showed up mean the world to me. #JobLove
Thank you @forestservice for my favorite billboard. #HilarityEnsues http://t.co/taTxOuT8GnThe best day supporting these soldiers in the field. #JobLove http://t.co/e9z6e0OJj7
I've lived a lot of places, but for the first time in South Carolina I've officially signed a lease.Let's all agree to check for open doors in the work hallway before we dirty talk on the phone. #ThingsIDidntWantToOverhear
Up since 3a to encourage people to #GiveWhereYouLive, & now asked to do a live interview. #LetsRollTuesday
@funkycoldmedema playoffs bring out all the sports morons.@JudiGatson I support our troops, so I'm donating to @USO_SC! #USOmoments #MidlandsGives@JRegalmj well that too!@JRegalmj reunited with my favorite coffee partner, hard work is paying off & I got just a shake of the head for texting while driving.@DawndyWISTV @CCCFtweets I support our troops, so the @USO_SC will get my donation tomorrow! #MidlandGivesOn the phone with the Marriott fixing a hotel bill, & I'm fairly certain the guy is vomiting. #LuckyWeekOver?It's only Monday, but this has turned out to be a very lucky week.#MidlandGives starts at midnight! Donations will be matched $1 for $1 up to $1,000! http://t.co/sp5d13lBjW http://t.co/6cZKGqP3WF
Retweeted by katie kennedy
Thank you soldiers for making me the envy of every 7 year old boy today. Riding fire trucks, watching helicopters and the M-16s. #JobLove
@JRegalmj hockey is ingrained in her now. It's too late to change.The urgency for my niece to work a puzzle is 2nd to none. Until hockey is on, then everything stops for her to watch. #BecauseItsTheCupNHL playoffs, some great MLB series, the Kentucky Derby, & some golf?! It's a great day for sports. #sportsmageddon
Dum Spiro Spero. It's home to the Palmetto State for me! #SandlapperByBirthHow is it I never get seated next to quiet people on flights?Bear Down. http://t.co/M60xdMy09N
@shanecglass there seems to be some buzz in the city, but it's also approx 30 degrees. #SweetHomeChicago@shanecglass that's a fair assessment .@shanecglass I'm here now. It's slow, but still a traffic nightmare."Those military working dogs will attack you, then find you on Facebook and just send you a growl." @roywoodjrThank you @roywoodjr for making me laugh so hard tonight."People hate McDonalds. To those people I say- you go to hell! McDonalds is America." @stevebyrnelive@stevebyrnelive looking forward to hearing you in a few!Spending a little time with the Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. #JobLove http://t.co/J2v56LsLAvThe #ChicagoFireDept is on overtime today. #SirensAllDayAndNightChicago is #OnTheClock. #NFLDraft2015 http://t.co/EOL5rf41EYI hope you brought tissues @CHeimerman_SVM . https://t.co/EQhMJ7cyCn@CHeimerman_SVM adorable. The return from #HonorFlight is my favorite part.
Oops! #UpForWhatever and removing the no probably weren't the best choices, Bud Light. http://t.co/N0O0uYPW04
Thanks, old blue eyes. http://t.co/DSIfvTUolJ
After the best weekend visiting friends & loved ones, it's on to Sweet Home Chicago! #BackToThatSameOldPlaceThe strangers who became friends & treated me like family in this town will always have a piece of my heart. http://t.co/PyMYDM4nEJ
This bar has Labatts on tap. I live here now. #BecauseItsTheCupThanks for the reminder, Illinois State Police. #SafetyHug http://t.co/0gO3rxJU94"Of all the places we've been, that was certainly one of them." @funkycoldmedema on getting out of Wisconsin #OnWisconsin
President Hoover's post presidency plan. #WhoButHoover http://t.co/27o1QQzrjvThere is still a siren in this town that alarms 2x per day; once for lunch & again when lunch is over. #IkindOfLikeItHere #WhoButHooverEven Presidents have jokes. #WhoButHoover http://t.co/bHiCuYaRLe"That's the craziness I was talking about with the banks," a teacher explaining the Great Depression. #WhoButHoover
Cheers to the University of Iowa, whose slogan is "America needs farmers." #Iowa http://t.co/J3bMpdbh6gWhy does this lady bartender insist on changing the TV away from hockey every few minutes? #IowaMy nightmares are made of places like this. http://t.co/qtZpsp9htYStill a ways to go, but Iowa makes state number 32 on my list. http://t.co/ofHcFC6VBqDeplane and am greeted by passengers yelling then the O'Hare Fire Department. #HomeSee you soon, Land of Lincoln! http://t.co/fguv1QxOSA
@shanecglass billy guerin will have a busy summer trying to fix it all. At least that's my pick for the new GM.@shanecglass exactly!@shanecglass so brutal. The Canes are glad someone else understands their pain for many years, though. #BushLeagueGM@shanecglass what? What's happening to you? Is the Army making you soft?. @shanecglass that's fair. #GoHawks. @Buccigross Stepan/ Kunitz #bucciovertimechallenge #BecauseItsTheCup
Starting with the east coast game, I'll be passed out by the end of the central time game. #MustLearnToPaceMyself #BecauseItsTheCupYesterday's announcement has me all excited. #FullerHouse @DaveCoulier http://t.co/T7RuckKnYvSpilled a cup of coffee on myself on the way to work. It can only go up from here, right?
I love the Internet. https://t.co/X6glOlV9vNShe's so tired, but just keeps chanting #StanleyCup repeatedly. #BecauseItsTheCup http://t.co/APNH0FHjNC@NHLonNBCSports #BracketBar #StanleyCup http://t.co/AHVc78iNroThe hard work of fundraising & lots of grant proposals/ requests is starting to pay off. #BringingInTheBigBucks #SupportOurTroopsThanks @SIRIUSXM 90s on 9 for starting my Monday with some "Gangsta's Paradise." #LetsGoShortWeek
I've got Prust/ Turris @Buccigross . #BucciOvertimeChallenge #BecauseItsTheCup@funkycoldmedema the worst!@JRegalmj they hate us cause they ain't us!Spending this rainy afternoon deciding which country will stamp my passport next. Any suggestions?@funkycoldmedema yes!!! So jealous! Enjoy the Madhouse on Madison!Batten down the hatches, Illinois! I'm making my return this week!
Thank goodness I only purchased 2 6-packs of @Molson_Canadian &refuse to switch to another beer for this playoffs drinking. #KatieNeedsACabNever fake call your friend's player in this drinking game. Karma sucks. #LearningTheHardWayThis Rangers playoffs drinking game should be called Katie needs a cab. #BecauseItsTheCup"Gas, grass or ass; nobody rides for free!" It's only the 1st period, & we've already declined to this.The drink of choice for my playoff viewing experience. #BecauseItsTheCup #StanleyCup http://t.co/mqMOWPnIhi@Almann06 I'm surprisingly okay with that one.Making plans for Iowa next week & @Almann06 recommends the world's largest truck stop. #ThingsOfMyNightmares
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