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Embracing failure & learning from Imposter Syndrome http://t.co/fxY6CVI6Hq @RainyData "dive in and start doing" http://t.co/S9zQs5QCHBGoogle’s Physical Web vs Apple’s iBeacon http://t.co/N3rTBni0Uj @sos100 on proximity approaches & startup ecosystem http://t.co/PbF3TeRJX1Mobile Numbers, Robot Growth, Business Town, and The Modern Economy http://t.co/NskCeM81qu links via @gnat http://t.co/vpSDPmj8Np
RT @mikeloukides: Wow. Massive vulnerability in internet-enabled TVs. Kill your TV, indeed. #iot #infosec http://t.co/BfCc8jdBN5MT @mikeloukides: Is there room for placebos in UI/UX design? (static in Skype; fake shutter noises in cameras) http://t.co/4lhrynJlgaJeff Jonas, Siri and Mesos, YouTube's Bandwidth Bill, and AWS Numbers http://t.co/1yVxAEVZn3 Links via @gnat http://t.co/2DUSyQ2ynj
IBM is banking on design’s ROI http://t.co/0LL9or2FYh @MaryTreseler chats w/ IBM's @philgilbertsr #Design http://t.co/j6pXQOwJNJComing full circle with Bigtable and HBase http://t.co/OYPjuKLYbJ New Data Show Podcast w/ @saintstack & @BigData http://t.co/rSUKYnMLLWMedical Robots, Code Review, Go Lang, and Ambient Weather http://t.co/JQfMvQJagd Today's links via @gnat http://t.co/g14Ui5GQmY
Emerging technologies are disrupting product #design life cycles http://t.co/1rDZ79m452 @angelarufino1 w/ @jonfollett http://t.co/Ta6nk9PXlwThe challenge of connecting anything to the Internet http://t.co/RfgGUDQkeK Solid Podcast w/ @zsupalla & Will Hart http://t.co/rzg7hEDOx6Squaring big data w/ database queries http://t.co/kDEdqUTyjc @praxagora on integrating a relational database w/Hadoop http://t.co/2AUCgqqLG5Chaos Monkey for systems of people http://t.co/K8nqhLxTqL New @Radar Podcast w/ @courtneynash & @AloisReitbauer http://t.co/aPY3SVxam8The log: The lifeblood of your data pipeline http://t.co/jjXerdNsRS @kiyototamura on a Unified Logging Layer http://t.co/9rjIGjJ86YSignals from the O’Reilly #FluentConf 2015 http://t.co/L8wLg5hH2y @paul_irish & Kathy Sierra & @rachelandrew http://t.co/fgQcnzc3XBThe Puppet design philosophy http://t.co/m58LKpKSwp Excerpt from "Puppet Best Practices," by Chris Barbour http://t.co/Vg6OwrxNulInvestigating Spark’s performance http://t.co/OApKYq44WO A deep dive into performance bottlenecks w/ @kayousterhout http://t.co/a8QygZ0fttPerfect Security, Distributing Secrets, Stale Reads, and Digital Conversions http://t.co/afVI07Bl6Z Links via @gnat http://t.co/qqROcTrJyi
Physical and virtual are blurring together http://t.co/i0STAKCnZu @JonBruner "The result is an entirely new medium" http://t.co/hsVMWbdOn0Edtech Advice, MEMS Sensors, Security in Go, and Building Teams http://t.co/QEKMKRyzBW Today's links via @gnat http://t.co/KruzHu9XgA
RT @mikeloukides: Thington: IoT Startup that is definitely worth watching http://t.co/eUpjPGhDrIDistributed SQLite, Communicating Scientists, Learning from Failure & Cat Convergence http://t.co/uLYJBZPC59 > @gnat http://t.co/0yvnwxRHXJRT @mikeloukides: Would You Open-Source Your Body? (Probably not, but interesting idea) http://t.co/i5crPAfTTB6 best practices for giving a product critique http://t.co/X4HnGwWSa3 Excerpt from @adamconnor & @aaroni http://t.co/YNsVCMuxlV
An Internet of Things that do what they’re told http://t.co/Fd2kpDRrus @doctorow on security in the IoT http://t.co/H2BOQ86t2sNew @Radar Podcast w/ @andybudd > value of design, future of agencies & designer unknowns http://t.co/RhMU8ueb6p http://t.co/MpTRQ8yM6yRelationships & Inference, Mother of All Demos, Kafka at Scale & Real World Hardware http://t.co/vVDjk8jnDu via @gnat http://t.co/3XNiZ0q8iI
Zeta Architecture: Hexagon is the new circle http://t.co/DJf9whfu5D Enterprise architecture solution via @kingmesal http://t.co/r3LW7UubgPFacebook as Biometrics, Time Series Sequences, Programming Languages & Oceanic Robots http://t.co/xkLs16oASs > @gnat http://t.co/d7GxvQ9G3cRebooting a 1970s satellite w/modern software & hardware http://t.co/eIwzzAMobU Solid Podcast w/ @wingod http://t.co/NgOsWzhIrv
Web by default http://t.co/pluY9rBpHO @simonstl > "You're using the Web even when you don't think you are." http://t.co/iUvx4ZfN7gWhat containers can do for you http://t.co/cD96IGomdZ @andrewtorkbaker "the containerization wave is coming" http://t.co/Div0fgF54eBeyond bitcoin & blockchain to booming business http://t.co/bgoYbKTQhz @Historiocity > on bridging the knowledge gap http://t.co/lZxhxNkWfFTechnical Debt, A/A Testing, NSA's Latest, and John von Neumann http://t.co/wv00hX5yjM Today's links via @gnat http://t.co/4EMHAVlA3z
Which features of the Python language make it appropriate for education? @ntoll shares five: http://t.co/qTwsgAt5Dd http://t.co/jUiDmR1PL4In design, what we really need is critical thinking http://t.co/LZ5hQXwi9L Excerpt from @adamconnor & @aaroni http://t.co/B3TrUa12vSGraph Algorithm, Touchy Robots, Python Bolt-Ons, and Building Data Products http://t.co/xE9AfsAdz0 links via @gnat http://t.co/0SzGEhvxpVCross-pollinating Web communities http://t.co/v934GwfKYK @simonstl on integrating the Web's diverse communities http://t.co/hjmX81y8nJ
The VR growth cycle: What’s different this time around http://t.co/9q4txbNSlA @beaucronin chats w/ @auradeluxe http://t.co/BWy9RyugonThe next big thing sits between tech’s push & consumers’ pull http://t.co/Fob5WP8opV @MaryTreseler w/ @pilgrimbeart http://t.co/I2zs99MdKoOpen source won, so what’s next? http://t.co/VZG5coDObq @rroumeliotis on what to expect at OSCON 2015 http://t.co/GT3ID0oMcTNew @Radar Data Show Podcast: @mikiobraun on stream processing, academic research & training http://t.co/ng0PhSMRzn http://t.co/AjaIiCjHRsA new dawn of car tech http://t.co/CdggVwdFOI @Farshchi > customization will be in software, not hardware http://t.co/dLGwxlmwEfRobot Personalities, Programmer Competency, Docker Dependencies & Large Files in Git http://t.co/TRElCFAiqc via @gnat http://t.co/HKNE5swqHg
What are iBeacons? http://t.co/ruzbQbh0qg @sos100 on getting started with proximity sensors #Solidconf http://t.co/dxMDuwmFsoLearning Poses, Kafkaesque Things, Hiring Research, and Robotic Movement http://t.co/UkZ9rdbGXf Links via @gnat http://t.co/10h0w3D24V
Talking shop with Other Machine Company http://t.co/Bdf9zDjIxK > New Solid Podcast w/ @dapplestone #Solidconf http://t.co/xg2bJb6t2BA real-time tool for a real-time problem http://t.co/aSWR4tEpUe @overfit on detecting SIMbox fraud http://t.co/wJXNagqOu0JavaScript Numeric Methods, Misunderstood Statistics, Web Speed & Sentiment Analysis http://t.co/wmJpx4o29v via @gnat http://t.co/0MCyn4DqTA
5 things to consider before offering new tech as a cloud service > advice from @Farshchi http://t.co/hSKHFkphov http://t.co/zWB3ZacXmg
Building Value Into Hardware Startups http://t.co/iU0rJTmfwH @Farshchi on nascent tools for entrepreneurs > Free webcast April 9, 10 a.m. PT
Fixing what’s wrong with hardware startups http://t.co/mKjbyR2BCM @Farshchi shares 5 tips to increase odds of success http://t.co/xahz0avqGOTranslating your Objective-C project to Swift http://t.co/WMHKNaJWaU A step-by-step approach from Matt Neuburg http://t.co/UDlpchzU4YBetter currency through programming http://t.co/loN8OKfWm0 New @Radar Podcast w/ @VitalikButerin & @starkness http://t.co/3ByKda8JltAugmenting Humans, Body-Powered CPUs, Predicting the Future, and Hermit Life http://t.co/uLgCG1roZy links via @gnat http://t.co/HKxMDiSS1BManaged DNS considered harmful http://t.co/v2OjutbDW5 @StuntPope "it’s important to have a “Plan B” DNS solution" http://t.co/gafGd21itdThe 3 best experience design things we saw this week http://t.co/SPDJZjXDvN w/ @adele_peters @jmooallem & @gretared http://t.co/CepwOxWcNm
Special Q&A video w/ @tlberglund on distributed systems https://t.co/R379J6ySDf #AskOReilly #AHAA real-time processing revival http://t.co/bpmaRaxksm @BigData on stream processing and stream mining http://t.co/MPlMBYaUWvRT @beaucronin: "they started experimenting with a Watch-specific synesthesia" http://t.co/Lc6RbvrAcv250 Whys, Amazon Dash, Streaming Data, and Lightning Networks http://t.co/gtwKwc0sKZ Links via @gnat http://t.co/uqADE2vHcUThe new Solid Podcast launches: @JonBruner & @davidcranor chat w/ @wingod - Trip to McMoon's http://t.co/711oE9lJtF http://t.co/A9NJqj6ctHThe 2015 @OReillyMedia Data Science Salary Survey is officially open http://t.co/lvlZNw5jBu Share your experiencesThe DevOps identity crisis http://t.co/CACZUVmS7O @xaprb on why DevOps needs a manifesto, but may never get one http://t.co/MZbMcSlR1L
From cognitive augmentation to AI, @bigdata looks at the major forces shaping the data world: http://t.co/dBe5f5bDMQ http://t.co/uuGOA2Fmns
"the next messaging thing may not be messaging at all" -@BenedictEvans, Messaging and mobile platforms http://t.co/69oldzCdnc HT @TimOReillyAn ecosystem of connected devices http://t.co/X9HR6ZXgy6 > Excerpt from @michall79 on product ecosystems http://t.co/9iSdbxOveTBoring Technology, Psychology Memes, Engineering Ladder & Flatpack Refugee Shelters http://t.co/cSInUdhuyI via @gnat http://t.co/npqB9Q77a9. @TimOReilly joins the #SocialCivics conversation w/ @goldman: http://t.co/QeR9vOvso9 http://t.co/jqfh93ZtF0
Entities move data from tables to knowledge http://t.co/v63XWazMXh @praxagora on turning data into actionable insight http://t.co/3l5Pn144mmTelling your data’s story http://t.co/vqmc5vMxQV @mf_viz on enhancing visualizations through storytelling http://t.co/OApbYTPwSmPhilosophical Research, Reading Turing, Security Exercises, and Golang Madness http://t.co/UQ3FvQ18gb Links via @gnat http://t.co/5cS0VGDQYt
The 3 best experience design things we saw this week http://t.co/Ourcc4RRnn w/ @johnmaeda @globalmoxie & @TimOReilly http://t.co/qh0M8bTXeIWelfare & Entrepreneurialism, Infrastructure Secrets, Insectoid Robots, Hacking Hexbugs http://t.co/9j6q2ce8xp links via @gnat
The shape of software architecture http://t.co/LxOZUttEjI @rroumeliotis takeaways & lessons from O’Reilly's Software Architecture ConferenceHow DevOps revolution informs software architecture http://t.co/NZ6AnQ7LAI @Radar Podcast w/ @neal4d & @sarahnovotny http://t.co/i7inrn7847RT @mikeloukides: Why open data sets are important in biology (and elsewhere): http://t.co/I4tn8k8XY2New Data Show Podcast: @enachb on redefining power distribution using big data http://t.co/5U1nHjxzLc http://t.co/3mAZUY7HIzDesign’s role is to bridge context gaps http://t.co/eoRMEAMwPz @inkblurt on IA's role in IoT & challenge of context http://t.co/hk2gNuucIsGPU Graph Algorithms, Data Sharing, Build Like Google & Distributed Systems Theory http://t.co/i82j1zYq23 via @gnat http://t.co/VIsV0XAzWZ
Direct delivery of @gnat's Four short links now available > http://t.co/hZ2RBujDHW http://t.co/6bpFbMDXMlRT @mikeloukides: Is the future of the internet really Google Now & Siri? http://t.co/IsDzTQLZJSMT @betsyatoreilly: Full-stack dev has been a polarizing idea. How much do you need to know? @simonstl on @radar http://t.co/9mwpCsfpaeRT @mims: Why Hardware Could Yield the Next $10 Billion Startups - a conversation with @sama http://t.co/eeeXDrstK7The 3 best experience design things we saw this week http://t.co/B6ZEuRZArw http://t.co/y5haK2FDk7Empathy is a stepping stone to a more important place: understanding http://t.co/HvQIG09CNn @odannyboy on @Radar http://t.co/L0otLy1kbvSelling Customers, Classier Parsing, License Plates, and GitHub's CSS http://t.co/iKIbkbxBms via @gnat http://t.co/KviVbNTveP
RT @mikeloukides: Interesting: machine learning in security research to find all instances of known vulnerabilities http://t.co/KdpgLFXmgfData APIs, design, and visual storytelling http://t.co/ASQJ3XAxNo @ssebastien on how APIs improve visualizations http://t.co/I4uoV29zOjTomorrow 1pm ET/ 5pm UK: Free Data webcast w/ @Novettasol > Entity Resolution on Hadoop http://t.co/XOGHnT9LLZ http://t.co/k7tjPHibtoAgricultural Robots, Business Model Design, Simulations & Interoperable JSON http://t.co/SLZKDZyORJ > links via @gnat http://t.co/yYAdvmzh0n
RT @techreview: Magic Leap and HoloLens Demos Show Augmented Reality Challenges http://t.co/QGdrObGYx7Better things couldn't happen to your inbox: get @gnat's Four short links delivered M-F http://t.co/VQBB0iYsic http://t.co/Rr1WhEpaNCExperience Design Links and Fodder: UX evolution, tooting horns, and a rambunctious rant http://t.co/qNbB9xpjzq http://t.co/v7eVzUapNKDesign’s return to artisan, at scale http://t.co/d4FPpKIVoS @emenel is on this week's @Radar Podcast http://t.co/NL83Mw8pFzRT @marytreseler: Thank you @rochelleking for the pointer. Design In Tech Report 2015 http://t.co/YORDN0bvVG via @kpcbCross-device interactions and interusability http://t.co/eYWr247usG > excerpt from "Designing for the IoT" free ebook http://t.co/v53ueFxj0rRT @mikeloukides: It's not the death of the web, it's the death of the browser: http://t.co/mezvYWsguiToday's links via @gnat: USA Hire, AR Game, CS Cheatsheet, and 3D Printing Cured Resin http://t.co/t2TBQJt39K http://t.co/Zy4LCUWx88
"The best architects remove architecture by figuring out how to... @martinfowler http://t.co/Y8t1DB698G http://t.co/8kL6DKFz1L
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