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Luka Jones @lukajones Los Angeles, CA

actor. philosophy phd. enjoy emotional intensity and analytic rigor. instagram -- http://t.co/C2xbnjxMPq

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@magicmikecastle oh i see. yeah. not cake but ass. i've destroyed butt@magicmikecastle Not me! I have never thought I was death the destroyer@julieklausner BlackBerry 4eva@paulpierce34 was there as a student in AFH when you and Vaughn rallied back against UCLA. Love what you are doing in DC. #RockChalk #GoDC@jlsnedegar @literallyafool @AraAstourian my former schoolmate (never met him) is that which philosophers aspire to understand - THE TRUTH"Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds." -Oppenheimer recalling thought on first atom bomb explosion http://t.co/ObS28EEoTv@literallyafool Ok we'll see. I don't mind ATL either. But they sound like a playoff inexperienced team with no stars.@literallyafool even though DC has stepped it up? I hope you're wrong. wanna see #TheTruth go deep. #RockChalk@oldmanweldon who ain't?just got out of EX MACHINA and performed the Turing test on this machine http://t.co/NtxdM1AIPN
@allisonemiller at 1st I thought this was a horribly insensitive tweet then I googled@literallyafool PS - might DC get past ATL? I wanna see Wizards go far.@marysasson just bee line for hospital, take good feeling pills and rub genitals until blackness envelops@literallyafool China has turned you into a commie bro@paramount45 we'll see how it all shakes out man@marysasson easiest decision in the world@literallyafool sorry but they pale in comparison to NCAA tourney. I'm sorry.@paramount45 MJ will remain on top thru LBJ. But LBJ will at least equal KB in status I predict. We'll see..@paramount45 KB played w the most dominant center of his era and for Lakers. LBJ played in shitty Cleveland. Free agents hard to come by b4@literallyafool (btw if this was a real playoffs, Clips would've advanced w that first thumping)@paramount45 also MJ was full level greater than KB. He was always #1 on his teams. Never lost or went to game 7 in Finals. Could've won 8@paramount45 he's about to go to his 5th straight Finals. Kobe never did that and KB was #2 on the Shaq teams.@paramount45 LBJ is better athlete than other two. He might not be as psycho as them. But I'd take him before them. Ppl enjoy playing w him@literallyafool haha and also play like from today@paramount45 only Kobe worshipers think he's helped the team lately. LeBron is better than Kobe or MJ. They'll keep getting better.Honestly if you are a Lakers fan and want the Clips to lose, then you are like a billionaire wanting a poor person to not win the lottery.@paramount45 yes but its a widely shared opinion and its true. I am glad I saw him. But I also saw Jordan. They are both over. On 2 the next@literallyafool nope I saw into his essence today - good things to come@KobeTruthNlight @BigSmoove44 go lakers go clips@paramount45 on a little drug called reason. i like the lakers. but kobe wrecked them w last contract & no star wants to play w him anymore@KobeTruthNlight @BigSmoove44 hahttps://t.co/V1OGbJ5UMK Easy link to help children in #nepal. Please consider if you are able.
Retweeted by Luka Jones@paramount45 reason@BigSmoove44 @KobeTruthNlight agreed@KobeTruthNlight Kobe ruined the Lakersdude how smart was Dwight Howard to leave the Lakers for the Rockets - I bet his life is 10 times better@campsucks I would. I would just die.@campsucks holy fucking shit that's gonna be electric@LeahTiscione keep your heart open to the possibilities@overoverunder the figures I saw had the cities proper being close. But maybe they were wrong. Or maybe the metro areas aren't close.@RealFrank13 @LAClippers the Clips responded beautifully to game 3Just found out Tijuana proper has a larger population than San Diego proper. That's a fucking cool mini-megalopolis.@LeahTiscione I can't tell you how many women communicate DP-related desires to me w their eyes. Ugh.@LeahTiscione double penetration?@coobs I guess. dudes are just less intense about it w meSincere tweet: Women, pls stop giving me the fuck me eyes all over the place. I'm taking a sabbatical. No fucking for now. Just chill. Sorry@zoeinthecities Very sweet. Lots of good Venice memories there. They hope to find new spot I guess, fingers crossed.@elizaskinner I bet he was flirting@zoeinthecities such a bummerbye Hal's - you have been a good Venice buddy in the midst of many Abbot Kinney spots that made me feel uncomfortable http://t.co/LmgwkiXt06@benmiller public policy questions aside, I think we should try not to automatically apply the generalizations to individuals in our lives@benmiller and that should be factored in. Complex issue@benmiller but I don't think there's much reason to doubt that girls/women are to some degree discouraged from doing the jobs you mention@benmiller how to address the lack of representation (if at all) on a policy level is a separate issue@benmiller oh, i don't have a strong view on this. its an empirical question that requires deep analysis to have a very justified view prob@benmiller sure and in a ton of cases ppl take learned behaviors and believe they are natural differences@ItBeCarly oh that might be right, i'd have to think more about that.@benmiller i'm not familiar w this problem as you described it. what do you mean?@ItBeCarly yeah. but there are many ppl who yell about the oppression of others w/o taking seriously the complexity of the issue imo@rjasonscales ah gotcha. Yeah I dislike UNC as much as Duke probably. Go Kansas@rjasonscales I love him. I don't care what college someone played for once they're in the pros@rjasonscales ha why do you hate Duke so much again?Gender equality seems like a more complex issue than many ppl seem to think. Gender norms and stereotypes cause harm to all genders.@rjasonscales JJ had a solid game too@rjasonscales well get used to it cuz he is for real@rjasonscales maybe but they said he had a higher scoring game earlier this seasonLAC GOT HOME COURT BACK BABYYYYY@rjasonscales no he is good@BaruchelNDG GO CLIPS GOJames Harden does an ad for the @tacobell A.M. Crunchwrap? He is now my favorite player.Austin Rivers is good. Go Clips@iliberalliberal Agreed. Benefit of the doubt is often good to give. I just think it's ok to ask these guys why they spoke this way is all.@KittyKatFoster all is random
@nickthune sorry Nick i apologize@nickthune what a dickHey dickheads - if we all wear sweats out on weekends, then it's totally cool. Get w the program@NickMandernach DONEtwo things that major bum me out in one photo - New Age spirituality and car flyers http://t.co/lk9fBSaRNE@someofmybest my brand is so in flux thothink I might lease a Lambo for funsiesDid this whole "include a twitter link in your tweet" thing just catch on like crazy or what?@EvanAlmelien No but seriously, it's impressive that it only took the Giants 52 years to win their first title in SF :)@nottjmiller Colorado > Texas@MrJCLynch I know! He's handsome, let his face be free!@brendonwalsh That's what I hear, Brandon! Good on ya mate!@brendonwalsh congrats on taking the power back buddy@EvanAlmelien fair enough. Giants era is over. #GoBlue@RyanWalshh grey is where it's at homey@jlsnedegar that but happy :)@BreakOnThrough_ ha I disagree dude@MissMarcel @kumailn @rianjohnson SO sexy & cute I bet@Hey_Lover87 No way no kids thnx"@NBATV: .@paulpierce34's response on hitting clutch shots #TheTruth http://t.co/v4uEgcQrey" #RockChalkJayhawkON THE #NBA | There's no denying it: Paul Pierce's leadership making a difference for #Wizards http://t.co/LtuXIWZNKy http://t.co/1zNqwsP0bb
Retweeted by Luka Jones@EvanAlmelien also GO DODGERS@EvanAlmelien @randyliedtke @brendonwalsh thanks, Evan!@AlandaJo I don't really drink these days but thanks@EvanAlmelien @JasonIsbell @amandashires yeah that was one of my favorite eps of Letterman. Both wonderful performances of the song.Do new parents trade handing off the baby so they can go masturbate?Wake up to @JasonIsbell & @AmandaShires' beautiful performance of Warren Zevon's "Mutineer." http://t.co/nmNTUTLh10 http://t.co/Ei0SR0Qcbb
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