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Wow. Sharp's dancing all over the ice. That goal was nice.@gooner_ I would add but I'm so bad at typing Hindi using English characters@gooner_ haha awesome@ShanersMD @Nebrewska Williamsburg is the edge of humanity'Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice' trailer leaks online. Watch: http://t.co/4x8RC3D8P6 http://t.co/p4jncx6GlC
Retweeted by ___Homeboy got an offer and is finally moving back into structured credit. http://t.co/EfwohPPVWu
@ShanersMD https://t.co/AKPHoO1gMN@ShanersMD we should just gif the dominos pizza tracker. It always ends in redYESSSSSS #LGRHELL YES DAFT PUNK SITH http://t.co/Uh38TB1Sp9
Retweeted by ___@k_ved @luxury *this https://t.co/hSsAH9u95K@k_ved @luxury my thoughts exactly. It needs to come from within.Had to do that #noregrets#Stormtrooper$GE and systemic risk: http://t.co/KjYAl4Peix
Retweeted by ___1) Sig other flips you over on your face and you suffocate and die. https://t.co/7wTxTJOaMgAre Fannie and Freddie doing enough for low-income renters? Thoughtful blog from Urban Institute http://t.co/nvkDRTzyTU
Retweeted by ___@k_ved @timothydh @drewmagary I read that @BV piece yday and this was a perfect summary of my reactionRT @timothydh: Oh boy, @drewmagary has already found the hottest of hot takes on the Hernandez murder. Pure gold - http://t.co/qfq2BCimtN
Retweeted by ___@dashbot dale con diosRangers. Playoff. Hockey. TONIGHT.
The Stanley Cup http://t.co/LiMsjmomT1
Retweeted by ___It would be a lot cooler if Druckenmiller said: "I can feel it in my plums" http://t.co/T5NFxmACH1
Retweeted by ___That baby isn't doing things randomly, it's following the scientific method. | http://t.co/UbzHG5nW89Found my personal beach body diet https://t.co/6xHoHeTLjv@ShanersMD http://t.co/1G6JZod7Fy@k_ved definitely not being given enough attention. He needs a Pope-mobileDraghi was "attacked". By glitter. On a more serious note, she could have killed him.Is throwing glitter on someone a European method of shaming?Draghi needs to take martial arts classes. The two hands up showed weakness. #ECB
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@dfledderjohn @ShanersMD she walks around Manhattan like there is a tsunami chasing her around. Just her.RIP Journalism http://t.co/U6DxfGDVLZ
Retweeted by ___Hoping for a landmark Fleury meltdown on Saturday. To see one in person would be glorious. cc @ShanersMD@TWC_Help fixedWeeks after canceling @TWC it makes perfect sense that I was billed for the first billing cycle without their service.....
Obama with a blatant disregard for the sneeze guard. Come on, man. https://t.co/7X3GTkuF8AIt's amazing what happens when Google Fiber just _announces_ that it's coming to town. http://t.co/cqf5aOI9cz
Retweeted by ___That's what's up. This show is phenomenal. "@verge: HBO renews Silicon Valley for 3rd season http://t.co/IXrXOSjKaD http://t.co/z7bJEM1I62"Beautiful *tear rolls down face* "@k_ved: Pete Wells on the NYC staple, the bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. http://t.co/XRtcLLspUI"
This kid is great. Doesn't start bawling when he wins, acts like he's been there before. Pro.FTFY "@businessinsider: I made a bold move from iPhone to Galaxy and I completely regret it http://t.co/pvMu9HjAVJ http://t.co/0esrfhtmPj"Witnessing history being written by a 21 year old kid. Amazing.ROSE HIPS http://t.co/1KdkvxCsyO
Retweeted by ___Going to be fun watching Repubs say HRC can't be prez because she's a woman. Not explicitly but that will be what their args boil down to.@KWALRULES you bastard...@kylef he's a stud too. Worst mistake to make at the absolute worst timeI guess BU losing the championship like that is karmic justice for the impossible national championship we won in 2009.Boston University's goalie gave up a brutal goal in the National Championship game: http://t.co/rPkbECDFgz https://t.co/55DSWJZmxy
Retweeted by ___/!\ Game of Thrones is back tonight /!\
Oysters acquired. Socks stayed in the drawer. Spring is here.@ShanersMD they do but that was a bit of a walk. That's on the list for one of these weekendsYou would think the Seaport is the first place you'd go for oysters....there are none here.
That JB chip was awesome.Kid Chocolate needs to lay off the chocolate. "@NBCSports: Peter Quillin weighs in at 161.4 lbs. he has 2 hours to lose 1.4 pounds"Shaners and nokamber do MSG. "@ShanersMD: It's official. Going to Game 2. #boom"Many smartphone apps are free because the companies that develop them sell the users' personal data http://t.co/GKlWq8VFx9 #EconBookReview
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@dfledderjohn that should be what you go by during Christmas music seasonHooray for the 1500 sq ft oyster bar. | http://t.co/7GdCOk0al4Tribeca: where you want to grab a quick slice but every place with the word pizza in the window tries to make you feel like you're in NaplesTrue Detective season 2 teaser. Excited and intrigued. | http://t.co/E15zIponD7There's something wrong with you if the longest club in your bag is your putter.Via @Quora, the logic behind #NYC's cross streets, explained http://t.co/i21thFdyqf
Retweeted by ___@TreacherousW free streaming annually really seals the dealMust say, @TheMasters website may be the most elegant on the Internet.@BenDWalsh I Sent My Barbour Back For Waxing: Winter Returns@SBarlow_ROB free iced red eye in process of being drained.I will be on your level shortly@TBrodes the worst that could happen is someone asks you to turn it off. At which point you switch to streaming on your phone@TBrodes middle right screen ftr
Whoa. Missed that Ridley news while at the gym. Let's go #jertsAgeless wonder Jack Nicklaus hits an ace. http://t.co/XNZ3hmYee8 https://t.co/s5F0e1VSSH
Retweeted by ___Cerebro-spinal nervous system: we do look a bit like wookiees underneath it all! Photo: Rufus Benjamin Weaver. http://t.co/ujvyQkjLBO
Retweeted by ___RIP @k_ved "@BroBible: REJOICE: Taco Bell Is FINALLY Going To Start Delivery -- http://t.co/6Ac3sK9Iah"Meanwhile on facebook, an incredibly obtuse white woman says.. http://t.co/LwCcZJq8Ww
Retweeted by ___Love the ESPN promo where the little kid is chipping golf balls into the washing machine. So close.real first names reminder: Mitt Romney: Willard Jeb Bush: John Rick Perry: James Bobby Jindal: Piyush Carly Fiorina: Cara Ted Cruz: Rafael
Retweeted by ___ICYMI: Jon Snow is a terrible party guest. | http://t.co/VzOEtJVLPe
Snack game on lock. http://t.co/N7pF2BzsX1"girls with big butts have small minds" #4traingraffitiMeet The Navy SEAL In Charge Of Pushing Osama Bin Laden’s Body Back Into The Ocean Every Time It Washes Up On Shore http://t.co/OUx1cIV8pl
Retweeted by ___Frozen Four semis Thurs and final Saturday. Weekend full of (hopefully) Terrier hockey.Randal is a tough name to abbreviate. Either you're "Rand" and weird, or "Randy" and perceived to be perpetually horny.@ShanersMD @k_ved @EllyHB now that you mention fish market, what better to enjoy a Ranger game with than mama's chicken curry@ShanersMD taco bell > chipotle"Want to meet at BJ's? Oh wait...no not like that, I swear." | http://t.co/nbVoWkoMPr21 years after, "Rwanda Revisited" https://t.co/urnVTruxLi
Retweeted by ___@k_ved @ShanersMD WHOA. That was the first bar I ever fell in love with. Ron would have never let that happen10 years ago, Tiger Woods holed out on No. 16 in dramatic fashion. Watch this historic shot from a different angle. https://t.co/5bnny62LBO
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@_MissVP @dfledderjohn I'm not old"If you've ever dreamed of destroying a 158 year-old institution from the inside, buy your tickets today."Dick Fuld’s Reentry To Society Involves Telling People The Secrets To Running A World Class Investment Bank http://t.co/H0jwf7bRPA
Retweeted by ___The full blow of the first full work week in some time is softened by the Masters.Top Argentine referee faces ban... for using television replay to get decision right http://t.co/Wv3xjMOvPV http://t.co/k6nGxW1h2v
Retweeted by ___#Australia. You are very beautiful. Thanks for being there to brighten our day. #YearInSpace http://t.co/0alQD01hY7
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Bloodline is great. Go watch it.@k_ved @ShanersMD that was hilarious because I've been there many times...but I didn't have the luxury of putting the ball back in the bag
LOLtucky@pollyNYC :'(@pollyNYC hey @ShanersMD and I were talking about watching the game with you and Meerkating itStill so much fun hating on Schneider. Also, benched.Fried chicken game on lock. http://t.co/fYyC48iWLz
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