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I have a lovely wife and 6 amazing dogs. I collect vinyl and ties. Love The Smiths, The NY Islanders, rational thought and vegan food.

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@stevenvanorange I have it handled, thanks though ;)@jv_ht they know better than to knock around here anymore@monochromegod Ha. I would say.@LousyRock A place where strong dumb guys lift heavy things is likely the wrong place to talk shit about Billy Joel@monochromegod He's doing it on purpose to fuck with me. There was a Jesus & Mary Chain incident years ago that I make no apologies for.@LousyRock Actually, my bad. Billy Joel now. Clearly a shitty music festival and not a sappy hippy convention.@jv_ht Already thrownAnd now James Taylor. This is the most unfair, torturous stretch of unsolicited public music ever. I can't even breathe right now.One of my neighbours is playing Dan Fogelberg at a terribly unacceptable volume. Jesus.Independence Day seems a lot like Canada Day, except I imagine a lot more people saying "you're goddamn right" about most things.A weekly tradition on Saturday mornings…listening to all four proper studio recordings by #TheSmiths in order. Greatest band of all time.
I know I'm not there, but based on the pics the Halifax fireworks look way different than last year. Are you guys using more Radiant filter?Going to need you guys to step up your fireworks pics. Someone might think you're all watching the same thing.If you're hanging out with a buddy and he's wearing cargo shorts, he pretty much has to carry your keys, wallet and phone for you #TheRulesOh, I don't pay for suits. My suits are on the house, or the house burns down.
Retweeted by Paul RyanToo much bacteria on your Dingle is never good https://t.co/rvdqNzbWUh
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@brightwhite @halifaxrover The left lane thing is getting worse, not better.My guess is the animals aren't all that super psyched that it's Stampede week.Cool piece in the @ChronicleHerald on the lads from @proposify http://t.co/sGOHYB3UN3Halifax restaurant @enviehalifax tries to crowd fund renovations, hopes to give back to community with new kitchen http://t.co/dCVQ3JrHnHMusic streaming in the UK rises 80% in a year http://t.co/6cCkfVT70j
@earlsmith_ca Thanks for the RT Earl.@rockitdev @nicolacourtney @IanBezanson Checking Urban Dictionary makes me uncomfortable. I always learn something I didn't need ask for.@IanBezanson @nicolacourtney There's no way un-retweet is a word.@monochromegod Too bad. I had you shortlisted before it even got posted.@nicolacourtney @IanBezanson Thanks for RT'ing guys.@evhornbeck Thanks for the RT@smackdonna Thanks for the share :)We are hiring a Marketing Assistant at @CUAtlantic here in Halifax. https://t.co/hRRrC7GBOb@grantisagrant @Nicki_Doyle Apparently people have taken pics of all the staircases inside if you need proof. Hard to find though.This is crazy. There are Creed fans? - "Creed fans create petition to change the name of Rocky sequel" http://t.co/6mHH5Hnffs@bessyn Oh no. That sucks.The new @verucasalt album is streaming over at @cbcmusic http://t.co/RzB6A1xpEaAnd we will be donating 10K+ to 3 amazing charities! @hopebloomshfx @ark_outreach @EcologyAction http://t.co/04VK9DqdqI #WeTheNorthEnd 2/2
Retweeted by Paul RyanThe @enviehalifax crew have a campaign to help their expansion, $10K of which will go to 3 local #Halifax charities. https://t.co/vXTzPT3hhsHate seeing any local businesses close, but 96 years...man - Clothing retailer Mills Halifax closes down for good http://t.co/CQQYidLF34@jv_ht Indeed, have a wonderful birthday @KimberleyLake@HfxBus Very cool track. Not many bands who could have pulled that off at that time. The Clash ruled.The new Wrens Album Is Being Mastered http://t.co/pqaHdN3Cnd via @pitchfork@jerryleewilson ha, nice
@jerryleewilson boring old fart@EPWinesnob She's amazing. Well until she signed to a major label. Sell out.@EPWinesnob Sadly stuff like that is lost on me, unless you're talking about Stan Rogers the pretentious British art rocker. Then I'm in.No #CanadaDay is musically complete until you have heard Roxy Roller by Sweeney Todd at least five times.Happy #CanadaDay to the world's Ned Flanders who shares a 3,000-mile border with Homer Simpson.
Retweeted by Paul RyanShitty beer gets a lot of free advertising today.
Retweeted by Paul Ryan#CanadaDay day with 5/6 of my crew http://t.co/ZpqnELXAjbSo basically because of fireworks and beer, we are largely a friendly yet unsafe people. Got it.Seeing a lot of Canada Day tweets with "stay safe." Do we have a tendency to hurt ourselves more frequently today than on most days?@cmandrecyk @Rdio At least three tracks ;)For interested @rdio users, I made a #CanadaDay playlist with 188 Canadian tracks spanning the last 40 years http://t.co/4fMGvFuJFbI really like being Canadian. Happy Canada Day everyone.
People who set off their own loud fireworks clearly aren't dog owners.I trust everyone in Canada has their Gino Vannelli records queued up and ready to spin in anticipation of #CanadaDay2015Nice. Think this kid is going to be a good one. https://t.co/lnjJYCJMPv@huskermould @snglmthrsgang Have not. Duly noted. Cheers.Recent personal music nerd reckoning: @yukonblonde might be the coolest actively working band in Canada. Tremendous song craft and melody.@a__money @emilystephen Yeah, I love attitudinal Siri.Uber Document Reveals $470 Million in Operating Losses https://t.co/qh1hjcEMC2Apparently it was Jessie Pinkman who figured out what happens when you ask Siri about dividing numbers by zero http://t.co/yvDOn5MLxS@TheSandyWalsh @bessyn Haha. Pretty sure that makes Siri an accessory.@bessyn it's the simplest things sometimesBruins fans. As you try to make sense of wtf management is doing right now, just remember Mike Milbury signed Dipietro to a 15 year contract@GreenerInspects still laughing@frenchfries1970 so greatJob posting made qimple http://t.co/WE8cZTPR5S #HR #hiring
Retweeted by Paul RyanI hate iTunes. And I think Apple does, too https://t.co/XiunxcxdDY@markcchurch http://t.co/TWo7nQzxxTA friend just pointed out what happens when you ask Siri, "what is zero divided by zero?" Now I am going to do that over and over all day.
Remember these? Cellphones reach 30-year mark in Canada http://t.co/lSUOqnptTs http://t.co/qsIduUPCvt
Retweeted by Paul RyanMe transformed into the creepy Dr. Pitlor who made his first appearance on @TrueDetective Ep 2 on @HBO last night. http://t.co/qYZBSVV0WS
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@brewnoser Have not, but think I have it bookmarked in You Tube. Good?@brewnoser No shame in the Springfield. Some solid power pop songs with first class hooks and melody. The feathered hair is all bonus.There is a better than average chance I own more Rick Springfield records than most of you. I might even add it as a skill on LinkedIn.@nicolacourtney You're like a Jedi. See you shortly with some pancakes and some cash.@nicolacourtney I will make you pancakes for $100It's criminal that more bars in Halifax don't serve Great White by the glass. With a Sprite chaser of course, to make sure it's fancy.@jessicaeburke hahahaDonald Trump and the Rest of Jon Stewart’s Conservative Foes May Be on the Final Daily Show http://t.co/e050IcxX4e via @VanityFairThe "fresh" produce section at Giant Tiger makes WalMart's look like an organic Farmer's market.
Retweeted by Paul RyanWe were so proud to be a gold sponsor for the #Multifest2015! We had a great time and we hope you all did too! http://t.co/W7nCgxl0q7
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@braggmk Indeed. One of my favourite bands calling Halifax home in the 90's.“North Window” by The Inbreds is my new jam. Listen: http://t.co/PV4h9ItR77Listening to a bit of Yes, with the passing of bassist Chris Squire. Later in their catalogue, but love this song. https://t.co/inrmhbrcLG
@jerryleewilson @WayneCarterRad St. Ambrose IPA.26 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning In Manchester http://t.co/9yZ46daa0u
Retweeted by Paul Ryan
Really love what #Isles did at the draft. Moved up into the first round of a deep draft, kept core intact.
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@AngelaHenryHali Pretty all part of the same vibe@LyneBrun I'm sure I was wearing worse than that myself in '92 ;)Saw an article on Jorts, which I'm assuming are jean shorts. Idea: Leave your scissors and jeans where they are, and don't make jorts.Free Coors cowboy hats when you buy Coors at the LC. So you get to drink shitty beer and look like an arsehole in a hat drinking shitty beer@grantisagrant @rockitdev To be fair, I was pretty sure Reinhart was getting packaged somehow. Doesn't really fit anywhere in their rotation@grantisagrant @rockitdev I was asleep when all this happened. I think Snow may have been as well.
@rockitdev yupSo basically every time the Bruins get into cap trouble, they trade away solid defenceman.People Who Are Going To Be Very Disappointed When They Get To Canada http://t.co/5X5kB8wmAY via @davestoperaToday is a big step in our march toward equality. Gay and lesbian couples now have the right to marry, just like anyone else. #LoveWins
Retweeted by Paul RyanNation’s Homophobic Bigots Pack It In http://t.co/qGdNdiqjMb via @theonion#Breaking Supreme Court legalizes same-sex marriage. Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote the 5-4 decision.
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@jenipherreads Jovial at least
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