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Catch me on The Meredith Vieira Show starting Sept 8! And catch my talk show on SiriusXM106 LIVE 6-8pm and the Pop2Kountdown all weekend SXM10

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@ChasexyDWTSgirl @MusicNeverLeft ❤️❤️Please help me out!!! I'm a finalist for LA's Hottest Trainer. Please vote on the link posted on my…
Retweeted by Lance Bass@LanceBass hey Lance, it's Sid. We talked on air. Thought you'd like this dukes of hazard pic. @DirtyPopLive
Retweeted by Lance BassFor daily style updates #follow my favorite fashion guy @lawrencezarian!He's truly the best and someone I call famil… @DirtyPopLive playlist countdown! is the last @DirtyPopLive at the #BasstleInTheSky!! We are LIVE from #NewYork starting next week! @SIRIUSXM 106 are saying bye to the Bassel in the Sky today, but @DirtyPopLive w/@LanceBass will be back soon- Live from NYC!
Retweeted by Lance Bass@Alyssa_Zauderer hell yea!@RacheleLynn6 forgot about when JC was pregnant!I secretly hope Michael does not sell this one anytime soon. It was born for this spot on our wall! #RHOFK Anniversary to a couple we admire most!!! @KenToddBH & @LisaVanderpump !! 💖💗💝💘💞
Why @Netflix has not picked this up is crazy! "Not Looking" Unleashes Hilarious Second Season Premiere @NewNowNextHelp Team #DirtyPopWalks reach our goal for @aidswalkwis! Donate & Share Plus see @LanceBass & @MichaelTurchin 10/3
Retweeted by Lance Bass. @AllisonBJanney and I have major make out skillz! #MastersOfSex #Mom #Emmys this!! Angelica's duet with @Kelly_Clarkson ... what you can #DVR now! I can't wait to go LIVE on Sept 8th with this amazing panel! #MeredithVieiraShow #NBC I was half way through training at this point! But, my first week in HoustonYou can finally set your DVRs for the @MeredithShow! See @LanceBass daily starting Sept 8th!!
Retweeted by Lance BassWe take being goofy very serious people! @JustinOngert @LanceBass @MichaelTurchin @mattxsemler 😜😜😜
Retweeted by Lance Bass
@LissaK_27 Happy Birthday!! ❤️❤️❤️@Zingbot_3000 word!!@ZingbotOfficial #touché. @ZingbotOfficial Maybe you need to go back to 1998 and learn how to spell 'NSYNC!! #ZING #BB17Happy #NationalDogDay!! Hug a pup today and help find a dog a home! #LuckyPuppyRescue welcome @AllisonBJanney to the #Basstle in the sky today! @DirtyPopLive @SIRIUSXM 106 6-8pm EST Oh the shenanigan…
Who wore it better? @LanceBass or @DebbieGibson
Retweeted by Lance Bass. @DebbieGibson well if you approve!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ICYMI: Here's what I posted yesterday...'ve always hated wearing hats! Can I pull of this new trend?! Be honest! #HatOrNot #TrendyTuesday Educators for LGBT Students #SE4LGBTS discovers the truth about @LanceBass #SPOILER #shocker
Retweeted by Lance BassCelebrating #TrendyTuesday with @green4EMA and declaring #SequoiaNationalForest as my favorite campsite!Two weeks till the season premiere of @MeredithShow!! Who's gonna watch @LanceBass and his new friends?? Can't wait!
Retweeted by Lance BassHahahaha! #SneakPeak #NotLooking season 2!
Will be performing as a part of @PopWorldBand
Retweeted by Lance Bass@lilredlizzie you have a pointICYMI: "I was honored to announce my run for President of the United States last night at @TracksDenver! #POTUS lol. Of course not! Joey would never misspell 'NSYNC ! 😂Love going on @DirtyPopLive talking #Science and #Nickipedia facts @LanceBass
Retweeted by Lance Bass@DirtyPopLive @LanceBass your pie is ready now. #NationalPeachPieDay
Retweeted by Lance BassHappy #NationalPeachPieDay!!! #MeatlessMondays @green4EMA Thanks for baking @homebabysitting !! @DirtyPopLive what's out!! Woo hoo! ・・・ Season 2 of Not Looking is here! Check out episode one of season 2,…・・・ From seamusobrien #blackjaguarwhitetiger well they are terrible w quotes and facts. Maybe you should do it next time 😉Now THIS is a limo!! Hahaha! My #BackToTheFuture ride in Denver for @TracksDenver #PimpMyRide @michaelturchin and for the record , I've never met Harry Styles- so we can't be "pals"@Lovxstoned ha- I've never read one article about me that was 100% factual. Have to sell magazines somehow I guess.@1D_HarrysGirll nope. That article was just fabricated. Weird..@AndyBizarre I think you interviewed a fake Lance, because i didn't say any of this.
People need to stop labeling #LGBT allies like @real_liam_payne as homophobes over semantics! It just waters down true homophobia.. @MarkWThrun you're in! #LanceForPresidentI was honored to announce my run for President of the United States last night at @TracksDenver! #FirstLadyTurchin
YEAH WE JUST MET LANCE BASS! #N*Sync #hesaidwewerecute 💁🏻🌈💕@LanceBass @weefiesworld
Retweeted by Lance BassSpecial appearance by @LanceBass and @MichaelTurchin
Retweeted by Lance BassI bet no one even noticed #KennyRogers was the pilot!! @MJLockhart33 ha! Don't have Vine but this is hilarious!! My first "acting" job! I'm dyingCheck out this attention to detail here in Denver at the #CurtisHotel! @DirtyPopLive #ThisMustBe new favorite from #TurkeyTurchin!! ・・・ JAWBREAKER // 30x40 acrylic on canvas // contact:… Vanderpump and Ken Todd Team Up to End Dog Abuse in China
Retweeted by Lance BassBuddy the Bear wants everyone to check out the new limited edition @LanceBass @Dirtypoplive candy bar…
Retweeted by Lance BassCongrats @LoveTamaraLynn !! 💖💍💖👰🏻
ICYMI: "Awkward family photo time w @KellyClarkson and @michaelTurchinArt ! #KellyClarkson #Staples" ❤️Your @DirtyPopLive playlist countdown! reasons you should be watching #Review on @ComedyCentral. Hint: @LanceBass. In Space. [sponsored]
Retweeted by Lance Bass
Happening now: Follow @green4ema on snapchat as they capture tonight's Unity Concert for Urban Gardens #OneLove
Breaking news! #KellyClarkson just said she's preggers!!! Yay!!!!Awkward family photo time w @Kelly_Clarkson and @michaelTurchinArt ! #KellyClarkson #Staples great afternoon with @LanceBass on his @DirtyPopLive #taylordayne
Retweeted by Lance Bass@Tracks_Denver lets do this!!!We may or may not be super excited to see @Kelly_Clarkson tonight in concert!!! I've never seen her in concert befor… to welcome @Taylor_Dayne to @DirtyPopLive today! 6-8pm EST @SIRIUSXM 106 on #Periscope: W Ashley Daniels!! pls join @SusanSarandon & @MeganOMullally in supporting @TylerClementi w/ a #Day1 pledge to end #bullying
Retweeted by Lance Bass20 DAYS till @meredithvieira @LanceBass @theLVguide @yamaneika chat it up everyday LIVE. PINCH ME#meredithvieirashow
Retweeted by Lance BassThe Meredith Vieira Show is now accepting ticket requests for our second season! Request your tickets now:
Retweeted by Lance Bass@queenjaci Orlando!Have you ordered the @LanceBass @DirtyPopLive candy bar from @sweetstorela? Get it here now!
Retweeted by Lance Bass
#Repost @joannalgarcia ・・・ Love this photo posted by @fakeempireteam ❤️ tune in to the season finale… @LanceBass @DirtyPopLive Bar is out! Order yours today. We ship overseas. #DIRTYPOPBAR
Retweeted by Lance Bass.@LanceBass YES!!! Fav a cappella ever!! @DirtyPopLive #WYWUAS
Retweeted by Lance BassI've lost several people to cancer and finding a cure is so important @Ciara! #howifight #ad fight cancer when I can b/c I know that it can be BEAT! #howifight Your turn @LanceBass #ad
Retweeted by Lance BassThe #DIRTYPOPBAR is finally out!! It's soooo good! Milk Choc/Potato Chips/Peanuts/Caramel's here! It's here! The @DirtyPopLive candybar is finally out!! Yum!! Tell me what you think!
#Spoontember #ThreeSquare @ThreeSquareLV #MondaysDark's true. @LanceBass is coming to #tracksdenver this Saturday!!!
Retweeted by Lance BassRock & Art @LanceBass @MichaelTurchin
Retweeted by Lance Bass"If peeing your pants is cool, consider me Miles Davis!" #BillyMadison #Astrella proud of my hubby @MichaelTurchin and @artistmparedes for their #Astrella collab at #SLSFoxtail tonight! you believe season 2 of @MeredithShow begins in 3 weeks!?
Retweeted by Lance BassJoin us at the La Brea Tar Pits on Oct 4th & march to #StopYulinForever w @LisaVanderpump 💋❤️
Retweeted by Lance Bass. @LisaVanderpump knows how to set the mood for dinner! Check out my two hot dates last night , #DiamondsAndRosé.
"@dogswithout: #MissingDog Cheerio escaped from #Weho foster home @LisaVanderpump @LanceBass #help #pleasehelp"
Retweeted by Lance Bass@LanceBass Would love for you to CHECK THIS OUT and help us spread the word and SUPPORT @PlayingGay THANK YOU!
Retweeted by Lance Bass
@mnxcole ❤️🎉ICYMI: "Your @DirtyPopLive playlist countdown!"
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