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Make a Monthly Content-Marketing Check-In a Must-Do who found Syrian toddler dead on Turkish beach: ‘I was petrified’ clerk's office will issue marriage licenses starting Friday signs pledge not to run as independent in 2016 Carolina Christians Gather to Stand Up Against the Antichrist Attack on Christianity »... in Politics: A Pledge for Republican Togetherness, on Donald Trump's Terms Digital-Marketing and Social-Media Experts to Follow on Twitter chart shows how much each state contributes to the US economy Diego already sees signs of El Niño's leader to migrants: ‘Please don't come.’ of Drowned Syrian Boys Sought to Emigrate to Canada Diego prepares for forecasted strong El Niño nullifies Tom Brady’s four-game suspension in DeflateGate case; NFL announces appeal
Beijing Turns Into Ghost Town as It Gears Up for Military Parade Wandafay Daily is out! Stories via @GOPLADYAMY @FreedomChild3@30dayspositive @Tatiennedarlin @Serenaffa You're welcome Nika! And thank YOU for your follow! Wednesday is still good! Hope for YOU too!In 1966, the city of Orlando responded to a wave of sexual assaults by offering firearms training classes to women. -
Retweeted by WandafayYour perfect day deserves an award-winning venue #TrumpWed #WeddingWednesday (Photo by @r5vibe; Jasveen + Rohit)
Retweeted by Wandafay@RobertLeonard I like Watts, but I don't agree with his concept of the difference between parties if that is what he really said!@RobertLeonard Ah okay! Thanks for clearing that up!#NewsandPrayer #FacebookPage #PrayerForYourPersonalLife... @blakezeff @thehill You said since all R Christians! Not all Republicans are Christians! Such a bad article! No pun intended!Hulk Hogan: "I want to be Trump's running mate" moment we back off in the spiritual battle, we will be vulnerable. via @GregLaurie
Retweeted by WandafayThe Best Free Antivirus for 2015 - PC Mag
Why Startups and Bloggers Both Fail at Blogger Outreach
Retweeted by WandafayThe Wandafay Daily is out! Stories via @Jesse_sDad @LodiSilveradoMigrant crisis: Thousands arrive in mainland Greece - BBC News schools brace for hiring spree Graduates From College At 43, But Watch Who Sneaks Up Behind Her. I'm CRYING! to survive the market's wild ride Rousey accepts date to Marine Corps Ball -’s All-Day Breakfast Set to Start on Oct. 6 by cheap oil, Canada's economy falls into recession Francis We Must Help Women Regretting Abortions to Find Forgiveness and Hope
Retweeted by WandafayJudge Lets Uber Class Action Lawsuit Go Ahead in California Hasn't Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis, Defying Same-Sex Marriage Order, Been Fired? than 225,000 iPhone accounts hacked #Pray4RLawEnforcement *Manhunt for 3 suspects Officer down #Chicago is hiring Social Ad Associates! Find out why Unified was listed as one of AdAge's best places to work.
Retweeted by WandafayToo Little Sleep May Quadruple Your Risk for Colds: Study #PoliceLivesMatter #AttemptedMurder is a #Felony #YoAssGonnaFryInJailThenHell Train Station in Budapest Cuts Off Service to Migrants Amid Crisis
The Wandafay Daily is out! Stories via @Tierrah46 @FPPTim @ReaganCoalitionEverybody is so use to ISIS nobody cares anymore! Or did anyone ever? #Sad #Dangerous@JeffreyHayzlett You're welcome! Thank YOU for the follow! Hope you're having a GREAT day!@ShareWinCloud Facebook Page! #Salesforce service! to Choose a Good CRM Administrator’s leaders on the spot after economic stumbles
The Wandafay Daily is out! Stories via @WAARadio @MichaelBaroneGlobal water experts meeting in San Diego Diego News, Local, California and National News |
The Wandafay Daily is out! Stories via @JoelCRosenberg @terri4pta @PamelaJaneVPWinter Wonderland | Photo by Jan Lepamaa
Retweeted by Wandafay4 Harsh Marketing Lessons From 4 Small-Business Owners skateboarder Tony Hawk to be honored at Natural High gala Sept. 12 in Carlsbad
@HCSOTexas .The Wandafay Daily is out! Stories via @RoyalTXGirlScientific Philosophy Ways to Do Big-Time Marketing Without Spending a Fortune Thanks for the follow! Have a great weekend!This weekend! #SanDiego #NorthCounty #Oceanside #Carlsbad #Vista @NewVenturecf #HaveFun RT @jrustybishop How to Stop Micromanaging Your Team 16:25 About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the other... among 71 dead in Austrian truck tragedy as police make arrests and Medicines - A Possible Deadly Mix? it has been 72hrs 😒
Retweeted by Wandafay@GEICO_Service I have already contacted my bank! You have to reverse the charge and it needs to be done today! PERIOD!@GEICO_Service The double charge on my account is still there! #incompetance #unacceptableHow do u solve Biggest Digital Marketing Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make
Microsoft's new Snip app turns your screenshots into stories
Retweeted by WandafayDreamforce 101: 5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Time #DF15 #RoadToDF15
Retweeted by WandafayThe Wandafay Daily is out! Stories via @SassafrasStarr @JUSTINEMEE @PamelaJaneVP is a #Salesforce service provider in #SanDiego. We provide high quality service with competitive pricing
Retweeted by WandafayYour happiest moments happen along the way #JMTeam #Learn #Grow #Leadership
Retweeted by Wandafay1 Timothy 2:8-I will therefore that men pray every where, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting.
Retweeted by Wandafay#DefendingLife – Abortion Whistleblower "Operation Rescue" how they're working undercover within clinics. Airing tonight at 11pmEST on @EWTN
Retweeted by Wandafay@GEICO_Service Thanks Mark! Things happen! I know it wasn't your (Geico) fault! Glitches! :)@GEICO_Service Hi Jim! Collette called and explained things and I believe it will b off soon! Thank you so much! Just had to stay on this!@GEICO_Service cant DM you unless u follow me back@GEICO_Service k@GEICO_Service Hasn't been! Thanks Jim!@GEICO Hi! You have still not removed the double charge from my account! Would be really cool if you could do that very soon! Thanks!For help navigating your financial journey, try our retirement calculator:
Retweeted by Wandafay65-yr-old judge Thanou sworn in as #Greece's 1st female caretaker PM,vows transparent election
Retweeted by WandafayNFL without cable: A cord cutter’s guide for the 2015/2016 season We are a #Salesforce service provider #SanDiego
Retweeted by WandafayDonald Trump’s GOP lead is only 7 points smaller than Hillary Clinton’s Democratic one Dangerous Signs of Overhydration You Need to Know
The Wandafay Daily is out! Stories via @SweetFreedom29 @pepper_10 @RickRWellsJoe Biden not sure he has the "emotional fuel" for a bid - Election 2016 Skills | Skills You Need 59: Broken, But Blessed (Genesis 32:22-32) #fb Are Only 3 Zip Codes in America That Didn't Have Any Ashley Madison Accounts 130:5 I wait for the LORD, my whole being waits, and in his word I put my hope. ‘Dust Lady’ Marcy Borders, featured in a haunting photo, has died of cancer reporter, photographer killed on live TV
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