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Rags Srinivasan @rags Boulder-Berkeley-Bay Area

I ask questions. I #disrupt credulity.

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@ShlomoArgamon Melman's Hypothesis https://t.co/txTwyv8n4B #bigdata
My 15 year old Trek still keeps going can you say that about your $399 Apple Watchevery piece of writing includes the tacit caveat: Or I could be wrong http://t.co/cfEBzJ6NIn#bigdata http://t.co/tvFRhX0JQA via @imgflip
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasan@TSindzinski you nailed this, and most report those as representative@ShlomoArgamon unfortunately we see substitution of more data in lieu of scientific methodOpen ended questions in survey are cop out methods of lazy or uninformed market research https://t.co/qZVZRYymRj@rjweeks70 fairyland loop Rim trail@rjweeks70 http://t.co/LPQWMBY2jr
@mims i argeeUnfortunately bigger the data bigger the number of spurious correlations #bigdata https://t.co/BeDH2Vh3fwBecause those who could question find it there is more value in letting it slide https://t.co/A1T982cAEoI wish @awscloud will add database management tools like @phpmya without requiring manual stepsThere has been nothing new or impactful in #marketing since Marketing Myopia #longreads https://t.co/FaB0qnZ5v1So when bubble bursts as @mims writes in @wsj who'll deliver our food? https://t.co/GiRwgEG3NAMore likely an effective leader shows gratitude to the team's contributions with sincerity not the other way https://t.co/tNGoCf0VOqHere's what will happen to the bubble in tech when markets turn http://t.co/aj3d2OQ86C
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanIf the data scientist is not asking, "what would falsify the big claim", it is not data science just data dredging
Valuations are based on greater fool theory cc: @rshevlin @mattwensing https://t.co/qudJheS7VoFirst @NitrousIO did 2 hour limit for free tier, then increased to 4, now unlimited - trying value--market fit?Only the fitness device maker benefits - from the aggregate data https://t.co/k4KV0ZxlZqYou're stuck in an elevator with someone who read a tweet about positive effect of women in Boards https://t.co/g2pzi19tuVFor me learning happens only doing - my silly app idea led me to understand AWS and other PaaS so well@rshevlin economist@rshevlin there needs to be a better way, write an app? Get $20B valuation?Unfortunately product driven culture vs. Customer needs driven strategy is quite prevalent among valley ventures@rshevlin @mattwensing @KarissaGiuliano that's not what Galbraith saidSnapchat CEO's comment is one of the stupidest things I've ever heard. http://t.co/eE8uWEYsJx
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasan
My 10yo says,"coding is better job because it pays better and you get to sit in Red Rock Mountain View and drink coffee"My friendly management coach told me in 1999, "honey, if you don't like office politics don't get out of bed"I recommend the book Power by @JeffreyPfeffer to all but end up not following its core adviceIn valley expressing an iota of doubt on possibilities is branded as admit of defeat https://t.co/CBSJqQlnam#bigdata and Melman's #hypothesis https://t.co/CjtvXV37Ak #statistics
or we think there are greater fools behind us who will value it as $100B https://t.co/GB5Bbbb9XISo still 5-4 decision ? Not unanimous?Seriously@emeyerson right of conscience?Frame this - There are no #pricing problems only #segmentation problemsRoger Federer’s Advantage: Being a Good Loser - it's a pity I couldn't do better than that http://t.co/uB6Z4Wr1h1If price erosion leads to revenue shortfall then you got segmentation and value prop wrong http://t.co/fUC6oPT9TRHeard: Match IPO: All Spark and No Flame - when customers fall in love they stop payingNut-Butter Firm’s Founder Adjusts to Growth #goBoulder my home townI feel (not generalizing) - coding skill is like biking, I didn't forget a thing in 10y when I coded a fun @twilio #django appGlobal Showcase of Young Female Tech Talent http://t.co/gmNFNF92Hf@twilio is there a way to schedule SMS?founders should balance their expressions of enthusiasm with clear indications of preparedness https://t.co/J1fj5wuLht
Or act apathetic about https://t.co/ROL4OMeyix@rshevlin congratsWhat can we learn from @WarrenBuffett https://t.co/gxTtB6GOgoGut feel and culture explained http://t.co/ChsMOHPEmu“@mims: sell $AAPL https://t.co/OBSGo8t7Ty” - after 99 tosses of Heads, a Tails.“@greenhousenyt: The Uber Juggernaut: Uber has more lobbyists, 250, than Walmart!! http://t.co/3KVyByWHNa”- yeah disruption and innovationParadoxically airlines should make it free to checkin bags and charge for carryon- charge for what customers value. http://t.co/JzB74G5dUBYour status updates and cat videos are worsening California drought
I certify those who certify thought leaders https://t.co/iCPiuxRmXg
Nothing like an IDE to get a 10yo excited about coding Python. Thanks @PyCharm_eduHeard: Apple planning to rebrand Swift after Taylor backlash http://t.co/qcsXWM7x3Z
“remembering our past is important, but that does not mean we must let it define us” http://t.co/P0PeR816K8@twilio can I invoke @awscloud #lambda as action on SMS?@mims and i wish it would only show me the Notifications tab so I don't have to see all this timeline stuff even momentarily@zachdillon your local public library gives you full access including PDF download of articlesDon't be a product person. Be a merchant. | Iterative Path (2013) http://t.co/ZVm7mvpSrE #prodmgmt
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasan@TSindzinski I bet some will for sure“You can’t really use the risk of sudden death as an excuse not to exercise,” http://t.co/ls12t5MsVC @WSJLast time I had a bug in my code was 10 years ago.@rabbigreen @mims #pricing is based on segmentation and product positioning not on COGS.@RaquelHirsch you are surprised snake oil turned out to be not placebo but poisonous?
The three Rs of education are Spelling and Counting
It is hard to argue that buying back shares is particularly good use of capital http://t.co/INQfwKgqIfour ability to predict performance at the school was negligible. Our forecasts were not much better than guesses. http://t.co/Mwnf99NQq3@mims based on just your words I am going to buy it.
@emeyerson i just read my own article for a change, I was pretty good.@emeyerson What startup founders can learn from Katniss Everdeen? https://t.co/UNPbbYOfP4@rags What "Jurassic World" can teach us about people ops.
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One more time I hear someone using warriors win to drive home a management point ...@mims the watch?For the amount of shoveling of horse manure we have to do in social media you would think there is an industrialized pony farm out thereFor good measure - Leadership Lessons from Miami Heats victory https://t.co/KGwTsMKBANAnd as predicted -Lessons from @warriors win from @Inc and @JustinJBariso http://t.co/TztVz4X6OoValue free team members act as multipliers. You can't simply ignore them and focus only on value-adders.
it appears it is far easier to write a backend for apps than the app for the users#BigData #analytics is more good than evil - @BillFranksGa http://t.co/7wQVlY5Czy http://t.co/n23NMtp4KX
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanThe real question is can you teach new dogs old tricksLet Dad Be Dad - after all our goofiness seems to be helping http://t.co/1eQLBoU8X6
"And that’s exactly why statisticians and critically-minded analysts still have a crucial role in big data' https://t.co/528jKeBwBTCharitable Giving in U.S. Continues to Rise- not counting "funding" kickstarter products http://t.co/zne1Xa2eGCThe $50 Billion Question: In a world where an App can deliver the ride you need within 5 minutes http://t.co/tcwowBv1Ge
Nor does wearing that #fitness band and letting it auto-tweet your steps https://t.co/LuAdptvaIrI am hiring OEM Business Development Manager with product bent for storage products. Do you know someone I should talk to?Watch TV With Your Family Can Strengthen Ties - #correlation confusion http://t.co/JA7s4kY0GcPrice discrimination works only when pride fences are inpenetrable - #arbitrage http://t.co/Okbgfmt5VqPrada Reports Steep Fall in First-Quarter Profit - for luxury brands it's product-wallet fit http://t.co/MIwJVp8HoKBut as Google points out businesses are not in infrastructure business https://t.co/xuDdq3Bsm2
Brands segmenting based on customer wherewithal to pay https://t.co/ucR1OHQMJ4#startup jargon or making things up https://t.co/umUQXwtzhq“Should college dropouts create startups?” by @prithium https://t.co/lR14ZPSno6Kim Kardashian in @npr?"Did you see my tweet" - what kind of question is this?@rshevlin I found out you don't need license or know to spell biology to be a coronerAnd license to say, " of course correlation doesn't mean causation" https://t.co/GFIrl9KGMG
@mathewi @mims @gruber why is it creating value to investors mutually exclusive to product?
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