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BWD @theonlyadult Probably not where I should be

I have zero patience for neanderthals and sometimes will RT their words of wisdom.

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Obama didn't say a word about Fox. Only his anger translator did. The entire thing was so smart. #WHCDWas hilarious to see how butthurt the village looked when Obama ripped them apart. They can only dish. Losers. #WHCD
Have you met Luther, President Obama's anger translator? #WHCD http://t.co/5ShwiopHcq
Retweeted by BWD#Obama and Luther the Anger Translator Tore Up The #WHCD http://t.co/94e7sUoGct
Retweeted by BWDSo close! @jonswaine: Nearly RT @KTLA Protests over Freddie Gray’s death nearly trap fans in Baltimore ballpark; http://t.co/6Yro3H4EchObama Welcomes Anger Translator Luther for Epic WHCD Speech http://t.co/1sKBY1odknDear @BaltimorePolice: Please remain peaceful. Several of our citizens have been killed. http://t.co/GJBwBXtd5W
Retweeted by BWDVery telling to watch the press squirm uncomfortably and go silent when President Obama rightfully calls out the Koch Brothers. #WHCD
Retweeted by BWD@whitpeacedragon @OFA_FL using big letters doesn't make what your saying true. You don't know if it's good or not.LOL, Jon is trying to bring a zombie back to life RT @jonlovett: .@amandacarpenter Admit he's funny. Admit it.”Fuck it list is genius.No shit! @CNNPolitics: An overwhelming majority of social and online voters thought Obama's speech was funny #WHCD http://t.co/Hi2wLp8iq3PBO is going HARD at the Press - #NoBucketsLeftToGive
Retweeted by BWDWell played, Mr. President. Well played.
Retweeted by BWDHurricane Obama just tore thru D.C. - hundreds of reporters lying motionless on the ground
Retweeted by BWD#WHPC can dish it out 24/7 but cannot take it for a single 10 minutes.
Retweeted by BWDSen. Tom Cotton is a U.S. Senator and not a rabbit from an old, racist Disney cartoon. -Cecily Strong #WHCD http://t.co/JEQ4Jg8N0O
Retweeted by BWDCecily Strong to Obama: "Your hair is so white now, it can talk back to the police." #WHCD http://t.co/01GmKRhZ1y http://t.co/g2Bh6zmTM9
Retweeted by BWD.@JohnFugelsang @metaquest or when she'll try order a cake for her wedding.Let's see if Bruce Jenner stays a Republican once he starts making 77 cents on the dollar.
Retweeted by BWD#honeybadgerpresident http://t.co/jVxVTJtfGB
Retweeted by BWDWe did not start this. We have never started any of it. They kill(ed) us. They creat(ed) systems to harm us. We did not start this.
Retweeted by BWDFollowing Obama is impossible. I almost feel bad for the next president.Obama managing to stay serious throughout this Luther thing *is* his legacy."Fresh fruits and vegetables". OMG, the intonation.Barack absolutely killed it. Literally no fucks to give anymore. #WHCDIf White people can smash cars and light shit on fire after losing a basketball game, Black folk can do it when the cops commit murder.
Retweeted by BWDShameful RT @ljoywilliams: Is every single reporter at the #WHCD that NOBODY is on the street to cover what is happening in Baltimore?
Retweeted by BWDNot watching this crap, not even for my beloved Barack. Not with all that happening in Baltimore. Have fun. guys.#NerdProm speeches starting as Baltimore Mayor begins presser and locks down Camden Yards. Enjoy your dinner, guys... :( #FreddieGray
Retweeted by BWDI just can't bring myself to mourn the destruction of mere property when they're out here taking lives with impunity and no remorse.
Retweeted by BWD@NorahMackenzie @GRYKING The man who brought her to DC and made her a star. Screw her.@mohamed_614 That's not the point. The point is that they fight and @billmaher is an asshole.This, so many times. https://t.co/qVJOx7euUHThis is when she becomes the new Dennis Kucinich. https://t.co/GhYdEpVpprGotta hear both sides. https://t.co/qUBVLY68EpCNN just speculated whether the president might mention "what's happening in Baltimore." While not covering what's happening in Baltimore.
Retweeted by BWDThere is no greater violence than the severing of a man's spine. #FreddieGray
Retweeted by BWD40 miles from #whcd where @CNN is covering the menu #Baltimore http://t.co/2F7wUaSJws
Retweeted by BWDLOL. Grifters gonna grift. https://t.co/mC4RMEhAos"A riot is the language of the unheard." ~Martin Luther King, Jr. http://t.co/kwz4f5Ga9f
Retweeted by BWDMy older family experienced this & it's still going on 2day will this stop? It's not right man:( https://t.co/00vjY3wzw0
Retweeted by BWDThe Living Dead arrive at the White House Correspondents' Association dinner http://t.co/TAMAzfbhj9
Retweeted by BWDPeople who always ask "where's the moderate Muslims?" A) are ignorant of their existence and B) shout them down when they talk @theonlyadult
Retweeted by BWDSomeone should tell this ignorant moron that Muslims are the only ones fighting ISIS now. https://t.co/qRIDaJcpdJNo one will. https://t.co/7ppBXIgcFRDear Emoprogs, Professional Left, etc. I'm sorry Obama has decided not to be your punching bag anymore, and will, from now on, punch back.
Retweeted by BWDWho? https://t.co/ekCqFZHTvQ@llstudent08 @andie_walsh @bannerite @Green_Footballs How do you know?@llstudent08 @WhiteHouse @terri_georgia Now that's a very smart reply. Informed too.@therealstufff @gochico Again, please untag me.@SenatorCardin Tell that to the police..@Schultz44 not to late to pull the president out of this disgusting event.I really wished @BarackObama wouldn't go to this ugly event. Fuck everyone in this room.@therealstufff @gochico please take me of this convo. I don't want to see this asshole in my mentions. ThanksAs no shortage of people have pointed out, DC's most powerful sipping wine as people take the streets an hour away in Baltimore
Retweeted by BWD@D_v_E LOLOLOLOL. I got nothing. :)@D_v_E LOLOLOL. WHY DO YOU HATE PURPLE PEOPLE???Another conservative hero who block you before you can response to their bullshit >> @gochicoI'M THE RACIST!!! https://t.co/60CcEzVUJe@gochico LOL, I'm white, you silly clown. And even bigger LOL about Obama "is an awful president!". You voted for two Bush and a Reagan.@gochico So what if he disagree? Classless jerk. As for approval ratings, they mean shit when most cons think Obama was born in Kenya.Racists gonna racist. https://t.co/GOOy234rpM@gochico Then it was just as wrong.@gochico Tom Brady never had "schedule conflicts" when Bush was president.@gochico Did it ever happen?No one will. https://t.co/xL5W2iCLcqWell, don't tell Snowden, he might lose his faith in Mr. Putin. HT @andie_walsh https://t.co/fRFtOMpRrS
Retweeted by BWDLOL #BullsOh come on #bulls@sherifffruitfly @allanbrauer https://t.co/L9v9ieCbn0@vj44 Honest to god if you'll send the president to fundraise for these Mofos @TheDemocrats...This, million times. Fuck this. https://t.co/LX8VOHsKhc@TheDemocrats going to get their ass kicked in 2016, and they could thank @SenWarren for it. https://t.co/PR1BsDUqA8Keep it up @SenWarren keep it up and see how 2016 will turn out. https://t.co/PR1BsDUqA8But "Liberals" told me that she never called him a "liar" > Warren Slams Obama For 'Untrue' Statements @TPM http://t.co/swaUpngHmLCome on #Bulls let's end this thing today.Remember: It was unimaginable POLICE violence that caused the #FreddieGray protests in Baltimore. Ignore the media's attempts at riot porn
Retweeted by BWDThe earthquake in Nepal is just devastating. Please help me rally relief efforts https://t.co/QgHKlVmpQB
Retweeted by BWDYou can pray for Nepal, or you can actually do something by contributing to relief efforts: https://t.co/Cm3XaC0rSp
Retweeted by BWDReally? This is now a monument? https://t.co/MedOZSL15HFinished #Daredevil. Absolutely terrific. And I don't even like all this comics crap.@TheObamaDiary No one understand fashion. It's all bullshit. Either you like what someone's wearing or not.#RuinARomanticMomentIn4Words "Wait, you're a republican?" http://t.co/WwWlGEKDiJ
Retweeted by BWDThere https://t.co/UIDb5Sh8Hc@TheObamaDiary There goes the coffee I just made.@DaleHubert1 Yes, it make sense, it's always after they're having their awesome dinner. Thanks.@DaleHubert1 Thanks.@snarkylibdem @cspan Thanks, mate. :)What time is the president's show tonight? That's all I'm going to watch.Why should America #LeadOnTrade? Watch this for more info: http://t.co/JLKKeDAphu #LeadOnTrade http://t.co/xdOUYqoEs3
Retweeted by BWDPoor beltway media already passively-aggressively trying to deny how much they're going to miss Barack Obama. https://t.co/wv4qP59YT6Opposing Obamacare is only for old people now. http://t.co/xgD1utNRzf http://t.co/weGPpQOx5i
Retweeted by BWDI know because I won both of them. #WHCD https://t.co/PxQjDezYmfEverything will be so lame. https://t.co/cC3PZVReW2Before @BarackObama nobody gave a crap about the #WHCD. The racist village hates Obama, but they know they're going to miss him.@Gus_802 @MattMurph24 I have zero sympathy for Republicans LGBT. Zero.@Gus_802 @MattMurph24 nope, not my object. Sorry.Democrat introduces "Restrain Steve King from Legislating Act" http://t.co/f66uX9Ftm2 http://t.co/b9jeV2dhtP
Retweeted by BWDCharlie Hebdo ridiculing the African migrants who drowned whilst on the way to Europe. Where you Je Suis Charlies at? http://t.co/QhmLuumPYm
Retweeted by BWD
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