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@IvanTheK I thought the stuff got cooked up in a meth labHarbaugh for TWTR CEOInteractive Brokers Group Reports Brokerage Metrics for July 2015
Domestic Equity Funds see $2.8 billion in outflows for week ended 7/29 @ShitMgmtSays I also wanna see them focus on their core competencies
@lzzrdking I don't think so but some people probably like talking/hiring a celebrity of sorts, I think it works for Josh he is more likable@StockCats nobody on teevee was talking about SKX in 2012 when it was trading below tangible book yeah but he quit contest last year halfway thru when he was floundering and won't participate this year that is more pathetic@lzzrdking @StockCats he is so tone deaf sticking foot in their mouth.He backs up nothing and won't even join contest to be held accountable@lzzrdking @StockCats he is a crybaby can't wait to hear him wail about this stock but its more likely to be broomed under the table@modestproposal1 on a related note I miss all those anarchists who ran Reuters social media operations.@StockCats I want to talk about ESPR. Does Weiss know its Rouge again?
Six Model S referrals and you get a one way ticket to Mars, ten referrals for round trip ticket@IncomeTrader @dasan have you guys ever spent a night in a Turkish prison?FEYE discovers Russian hackers use TWTR to hack US Govt computer networks finally a killer app!@LongShortTrader some teevee guy adopted it at $45 for first time as far as I know, never heard him talk about it before few weeks ago.IBKR has been jinxed, thanks for that JoeMarissa needs to throw a Hail Mary and go all in on fantasy sports enough of the half measures@conorsen Zuck and Peter Thiel told us all we needed to know. They captured the essence of the shitshow and made me laugh so thats a win@dasan more confused trading over past 24 hours shorts have really been leaning on it and here we are@conorsen where was Fin Twitter in pushing back on Sacca in his comments about Wall St/TWTR over past yr or 2 it was ridiculous commentary@dasan @clegger_2000 2nd tier mkts were +50% given angst over new competitors it has yet 2 show up in anything than GRUB valuation multiple?@StockCats yes 2 years ago they should have instead they are busy playing Game of Thrones with the corner offices and selling their stock
@dasan maybe the log cabin had termites and they had to call an exterminator. But that would not account for all of the increase@dasan don't worry Sacca is gonna write a blog post and fix this@dasan I hope you told him from panhandling, like Billy Ray Valentine@dasan @clegger_2000 but you could have said same at $34 before the move to $50. these moves leave me scratching my head lotsa confusion@dasan @clegger_2000 yeah sure sellside is freaked out it has become a real battleground there and polarizing views.@dasan @clegger_2000 these things are getting funded every day it seems time for another missive from Grantham. Lets call it a mulligan
'Extreme fear' is back for the stock market fear and greed index at 7
@maoxian these were stick built over a period of weeks in late 60s, But lotsa aging housing stock around here its Appalachia of Rust BeltHall of Fame inductees boyhood home at 3:34 pm EST."Merica, where a kid down the st can make Cooperstown #SmoltzHOF
Might be interesting to revisit last September's @BenedictEvans piece on AMZN some time this weekend if u have time yeah I am rubbernecking here but interesting 2 note in early days of Finance Twit this was top 5 stock for chatter. now nary a peep@AntonioGalloni @StephenTanzer1 @vinousmedia the hedonist in me always enjoyed drinking those back in the day but its been awhile.nice piece@sherman4949 they were all great in The Expendables movies tho@OptionsTrader31 yeah brutal. AA slides everyday this is a really ugly stretch for a lotta stocksFCX needs Kevorkian this is inhumane@warcapital @The_Real_Fly I sure liked poor/hungry Larry Fink better than the current version. Icahn should have bitch slapped him last wk@awealthofcs good stuff did not realize equity ownership was back to 2007 levels as shown in FRED chart
@evoinvitro sure lots of inputs and variables and can be as much art as science imo, such a fickle biz and lotsa bad management@LDrogenI never did hear short thesis but period fall '14 was distressing when they were leaning all over the stock oh cmon when you were talking up WETF was proly 4-5% and that worked out fine@GreyStephens @LDrogen @MebFaber 1% maybe 125 bps fair for that biz. But small cap, labor intensive and not exactly open ended AUM potential@GreyStephens @LDrogen @MebFaber lotsa different fee structures so apples to apples tuff. We mostly ran wirehouse SMA at 55 bps fee and...@MebFaber @LDrogen I liked El Erian's comments/take today on cnbc about the outsiders coming into all these industries and disrupting@LDrogen in a way that ratio is least important/wrong way to look at this. But could underpin FNGN valuation for a while until dust settles@conorsen @ryanprociuk @jvposter @Nebrewska breaking news from Columbus OH overshadowed by biggest CFB story today 47% value to AUM makes me giggle all the same. That 2% number is the one I have worked as a standard for as long as I can remember@ppearlman lotta piss & vinegar for a guy who is all hat, no cattleSomething is rotten in the land of Robo Advisor valuations metal and commodity funds see highest outflows in 18 months domestic equities see $4.5 billion in outflowsBezos now has bigger warchest to beat Musk to The Final Frontier @ApexHurley looks like a strong year for the 2 time Charlatan of the Year @fed_speak #fcoty@Valuetrap13 lol we all can't be Gabelli15 minutes until everyone on Fast is long AMZN except Nathan the CurmudgeonSomebody call Bill Miller's doctor cuz his erection is gonna last more than 4 hours on this AMZN thing@CNyren mark my words Copley Retention will be the fourth HorsemanWe need AMZN in that price weighted index for chrissakes@freepsports Cook, White, Duffy, Gibson, Snow@RChang6 its breaking peoples will to live and this volume might attract vultures to start circling the carcass.@RChang6 just asked someone who does good fundie work he thinks fair value is $60 ish so worst is proly almost over this has been nastysomebody is taking URI to a place where Finerman goes fetal@conorsen look like that FIDO sector fund has done a bit worse than OIH over trailing 52 weeks. no fun in Boston for that team@conorsen candidates with shitty fundies. Those vanilla guys just seem to puke em into that Oct 18th timeframe and then they are done@conorsen I am tempted by the loser list but the FCX AA CHK stuff still horrid, this time of year I try to hold off on indiscriminate sale..@jvposter @ryanprociuk @Nebrewska @conorsen @georgepearkes Vegas works but CFB Natl Ch 10 miles from my trading turret in Jan come on out@hmeisler this idiot mayor hates profits which leads me to think he might be the next CEO of TWTR as its a perfect fit philosphicallyProtect public by making them walk in the rain when no cabs r out?DeBlasio is playing right into the hands of the sidewalk umbrella vendors@hmeisler probably better than the PM's that have ridden it down 20 points and are going to get fired at the end of the year@hmeisler hey is flitting around somewhere drinking Screaming Eagle or DRC while Oklahoma City burnsThis is what happens when you put CAT in the Dogs of the Dow it clearly does not mix@hmeisler does this mean I should buy CHK? holy shite that thing never takes the stairs up but sure got the elevator down part right@DavidTaggart @kyles09 I once owned the Vice Fund and party'd like a rockstar. I owned the dream and lived it@SardonicaX deleting from a locked account is like wearing a belt and suspenders@rbrtrmstrng i think you mean $2.4 million per ink stained wretch. Pixel stained wretch?@conorsen IBKR finally taking a breather but their CC comments on impact of 25 bps rise in rates to bottom line were interesting fersure@conorsen how dare they sell FB to buy gypsum and that other stuff@conorsen Gypsum wallboard asset class is working today but I need to tepper my expectations USG
Ancient Americans migrated in a single wave from Siberia @hmeisler @ivanthek ICI is always a week behind Lipper who shoots first and gets it out quickly
Interactive Brokers Group Announces 2Q 2015 Results a man a fish & u feed him for a day, teach him to construct a price weighted NASDAQ index, get long & u cud feed army of poor gold bugs@uber launches senior passenger pilot program in @CityofPhoenixAZ --
Retweeted by StockJockey@aaronvalue it was negative, obvs, but there is some bad blood there given ouster and he is very opinionated. Gave me pause however@aaronvalue don't want to mis-characterize it. Go read the book it is reasonably entertaining - he is a piece of work at times@aaronvalue blew thru the book this weekend and circled back trying to find it before I gave book back but could not find reference buriedElon Musk's comments on PYPL LT strategic position/strategy in that new Ashlee Vance biography do not give me warm fuzzies on that stock@ReformedBroker if you don't de-program him he will probably end up like Patty Hearst@ryanprociuk @Nebrewska this is interesting and in general rather under analyzed, perhaps? bigger than the losses at HSTRX yesterday?
@msttrader @StockCats its the bulltard circle of life@StockCats I plan on letting this run its course maybe if it gets even more ridic start scaling in small and wide. But October looms@StockCats @BrattleStCap those stocks have been orphaned maybe you can arrange adoptions I will take OI and a homebuilder to be named later@StockCats @BrattleStCap for gods sake be careful there are kids here that might click on that stuff its far too goryShorter Pisani: RSP is sucking wind@hmeisler no but if you throw out INTC its kinda notable of top XLK positions even VZ better of late. Has been interesting 4-5 days fersure@conorsen ORCL has cooties@conorsen knife started to turn weds or thursday and will anyone get ahead of mutual fund tax puke season buying names like FCX et al??
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