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@azdeandobbs Hood was buzzing again today with rescue worker figured something like this happened again http://t.co/w5NqvOAnq1Charley Ellis defends Active Investing and Rekenthaler takes him apart http://t.co/xUyVpB4fvR@IvanTheK sorry I meant in a smoke filled room. But still loofah-ing each other@IvanTheK Varoufakis I cud see Varoufakis and Ambrose sitting in a steam room together cooking shit up as they loofah each other's backs@StockCats yes he acts like we don't know about his dad building homes but he has told us like 300 times by now lol@StockCats pls don't forget his dad built house for a living and ITB is exhibiting excellent relative performance@hmeisler I will go get a haircut if I can beat SPY by 30 bps today my grooming benchmarks much more modest than many here@hmeisler mkt turned today when I heard rumors Felder broke out the beard clippers@hmeisler don't pull the trigger until you see the Weiss of fear in their eyes@conorsen housing coming on strong when you throw in a discotheque and jet with every condo http://t.co/UAeSqlLTgW@hmeisler @conorsen are we having fun yet? PS Cardinals rookies getting hazed on SBUX run for team https://t.co/blIpdjWf6s@conorsen u have another chance in ZEN? ugliness, so many stocks down 7-8 days in a row@modestproposal1 maybe those hrs not unusual but they were a cut above, almost drone like, u could pick em out in a crowd, suit haircut etc@modestproposal1 DLJ's culture was pretty badass when MAC gym 277 Park closed weeknights 10pm I wud head home they went back upstairs 2 work
Long Live Open Outcry http://t.co/zy2gCOxTZc buhbye pits@adamzettler car ran over a snake in front of house today right b4 I went for a run is like Pet Sematary around here but nothing gets buried@RussianBear c'mon its not like we are calling for them to surrender on the deck of the USS Missouri@adamzettler went to check on snake and found a rabbit, head. Coyotes must be around too ripped him to shreds http://t.co/hGSsW0kLKG@rattlesnakeguy snake took off musta been shedding and chilling out - left his skin behind http://t.co/Di5p504LPl@RChang6 yes lets see if that tide turns soonHEDJ was still getting inflows last week http://t.co/AWfRhXxgQ4
@contangoz a lot have opened since then and must say Mastro's out west pretty good not sure how NYC spot compares to competition tho@contangoz proly went to Sparks the most and worked few floors above Bobby Van's 45th St but took a shine to Wolfgang's first location 4Park@JackHBarnes @daytrend had some great salmon sashimi Thurs was buttery goodness the fat was sublime I miss NYC for all things sushi related@JackHBarnes @daytrend c'mon Vic man up this 1.65 lbs Cowboy Rib was smallest one I had in freezer for tonight http://t.co/Xr9UAAdd2B@daytrend where's the beef?Chestnut you Bum! #bronxcheer
@nelderini just joking around I thought that was one of Dick's bigger gaffe's, re the boxing match periscope remarks he made@21law ok thx if you want to be twtr CEO u have my voteI don't know who is running TWTR these days but this is where they usually tell us where pirated Periscope versions of the Dead concert are
@Nebrewska boy those people are really going after Cowturd tonight. They have lotsa time on their handsMutual Fund Observer for July http://t.co/rk7uBIT5mg@vader7x @Morgan_03 I am sure this eggs them on. Was shocked to hear on Quintinilla's special how many people died from 3 guys interviewed@Morgan_03 I would like to try that....in a simulator@ericjackson that was before I knew you@damonsharkey @hmeisler @DavidSchawel The International Shark Attack File has all the big data on hungry sharks http://t.co/BBCBOeTTLy@ericjackson I wanna Place My Bets so maybe you can handicap this like days of old http://t.co/ftCzj6AA3m@hmeisler @DavidSchawel stranger still is DISCA decision to move Shark Week up a month it was better suited to the doldrums imo@JFinDallas since Uber Eats rebranded & launched NYC end of April company has lost 30% of its market cap. Lotta things in play but nice call@modestproposal1 do you think the airline puts DOJ's friends and family members bought will be closed out soon?Long an airline to kinda sorta hedge your energy names = Texas Hedge@ericjackson any chance TWTR names Ted as CEO and continues the tradition of comedians running the clownshow? http://t.co/MsYidD47BYAirline fare CPI -6.6% YoY. https://t.co/iFCu3udXKZ Makes sense to go after them for collusion.
Retweeted by StockJockey@Nebrewska maybe he is trying to tell us something and that was his Maximus moment https://t.co/qn6s5jEIUj
@matt_moellering @msttrader they put arena iwrong place? South Scottsdale north of 202 east of 101 wud have drawn better? Or TS reservation?@msttrader ooh $500 million for expansion franchise http://t.co/Q68MBoYZNh the price is rising@msttrader they should just let them go, such a soap opera. But with rumored $400 million expansion fee to start in Vegas maybe want that $$Gary Bettman Denies Report Arizona Coyotes Will Move to Las Vegas http://t.co/5u53liJ2eB I bett he wants his $400 million Vegas franchse fee@FigureNyenterms the Arb was always to move the team. This has been a shitshow lets see if they follow thru with it.Arizona Coyotes to move to Las Vegas under new owner http://t.co/cAkLd639K0 it was only a rental/flip@georgepearkes @pcdunham as long as we don't have to hold hands in the huddle. I am opposed to that@georgepearkes @pcdunham how do we feel about "hurry up offense" I always thought it should be called "no huddle"@hmeisler @conorsen @IvanTheK if twtr mgmt are knuckleheads the shareholders are.... http://t.co/xKqQLnesxM good looking?@Nebrewska a great month indeed, good times http://t.co/r4Byt1mSFL@BobBrinker seems legit, when you first sign up for twitter nobody will talk to you, crickets@pmarca Zenefits expands Phoenix-area footprint with Tempe office; plans to hire 700 by end of year http://t.co/lgls3WJnaY wow, moar jobs@conorsen @hmeisler investors are celebrating Costolo's last full day by bidding up shares of the feathered dinosaur@rattlesnakeguy I have seen em and gophers on their tail harassing them crossing the street. Almost fighting after snake paid visit 2 burrow@Nebrewska but they just had the greatest June in the history of college football.@rattlesnakeguy thx I was going to ask you. Lots of gopher snakes here. Will leave it alone and let it leave when it is ready to move on@Nebrewska Save the Date https://t.co/z1V4vLZKy6
@nelderini Easy come, easy go. Felder's beard shave stands a chance, dontcha know@nelderini I was up 800 bps YTD before that snake crawled in my Cox Tap last week. Funds are a wee bit tighter now and budget got slashed@oknotsomuch @BarbarianCap Cox came and left when they saw the snakes. Pls help I am trapped long just want to liquidate and move back east@BarbarianCap look I just need to know if that one on top is a rattlesnake. I think it is eating the other oneInternet went down last Weds and now I have to stick my hand down the Cox Cable Tap Box to remove 2 fucking snakes http://t.co/iPTbuFHm3z.@StockJockey RefeREDRUM
Retweeted by StockJockeyREDRUM
The Twitter brain drain continues. CEO and 4 VPs in the last two weeks. https://t.co/2Imx1gq3Bc
Retweeted by StockJockey@modestproposal1 Just Win, Baby. That is what TWTR should doREDRUMRussell Rebalance Day — Does It Influence Small Stock Moves? http://t.co/sQ7WOQnWwq
Domestic Equities see $2.6 billion in outflows for week ended 6/24 http://t.co/q6QyhQgLWj
@hmeisler its Felder-ish, but I am not shaving my nose hair until he gets something right. Airflow is obstructed & mouth breathing an option
@JackHBarnes WMT is still curating Southern Fried Rock http://t.co/tV914mr6Jj@JackHBarnes can I still listen to Lynyrd Skynyrd or is that verboten too?If AAPL repatriates their offshore cash then I will support this http://t.co/otTBRpeLrJ@modestproposal1 he has always been a realistic about that magical elixir called sentiment http://t.co/0yYWjw5ubu@conorsen forget about all that it is now the Age of Gypsum. A new day is dawning. Mark Hanson is really got choke on this one
Kettlebells don't kill people, Diddy doFree DiddyBeat ColombiaAMBA having a good June, still. Month ain't over yet tho@big_dicta @CAVandy i love it too but now the first thing that comes into my head when I see it is "kickback" as in graft@oknotsomuch no client yachts here either but I think somebody walked away with money for one or three http://t.co/OcmK58s5V4@CAVandy am I crazy to think maybe growth shops are harder to manage than value shops? mercurial mgrs and quirky styleboxes = dysfunction?@CAVandy AUM only down 98% http://t.co/mlE6jU5KK9@CAVandy TMCOX performance looks fine but its tough to keep a buyside firm on even keel when its taking on water@CAVandy they need to launch an ETF that will save themShitshow at Turner Investments http://t.co/a1Lfmz39d9 McHugh still there but...its fugly in Berwyn@dasan @ericjackson Clooney's Tequila was a big hit at our Super Bowl party so he has that going for him http://t.co/fGH09WYifk@dasan @ericjackson since he criticized Loeb over SNE he gave us Tomorrowland & The Monuments Men maybe janitor role was his high water mark
@gapandyap yesI dedicate this song to the USGA https://t.co/dqh8iUZvBe@JackHBarnes @EnergyRosen friggin idiots http://t.co/vCTdq3Hulk@ReformedBroker one other thing - A Deadly Adoption was dull as hell, not even a golf clap http://t.co/6tQzFaO91e@daytrend I played tank battle, not sure where wanna say Intellivision. Took it to college boyz gave it a workout http://t.co/dInl4UOVXt@daytrend VIc how do you like Halt and Catch Fire this season? maybe they will move it from Texas to CA?
@fbonacci @The_Analyst my favorite part of the course are the buildings that resemble bombed out sections of Stalingrad@The_Analyst maybe next we will get a train derailment in the middle of somebody's backswing
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